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  • Telegeography - 20 Aug 2014

    ‘We are putting in place the key infrastructure that will lay the foundation for the future, so that we will be ready to deliver a unified solution for home, business and mobile phone customers,’ said David Burrows, head of CBL marketing. ‘We are so pleased to be ahead of the game as we anticipate and respond to the growing needs of our home and business phone customers for today and the future.’

  • Light Reading - 6 Aug 2014

    "Network operators are embracing the cloud and virtualization at a rapid rate and they're building the same type of data center that helped define today's most scalable Internet companies," said Mullaney, senior vice president and general manager of VMware's Networking and Security Business Unit. "This is a really exciting time for the communications industry, and I believe that Metaswitch sits in an industry sweet spot, helping service providers and large enterprises make this transformation."

  • NFVZone - 31 Jul 2014

    “The Software Telco Congress has proven itself to be a valuable addition to the tradeshow calendar,” said Gleave, SVP of marketing at Metaswitch. “With so much focus on the technology of SDN and NFV, it’s welcoming to see this congress continue to focus on what this actually enables: telcos to become more software-centric.”

  • The Register - 10 Jul 2014 - Richard Chirgwin

    UK-based network function virtualisation outfit Metaswitch has slung a chunk of its software into the open source world with the launch of Project Calico. The company says Project Calico, here, aims to take SDN principles to Layer 3 instead of Layer 2. The reason for this? Metaswitch claims that Layer 2-based OpenStack implementations demand a lot of expertise in overlay networks like Ethernet VLANs, and a lot of work with encapsulation.

  • FierceWireless - 9 Jul 2014 - Tammy Parker

    The Layer 3 option proposed by Metaswitch is already included in draft proposals coming out of ETSI's NFV Industry Specifications Group. "We've found that it solves all sorts of issues and is a better fit for telcos than the unnecessarily complicated OpenStack approach," Taylor said.

  • Telecompaper - 9 Jul 2014

    Project Calico represents a new approach to virtual networking, based on the same scalable IP networking principles that are widely deployed within the internet backbone. First established in enterprise datacentres, network virtualization techniques are becoming increasingly important for emerging network operator infrastructures, providing the foundation for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

  • PCC Mobile Broadband - 9 Jul 2014 - Ray Sharma

    "The largest Internet-based companies in the world are building hyper-scale data centers that are virtualizing at Layer 3, and that approach makes a lot of sense," said Martin Taylor, Metaswitch CTO.  "With Project Calico, we've made it possible to build cloud connectivity so that it looks a lot like Internet connectivity. Project Calico integrates seamlessly with the cloud orchestration system, such as OpenStack, to enable secure IP communication between virtual machines and, in doing so, it provides an approach to virtual networking that is scalable, efficient and simple."

  • Light Reading - 8 Jul 2014 - Carol Wilson

    Metaswitch today launched an open source project aimed at moving the virtual networking component of the NFV infrastructure from Layer 2 to Layer 3 of the network to achieve Internet scale in addition to greater simplicity and efficiency.

  • CIMI Corp.'s Public Blog - 7 Jul 2014 - Tom Nolle

    Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater IMS shows that optimized functionality doesn’t necessarily fit the device boundaries of the past; you have to support the critical interfaces but you can still do the interior stuff in a more modern and virtual way.

  • TelecomTV - 7 Jul 2014 - Ian Scales

    Metaswitch has come forward with a proposal that the telecoms industry accept a “layer 3” IP connectivity option for large scale NFV and cloud implementations.  And, typically, it’s backed up the words by launching an open source project on Github called Project Calico. Interested parties can download and start using the IP software straight away (and contribute code).

  • CIMI Corp.'s Public Blog - 3 Jul 2014 - Tom Nolle

    In the hype-ridden NFV space, Metaswitch has always stood out for me as a voice of both reason and experience.  As the founder of the Project Clearwater open-source IMS project, they’re knowledgeable about cloud-based carrier functionality and open-source at the same time.  As a member of the CloudNFV™ group they are one of the few VNF providers who actually understands NFV in a complete ecosystemic context. Now they have a new open-source project that further extends both their credibility and the framework of NFV and large-scale cloud infrastructures, called Project Calico.

