Corporate Overview

Metaswitch Networks is powering the transition of communication networks into a cloud-based, software-centric future. With a reputation earned by solving tough technical problems, Metaswitch develops openly programmable solutions that run on standard hardware or in virtualized environments and act as the key control points in elastic voice, video and data networks.
The network evolution
2012 was the first year ever that wireless subscribers spent more on data than they did on voice. Driven by smartphones, mobile devices and the growing number of applications, network traffic has increased exponentially while revenue for many network services has stagnated or evaporated. Traditional telcos have seen the market shift beneath their feet. Phone calls and voice services are just another type of traffic on a data network. It’s time for a new approach. Successful service providers of all types and sizes will need to be at least as agile and quick to change as their customers. They need a technology supplier to help them build more flexible, software-driven networks. They also need a partner to help them iron out the business case for the services that run over these new networks.
The cloud opportunity
The advent of cloud computing has amplified the challenges and opportunities facing network operators. The recent explosion of software applications has continued this strain on service provider networks, as nearly 20 billion apps were downloaded from a single app store (Apple) in a single year (2012). But software is also the path to survival -- the route to a new programmable and elastic network and a world of new business models and opportunity.  
Before cloud computing, traditional telco infrastructure closely tied service control, routing, and applications to vendor-specific hardware. But the processing capabilities of network servers are now enabling high-performance network functions to be moved on to bare metal, off-the-shelf servers, or even virtualized within data center environments. The same servers used by service providers to deliver low-cost, cloud-based storage and data backups can now host network call control, session border control, and other IMS elements along with application server functions. 
In parallel, the dramatic changes in the price and performance of cloud computing are enabling, Google, Microsoft, and others to offer high-performance cloud computing, storage, and elastic computing resources at prices that make the build vs. buy decision easier than it has ever been. Vendors with the right software expertise can help service providers take advantage of these new programmable resources, shift away from solutions that tightly couple software with proprietary hardware, and generate new revenues based on more flexible, elastic and responsive networks.
The network IS the service
Service providers need to be ready to handle the sudden, unpredictable nature of today’s consumers and businesses; they want data immediately, on the go, and are likely to use any number of third-party applications to access these resources. While this is going on, service providers can’t afford to be locked into a series of appliances dedicated to specific services or specific tasks. They need to be able to create (and allow for the creation of) new apps and new features quickly, whether those come from the network operator itself or a trusted third-party.
That’s why more service providers are insisting that many of their network functions be built to run in both private and public clouds. This allows service providers to leverage third-party clouds and services in their pursuit of optimum cost-efficiency, network performance, and business flexibility. Ultimately, new and emerging service providers want to deliver the network as a service, and they don’t have to own a network to do so.
To accomplish this, network operators must extend the cost effectiveness and dynamic programmability achieved in the data center, by virtualizing generic computing resources, to their wide area network. Emerging carrier software-defined networking (SDN) techniques must support embedded physical components, such as optical transport, label switches and routers, while leveraging prevalent topology discovery and signaling mechanisms in a manner that distinctly separates control and signaling planes. 
The Metaswitch story
For more than 30 years, Metaswitch has focused on providing help for service providers and their suppliers at key inflection points in their network’s evolution. We’ve helped service providers advance their infrastructures, retain their customers, extend their brands and reduce their costs through every major network transformation.
Since inception, our portable software solutions have lived inside the equipment of the leading industry telecom equipment manufacturers, underpinning both data and voice solutions.  For the last decade, Metaswitch has established leadership in home-grown softswitches, media gateways, application servers, and session border controllers that have helped operators migrate to IP networks, where they can offer a full range of traditional and enhanced voice services to residential and business customers while simultaneously slashing infrastructure and operating costs.  
Over the next several years, we see the business and architectural changes propelled by the Internet accelerating relentlessly, as single-service networks converge on IP and all applications of all types will be delivered as over-the-top and on-demand. 
Metaswitch is a company that is, and has always been, a software company.  We have a history of providing high performance software to the communications industry, while solving its most difficult problems.  We strive to make this software available on commercially off-the-shelf hardware. We have developed expertise in platform application programming interfaces (APIs) and user interface design. As a result, Metaswitch has an enviable head start in network functions virtualization (NFV), with many of our products already operating within cloud-based environments. Our expertise in writing scalable applications and software for multi-core CPUs and cloud computing environments has helped us solve many of the problems associated with decoupling complex communications software from proprietary hardware.  
Our rich history in developing robust, portable, protocol stacks also paves the way to delivering a new generation of carrier SDN controllers. These controllers will be essential for optimizing resources in tomorrow’s multi-layer networks, while delivering the on-demand bandwidth and flexible quality-of-service profiles demanded of applications that benefit from mobility, content caching, data center redundancy and cloud bursting.
Today, we’re delivering highly-scalable, cost-effective Class 4/5 switch alternatives, hosted business services, session border control, multi-layer transport SDN solutions, and access to core IMS technology that telcos can deploy immediately in a virtualized environment and adapt to their specific needs. With this combination of traditional strengths and contemporary smarts, Metaswitch can help service providers become software telcos and transition to a cloud-based, software-centric future.
We’re betting on your future
Backed by 30 years of growth, a global customer base of more than 650 communication service providers and telecommunications equipment manufacturers, investments from Sequoia Capital and Francisco Partners, and seasoned business and engineering leadership, Metaswitch is fully equipped to lead this next wave in communications software. 
Whether you are looking to move to IP for the first time, build services and business cases on your existing IP infrastructure, virtualize critical network functions or go all-in on an openly-programmable cloud network, we can take you there. It’s where successful service providers are headed and where you’ll find us too. 
  • Values

    Metaswitch is a company built on values.  Our values underpin everything we do, from recruitment to product development to a relentless focus on making our customers successful.  The end result is an enduring world-class company that strives to stay a relevant, valued partner to telecom service providers around the globe. )))

  • Markets

    Metaswitch is helping more than 600 service providers worldwide deliver a suite of branded communication services to business and residential customers. )))

  • Customers

    Over 1,000 operators worldwide are building on Metaswitch today. Our customers range from rural carriers of the North American heartland to some of the leading service providers around the globe. They look to Metaswitch as their trusted advisor and innovator of market leading communications technologies and solutions that help them modernize, monetize and mobilize their business strategies. )))

  • Investors

    Metaswitch Networks is a privately held organization.   )))

  • Quality

    BSI has certified that Metaswitch Networks operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.  Metaswitch holds certificate number 591385.According to the ISO, "The [9001] standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement."Metaswitch is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of all its products and operations. )))


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Metaswitch Networks CEO John Lazar discusses why Metaswitch calls itself "the brains of the new global network."