Cable MSO

The pioneers of broadband, cable multi system operators continue to evolve their networks and service offerings, applying their knowledge in business and wireless, while continually redefining what constitutes consumer content and how it's best delivered to the home. 

In today‚Äôs marketplace, however, the concept of content exclusivity is eroding and there is increasing competition in the delivery of raw bandwidth. Cable Operators must defend their unique position as the arbiters of home entertainment by clearly extending their brands to endpoints such as smartphones and tablets, which now enjoy the same coveted couch-arm placement as the STB remote. As more viewing eyes move to PC screens, MSOs must not only move their content but augment it with advanced communication and messaging capabilities. 

The same is true for business. Cable Operators have to exceed the expectations of IT managers, who must move to hosted business voice to reduce costs, but have long enjoyed reliable telephone service. Plus, their users take complex telephony offerings, such as ACD and auto attendant, for granted. With this migration, however, MSOs have a clear opportunity to take a leadership position in unified communications by addressing an increasingly mobile and mobility-centric workforce. Moreover, with perhaps the longest lineage in multimedia, cable companies are the obvious choice for bringing rich communications services to the home and office.

Leveraging a unique pedigree in supplying products that have a foundation in the same protocols that enable the PacketCable 2.0 standards, Metaswitch is the clear choice in partner for Cable MSOs looking to tackle these new challenges. Our MetaSphere Multimedia Telephony Application Server, combined with cross-platform unified communications clients and interfaces that enable granular call and messaging control, can deliver an exclusive experience to your business and residential subscribers.