  • SDNCentral - 1 Jul 2014 - Craig Matsumoto

    Metaswitch is proposing using Layer 3 to make network functions virtualization (NFV) scale within and beyond individual data centers, and it plans to make the results available as open-source code.It’s called Project Calico, and it’s going to launch later in July with a web site (, although it was still dormant at press time)...

  • Business Wire - 17 Jun 2014

    Overture today announced Harmony, an ecosystem of hardware, software and services partners focused on accelerating service provider’s automation and network functions virtualization (NFV) initiatives at the metro service edge. The Harmony partner program is a pillar of the open environment that Overture believes to be essential for the realization of software-defined services.

  • LTE Today - 12 Jun 2014 - Martin Taylor

    The advent of network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) represents perhaps the single most important technology event in the telecom industry since the arrival of digital switching. Network operators that choose to embrace NFV and SDN fully have the opportunity to radically transform their businesses both to reduce their cost base, and to become far more agile in their ability to introduce new services.  In short, to become "software telcos."

  • SDN Zone - 27 May 2014 - Doug Mohney

    The three takeaway points from this are: 1) Metaswitch is moving deeper into the network stack with more intelligence and commodity hardware. 2) If you can whip up three SDN/NFV products for public release in 18 months, the limiting factor to new products are the number of programmers you have available to write code and 3) No other company within the traditional networking and/or telco circles has announced anything this forward.

  • Radio & Television Americana (RTA) - 26 May 2014

    The Mexican market is very interesting and, more than anything else, the biggest trend that stands out is still the consistent drive toward IP-based network convergence. We see the convergence of wireless and fixed networks and we also see a traffic convergence, with voice, video and data traversing the same network paths.

  • TelecomTV - 22 May 2014 - Martyn Warwick and Ian Scales

    Can traditional telcos compete and/or cooperate with OTT providers to unlock the value of the telco network, or do their different approaches just rule that out? In this sixth Two Pint problem-solving session, Martin Taylor, CTO of Metaswitch Networks, along with TelecomTV's Martyn Warwick and Ian Scales, try to solve one of the industry's long-standing puzzles. Telcos sell network services, OTTs give them away in return for attention. So far OTT + free tends to win. With ubiquitous IP, will telcos stand a better chance?

  • Light Reading - 19 May 2014 - Carol Wilson

    Working off the theme, "The Brains of the New Global Network," the main presentations featuring brainy people from Metaswitch, the telecom industry, and even National Geographic Channel.

  • Light Reading - 16 May 2014 - Carol Wilson

    Metaswitch customer EarthLink has found success is in selling directly to major national chains and providing not just the managed data connections into all of their locations -- removing the need to negotiate those separately with multiple carriers -- but also layering on cloud-based computing and data storage, hosted voice, managed firewalls, and other advanced services.

  • Viodi - 15 May 2014 - Ken Pyle

    Metaswitch's Andy Randall discusses where the value in the network is moving and why operators should begin the gradual move towards virtualization and software-defined networking.

  • Telecompetitor - 15 May 2014 - Bernie Arnason

    There was a lot of discussion this week in New Orleans about the impact of these trends on smaller telcos, which make up the majority of Metaswitch’s U.S. customer base. I like Lazar’s view on the small carrier, large carrier debate. “I don’t agree in the demarcation of small carrier to large carrier,” Lazar said on Wednesday. “The difference is really about forward thinking, agile carriers and those who are not.” That’s a great context for this ongoing debate regarding whether smaller carriers are up to the challenge presented by the changing telecom landscape.

  • TMC - 14 May 2014 - Rich Tehrani

    Follow along as Rich Tehrani absorbs all that is going on at Metaswitch Forum 2014.

  • Light Reading - 14 May 2014 - Carol Wilson

    Facing the same need to cut costs and introduce new services faster, smaller telcos are looking for a pragmatic path to virtualization.

  • Light Reading - 14 May 2014 - Carol Wilson

    Rural telcos have their best chance to get into the wireless game in the upcoming FCC auction of 600MHz spectrum, assuming the rules stay as currently laid out, says the head of the largest association of rural companies.

