Wireless Operators

Arguably responsible for laying the foundation for some of the most dramatic cultural transformations in recent history, mobile service providers have undoubtedly brought the greatest innovations to network architecture and design.

Without the ability to quickly react to the advanced technologies they inherently enable, however, handset vendors, OS suppliers and applications providers may stand to reap the rewards. The pressure to increase raw bandwidth to user equipment is unrelenting but often comes at the expense of implementing network services that deliver augmented revenue while defending a carrier’s brand and name recognition.  The increased spectral efficiencies brought by LTE, along with seemingly omnipresent unlicensed WiFi access have led to the rise of disruptive over-the-top offerings.

Traditional revenue streams are under attack from these external forces, and are also threatened by sweeping changes in user behavior. Increases in short messages reduce call hold times while replacing the need for some calls altogether. Meanwhile ubiquitous and conceptually free rich instant messaging services are devaluing the same texts that once made up this short-fall.  With pressures from all fronts, Wireless Operators are in a pitched battle to not only defend but raise their identity and value in the minds of their current and future user base, constantly striving to prevent relegation to dumb-pipe status.

Metaswitch is passionate about enabling mobile operators to prevent subscriber and revenue attrition. With the same dedication to 3GPP and OMA standards, Metaswitch solutions include session border controllers to scale and manage the increasing reliance on SIP, and deliver one-number multimedia telephony services that can enrich a consumer’s communications experience, retaining customers and profit margins today.



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