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Going Ga-Ga for Intuitive GUIs to Manage Perimeta SBCs

Our Perimeta SBC team has been busier than usual lately. Among the many exciting things they’re working on is a new tool for configuring and managing Perimeta that is even easier to use and has more...Read more

Why I’ll Always Be an Andy Grove Fan

Silicon Valley sadly lost a respected and revered leader with the death of Andy Grove in March. The co-founder and former CEO of Intel was an inspiration to generations of technologists and business...Read more

Open Source MANO Group Gets to Work

The new Open Source MANO (OSM) group hosted at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) met for the first time earlier this year and set an ambitious schedule to publish its first...Read more

Latest resources

Perimeta configuration and management in the MetaView GUI

You can use the Perimeta Operator role in MetaView Web to configure your Perimeta using MetaView's intuitive GUI. Now you don't have to use...Read more

Metaswitch and VMware Manx Telecom Case Study

Located in the Irish Sea, midway between Great Britain and Ireland, the Isle of Man is on a mission. With the exception of the annual Tourist Trophy...Read more

Broadvoice and Metaswitch build a geo-redundant solution in the cloud

Broadvoice is a leading provider of hosted voice and data products to consumers and businesses. Needing a future-proof, geo-redundant network to meet...Read more

Latest jobs

Lead Software Engineers

Position Title: Lead Software Engineers  Location: San Francisco, CA    Duties: Work with and build community on an open source...Read more

Program Manager - Taiwan

 Metaswitch are seeking an experienced Program Manager to join our growing business based in Taiwan.  Metaswitch is the world’s...Read more

Engineering Manager - Project Calico, CA

About Project Calico and Metaswitch  Project Calico is an open source project that is redefining data center and cloud virtual networking for...Read more