  • Light Reading - 13 May 2014 - Carol Wilson

    Metaswitch CEO advises telco customers to transform their business plans along with their networks and become software companies.

  • TMC - 13 May 2014 - Peter Radizeski

    Bryan Grimm of Metaswitch says that NOW is the time for Hosted PBX sales. The Big Opportunity is now. larry Lisser of EMBRASE Consulting says that in the Crossing the Chasm, the market is in the tornado: HPBX has reached mainstream. However, it will take a good amount of education of the buyers about what you are selling. But first you have to train (re-train) your salespeople to stop selling products and start selling solutions!

  • Business Wire - 13 May 2014

    SoTel Systems announced today the launch of its new nationwide cloud-based business VoIP service using Metaswitch Networks as their chosen platform. This offering is designed to enable customers to affordably move their phone system out of the closet and into the cloud.

  • Business Wire - 12 May 2014

    Jenne, a leading value-added distributor of IP telephony, audio and video conferencing, Unified Communications (UC), data networking and security and surveillance products, is featuring products from manufacturer partners ADTRAN, Mitel, Panasonic, and Plantronics, all of which are certified compatible for the Metaswitch platform.

  • Panasonic - 12 May 2014

    Panasonic, a leading provider of business telephone systems, announced today that its latest UT Series of SIP-based telephones, the KX-UTG200B and KX-UTG300B, have successfully completed interoperability testing with Metaswitch, a  recognition that signals admission into Metaswitch Networks’ Mosaic Partner Program.

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 9 May 2014 - Jon Arnold

    So, this is my shout-out for the 10th Metaswitch Forum. I've been to 5 of them - maybe more, and this one will be a big one to mark the occasion. They held the Forum in New Orleans back in 2008, and that one is still in my all-time top 5, so the bar is going to be pretty high next week, but I know we will not be disappointed.

  • Revolabs - 8 May 2014

    “Exhibiting at Metaswitch Forum gives us the opportunity to unveil our portfolio of UC-enabling conference phones to communications service providers,” said Marc Cremer, chief operating officer at Revolabs. “Engineered to provide customers with complete collaboration solutions for conference calls, desktop audio, or PC communications, our audio conferencing innovations sustain the Revolabs promise for exceptional audio, elegant design, and rich features.”

  • Business Wire - 7 May 2014

    “Edgewater and Metaswitch share a common vision and commitment. Both companies are creating and delivering cutting edge solutions for service providers helping them deliver new, profitable business services,” said Dave Norman, CEO of Edgewater Networks. “We look forward to building on our past successes as SDN and NFV open entirely new areas for collaboration.”

  • NetNumber - 7 May 2014
    In his presentation, entitled “Radically Simplifying the Core,” Mr.Rosenberg willexamine the benefits of deploying a common NFV infrastructure for all signaling control, policy enforcement and subscriber database services in the network.
  • Conklin-Intracom - 6 May 2014

    cdn|anywhere’s interactive program guide supports multi-touch gestures and delivers advanced content capabilities like DVR anywhere, On-Demand Video (VoD and PPV) and Live TV.  Conklin-Intracom will demonstrate cdn|anywhereTM and other products at booth #220 during the 2014 Metaswitch Forum in New Orleans, LA, from May 12-15.

  • PRLog - 5 May 2014

    “I have long been impressed by Metaswitch and by the way in which they enable their service providers to be successful with hosted IP services”, said Lisser, the founder of EMBRASE and of StartupCamp, a launching pad for entrepreneurs innovating with communications technologies. “Having participated in the hosted communications market since its emergence, I’m looking forward to sharing some of what EMBRASE has uncovered about selling and marketing these services.”

  • Marketwired - 5 May 2014

    "We partnered with Metaswitch to create a complete end-to-end call center management system that was fully-customizable and offered a plethora of advanced features all for a low monthly fee with no upfront costs." said Fahad Muhammad, Marketing Director, Telax.

