Markets differ, challenges don't

As communication habits change, carriers must adapt quickly and beat the competition

  • Wireless Operators

    By continually innovating their network architectures and welcoming the explosion in sophisticated endpoints, wireless operators are perfectly positioned to deliver new lifestyle services to an increasingly mobile society. But forced to compete with revenue and value erosion from over-the-top (OTT) providers, wireless operators are turning to Metaswitch to help maintain their brand equity with compelling applications, cloud based communication services and advanced infrastructure elements.  With a range of next generation applications built around a subscriber's existing mobile number, Metaswitch-enabled service providers are uniquely positioned to combat the very real threat of OTTrition (attrition of revenue due to OTT incursions). )))

  • Wireline Operators

    With unique historical ties to local customers and national businesses, wireline operators are now building on broadband infrastructures as their future economic engine. But in the face of dramatically changing regulation, a new breed of competition and calls for the sunset of the PSTN, these operators must innovate quickly to survive.  Metaswitch has worked with hundreds of incumbent providers to deliver advanced, scalable and secure communications applications over broadband networks, take advantage of 3rd party mobile endpoints, and not only change the way we communicate, but allow wireline operators to thrive, rather than survive. )))

  • Cable MSO

    In many geographies, cable MSOs are quickly becoming the most popular vendors of bundled voice, data and entertainment services for both home and business customers.  But while fast internet and HD TV is appealing, voice services are the key differentiator in any triple-play.  With integrated solutions for fixed and mobile endpoints, hosted business service solutions and a full understanding of cable architectures, Metaswitch is helping the world's largest MSOs deliver rich multimedia services that unify the communications experience. )))


    With over 20 years of experience, Metaswitch has established itself as the one-stop shop for high performance, fault-tolerant network technologies, giving communications service providers and OEMs the tools they need to get to market quickly, cost-effectively, and with the features they need for next generation network services and devices. )))

  • Enterprise

    From virtual desktops to data centers to software-defined networking, large enterprises are at the leading edge of the move to workload virtualization. Their traditional technology vendors, however, have not all been moving at the same pace. As a leader in large-scale network virtualization, Metaswitch has a range of proven technologies that can address significant pain points as enterprises continue to evolve their voice and data networks to keep pace with growing demands for scale and efficiency. )))