  • TeleSphere Software, Inc. - 11 Apr 2014
    "Many of our rural ILEC and CLEC customers and our parent company, Blackfoot Telecommunications Group, are Metaswitch users. The ACM platform is very complimentary to the Metaswitch infrastructure products,” comments Todd Twete, TeleSphere’s National Sales Director.
  • Telecompetitor - 26 Mar 2014 - Paul Brittain

    One of the most difficult decisions confronting service providers today is when to retire time division multiplexing (TDM)-based voice switches and upgrade to Internet Protocol (IP) networking equipment. Metaswitch's Paul Brittain digs into the business and technology issues raised and concludes that the time to transform service provider networks is now.

  • VoIPon Solutions - 25 Mar 2014
    "Our ongoing relationship with Grandstream gives our resellers and service providers additional reach into the Enterprise, SMB & consumer markets. We’re very pleased to certify their new products as well as have them as a member of our Mosaic Partner Network," said Brandon Harper, vice president of business development and channels at Metaswitch.
  • TMCnet - 14 Mar 2014 - Mini Swamy

    “The relationship between Yealink and Metaswitch is important because it combines the performance, quality and cost advantages of IP telephony with rapidly advancing cloud-based technologies,” explains Stone Lu, Vice President of Yealink, adding, “It is a natural evolution for us and a significant step forward for business users everywhere.

  • Yealink - 14 Mar 2014

    Yealink is pleased to confirm that its T2 Series, T4 Series and W52P DECT phones are now officially Partner Certified and fully interoperable with the most current release of the Metaswitch MetaSphere Multiservice Telephony Application Server (MTAS), designed for service providers building voice over IP networks.  All three phone families have a Metaswitch Provisioning Server endpoint pack available for download from the Metaswitch Communities Mosaic website to enable service providers to easily configure these devices for their business customers.

  • SDNCentral - 12 Mar 2014 - Christopher Liljenstolpe

    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with infrastructures architected toward north-south traffic flows are increasingly seeing patterns shift toward east-west. Driven by a dramatic increase of streaming content, ISPs’ access infrastructures are being choked with third-party content, leaving these carriers with the burden of saturated bandwidth and congested edge switches, along with the need to fund expensive network upgrades without a discernible return on investment.

  • Converge! Network Digest - 10 Mar 2014 - Jim Carroll

    While Metaswitch was showing SDN technology demos at the Open Networking Summit in Silicon Valley, Metaswitch's Andy Randall paused to give Converge! Network Digest an update on the overall SDN market.

  • Channel Partners - 27 Feb 2014

    "The 'Plus' service enables voice, video and instant messaging from desktop or mobile devices, giving remote workers access to office communications as if they were in the building. The system includes centralized contact lists, high-definition voice and video, and lets users flip calls among handset, desktop and mobile devices... Metaswitch Networks developed the new capability for Powernet."

  • Channel Partners - 26 Feb 2014

    " chose Metaswitch Networks as the technology platform for FlexLink Hosted Voice, offering businesses what the company says is a flexible and affordable business grade communications solution deployed over a fully managed fiber or copper IP connection provided by The result is a complete, integrated data and voice solution, requiring minimal costs and limited IT support, the company said."

  • AT&T (corporate website) - 24 Feb 2014 - AT&T

    "AT&T also announced today the first group of companies selected to work on the company’s strategy.  Ericsson, Tail-F Systems AB, and Metaswitch Networks LTD have been selected to begin further discussions on design and deployment.  In addition, Affirmed Networks, Inc., has been chosen to work with AT&T on a virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC)."

  • NFVZone - 13 Feb 2014 - Paula Bernier

    “We do see it as our role to be a challenger for our customers,” said Lazar. "By moving to the software telco model," he said, service providers not only stand to save money by running more of their functionality on commodity hardware, but – more importantly – they position themselves to have “massive flexibility” so that can use their network resources “in a far more elastic way.”

  • CIMI Corp.'s Public Blog - 10 Feb 2014 - Tom Nolle

    I’ve noted a number of times that Metaswitch had the only example of a cloud-and-virtual-function-ready network service I could find, and with Clearwater Core they’re stepping out of being a validation framework into being something you can deploy.  Again the question is “why now?” and I think the answer is a combination of evolution of NFV and regulatory policy.

  • Telecompaper - 30 Jan 2014

    Italian telecoms and data services provider Infracom Italia has simplified its network architecture by migrating to an all-IP infrastructure platform provided by Metaswitch Networks. The move allows Infracom to consolidate its previous TDM platforms, older softswitches, feature servers and IP Centrex systems, all from different manufacturers, to a single network architecture backed by Metaswitch's expert support services.

  • Light Reading - 8 Jan 2014 - Carol Wilson

    Taylor is the one-and-only vendor rep in our top five movers and shakers for a couple of key reasons. First, his company is actually offering a virtualized IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) via a cloud-based approach called Project Clearwater that, according to fellow mover and shaker, Tom Nolle, worked "right out of the box" in the CloudNFV demo in the fall of 2013. 

  • NFVZone - 1 Jan 2014 - Paula Bernier

    Moving completely off the old iron and developing core competencies around softswitching represents the first several steps toward becoming a software telco, Bryant says. Ultimately, where everything is going, is to an environment that relies completely on cloud-based switching and open source software for the development of new products and features, he says.

  • CIMI Corp.'s Public Blog - 16 Dec 2013 - Tom Nolle

    Our commitment to open virtual functions is demonstrated by the fact that our PoC and Catalyst processes are based in part on Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater IMS project, a project that’s open source. We have onboarded it to NFV with no modifications required for Project Clearwater software, but we can also demonstrate how to build APIs that virtual network functions can exercise to improve operations and management, using familiar web-service interfaces that work for every software platform and programming language in use today.

  • SDNCentral - 11 Dec 2013 - Craig Matsumoto

    The success of hyperscale data centers with white-box switching — defining “success” as just plain getting the stuff working — suggests it’s possible for the white box to help the carrier network as well.

  • TelecomTV - 26 Nov 2013 - Martyn Warwick

    Martin Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at Metaswitch, on how and why ETSI's NFV Industry Specification Group has succeeded beyond even the founders' expectations by reversing the usual conversation. "The important thing is that the initiative was kicked off by the service provdiers and was not an idea brought to them vendors," he says.

  • CIMI Corp.'s Public Blog - 26 Nov 2013 - Tom Nolle

    In the IMS world, we can see an example of this in Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater IMS implementation. Project Clearwater builds IMS by replicating its features not its elements, which means that the optimum use of the technology isn’t constrained by limitations of physical devices. 

  • Light Reading - 21 Nov 2013 - Carol Wilson

    Metaswitch Networks has been helping telcos of all sizes move into the VoIP space and explore its revenue potential for some time. The company, now known for a lot more, first made its mark in the US in that area.  The one thing that strikes me about my recent conversations with Metaswitch folks and its announcement of ongoing support for telco clients' legacy Class 5 central office switches is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how this is done. Each telco is facing its own challenges and opportunities in taking an inevitable step.

  • NFVZone - 20 Nov 2013 - Paula Bernier

    Harvey said that Metaswitch is not so much interested in helping carriers maintain out-of-date infrastructure as it is in freeing them from worrying about such concerns so they can turn their attentions to migrating to IP environments. “We want our customers looking forward and not backward,” he said.

  • TMCnet - 19 Nov 2013 - Erik Linask

    Compared to traditional network operators, software telcos are more agile and can create new services for their customers more quickly. They have greater flexibility in network infrastructure and business decisions, shorter development cycles for innovative services, and leaner cost structures. As a result, they are much better equipped to compete with over-the-top (OTT) service providers and keep pace with changes in subscribers’ buying behavior and data usage patterns.

  • Rural Telecom Magazine - 15 Nov 2013 - Steve Gleave
    The Software Telco: Tomorrow's Rural Service Provider

    For a while now, telcos have looked at “the cloud” as a possible source of adjunct service revenue that can include storage, back-up and enterprise application hosting.  But the real opportunity lies in seeing this new high performance cloud, not just as a place for data storage and retrieval, or asynchronous applications, but as the home for the control and programming of real time communication services.

  • - 12 Nov 2013 - Jon Arnold

    If all you consider are these five takeaways, I think you can see that the SMB market represents a solid growth opportunity for VoIP vendors and providers. Given the many disparities between <50 and >50 SMBs, this is hardly a uniform market, but once you understand the characteristics of each segment, this research study provides a practical template for developing a successful go-to-market effort.

  • TelecomTV - 1 Nov 2013 - Martyn Warwick

    Project Clearwater is an open source implementation of IMS, designed from the ground up to run in a cloud environment. Martin Taylor, Metaswitch's CTO, explains how the project has garnered interest from network operators struggling with the cost of their IMS networks. Speaking with TelecomTV’s Martyn Warwick at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress 2013, Martin also suggests that the benefits of NFV will be lost to those operators who are resistant to the necessary culture change required to evolve their networks.

  • TelecomTV - 28 Oct 2013 - Martyn Warwick

    Matthew Finlayson of Metaswitch says carriers will soon start looking to engineer business arrangements with vendors and one another to take long term advantage of the new technologies like software defined networking (SDN).

  • CIMI Corp.'s Public Blog - 28 Oct 2013 - Tom Nolle

    Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater was a project to demonstrate that you could do a modern cloud-based version of an old 3GPP concept and get considerable value out of the process.  The idea was to create not just an IMS that could run in the cloud but rather one that was optimized for the cloud.

  • Multichannel News - 22 Oct 2013 - Jeff Baumgartner

    “We are continually increasing the functionality of our IP voice services, so we need flexible session border controllers that can scale to our needs,” said Michael Sobotor, director, IP development at Mediacom, in a statement. “We chose Perimeta because it secures our rapidly increasing signalling and media traffic independently, so we never have stranded SIP processing capacity. Plus the fully integrated MetaView Service Assurance Server provides operational control over every connection point across our voice network including the Perimeta Session Border Controller.”

  • SDNCentral - 22 Oct 2013 - Craig Matsumoto

    CloudNFV uses XML to define network functions at a high level. Its first application will be an Internet Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) core, provided by Metaswitch through Project Clearwater, its open-source initiative — and Nolle says he’s gotten the code to work at a scale of tens of thousands of simulated calls.The software will get a formal launch and demo in December, at a venue yet decided.

  • - 17 Oct 2013 - Jon Arnold

    Communications technologies are in a constant state of change, and over time this should prove to be a good thing. However, the journey along the way is an ongoing challenge, and just when you think you’ve made the right investment or buying decision, something new comes along that calls this into question. One of those areas is VoIP, and related to that is the rising interest in hosted services.

  • Wall Street Journal - 15 Oct 2013

    Cyan, a leading provider of software-defined networking (SDN) and packet-optical solutions for network operators, today announced that Connectem, Mellanox® Technologies, Metaswitch Networks, and Red Hat have joined Blue Orbit, an ecosystem of partners focused on delivering real-world, multi-vendor SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV) applications.

  • Comms Business - 1 Oct 2013

    “Contact centers are looking for better ways to support remote agents, and this is exactly what Accession Desktop will do,” says industry analyst Jon Arnold, principal of J Arnold & Associates. “Not only can they save overhead cost this way, but they can broaden their pool of agents with specialized expertise and stay closer to the customer by routing calls to agents in the same geography.”

  • Telecompetitor - 11 Sep 2013 - Joan Engebretson

    Alberding also sees the Metaswitch software platform underlying its hosted PBX offering as a strong competitive selling point. “FairPoint’s cloud solution uses the latest version of the Metaswitch software platform, which allows customized access to and control over the most advanced features including call handling, mobile functionality, remote access and disaster recovery capabilities,” said Alberding. “Despite an extensive offering of modern features, they remain easy to use for the average employee or IT manager.”

  • Comms Business - 27 Aug 2013

    “Projected IP adoption rates are very large on both sides of the Atlantic, with Europe set to catch up with the progress already shown by North American SMBs,” said Chris Carabello, director of market development at Metaswitch. “Service providers must act now to take advantage of this evolution by driving the right go-to-market strategies.”

  • Light Reading - 16 Aug 2013 - Carol Wilson

    CloudNFV has been very open about its approach, and now about its members, each of whom fulfills a different function. But its announcement is reason to review whether ecosystem creation and other forms of collaboration have become a key step in the development of new virtualization technology for the telecom network.

  • NFVZone - 6 Aug 2013 - Paula Bernier

    Dave Ashby, Metaswitch’s vice president of Asia Pacific sales, believes NFV and software-defined networking – which he described as two key themes in the rapid movement toward software-centricity – “will define the industry for the remainder of this decade.”

  • TelecomTV - 1 Aug 2013

    Metaswitch has open-sourced its IMS software and established Project Clearwater, designed to provide the basis for a free and open cloud-based IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) core.  IMS is the platform for mobile operators' next-generation' IP based services for messaging, voice and anything else requiring telco-interoperability.

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 31 Jul 2013 - Jon Arnold

    SMBs don't just buy on price, and we all have a lot to learn about this huge segement of the business market, especially UC vendors and service providers. Well, I'm happy to say that Metaswitch Networks has updated this research and am even happier to say that there's lots of upside for those who take the time to understand what really drives SMBs.

  • Light Reading - 31 Jul 2013 - Carol Wilson

    Those developing software platforms, such as Metaswitch's Project Clearwater, are looking to a third party to provide those kinds of generic functions so they can focus on maximizing the quality and functionality of their NFV software. "We don't know yet who is going to step up to the plate and do that software work," Taylor comments.

  • SDNCentral - 26 Jul 2013 - Craig Matsumoto

    What all these musings will lead to is the CloudNFV protoype — a demonstration of cloud-based IMS based on Metaswitch‘s Project Clearwater. Nolle is hoping the group can get a demo done sometime in August, with a public announcement and demo coming possibly in October.

  • Light Reading - 17 Jul 2013 - Carol Wilson

    Martin Taylor, CTO of Metaswitch Networks, which has developed a cloud-based, open source IMS platform called Project Clearwater, has talked to many mobile operators on their upcoming VoLTE deployments and hears their concerns about how it's "hard to build a business case to invest millions of millions in an IMS architecture to offer a service that is going to be competing with OTT."

  • TMCnet - 15 Jul 2013 - Ashok Bindra

     Metaswitch’s sales vice president Bob Harvey indicated that Ritter continues to offer the latest services to keep in step with its customers' requirements. Commenting on this relationship, Harvey said, "We support this valued customer relationship with an easy provisioning process and experience in marketing Hosted Business Services.”

  • Telecompetitor - 11 Jul 2013 - Joan Engebretson

    “We’re seeing a wide variety of pricing and packaging for these sorts of products,” said Chris Carabello, director of marketing for Metaswitch, in an interview. “As a whole, competitive providers do a better job at sales execution and making simpler packages than the incumbent carriers.”

  • SDNCentral - 10 Jul 2013 - Craig Matsumoto

    As for how IMS got chosen as the first project — CloudNFV was going to need some function that could be virtualized (harder work than it sounds), and Nolle wanted it to be ready for the cloud (which can’t be said of many Linux-based firewalls and load balancers). Metaswitch had already gone down that path.

  • CIMI - 10 Jul 2013 - Tom Nolle

    The real answer for both SDN and NFV is to go back to the foundations of virtualization, which is the concept of abstraction. Take a look at Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater architecture (the link is: and you’ll see that we have a cloud-ready IMS at one level.

  • Global Telecoms Business - 28 Jun 2013

    Phil Harvey, director of corporate communications at Metaswitch, is more circumspect. “It is eventually going to have an impact on capital spending — but the first benefits will be in operational savings,” he says. “The real thing we want to achieve is service flexibility while lowering the overall cost.”

  • Global Vision Magazine - 20 Jun 2013 - Tara Seals
    Taking IMS to the Cloud

    “It’s not about just taking it to the cloud—it’s building the next generation of new network from the ground up to run in a virtualized environment,” said Harvey. “That’s a wide-ranging network transformation that different operators are embracing at different speeds.”

  • NFV Zone - 14 Jun 2013 - Erin Harrison

    When it comes to network reliability, critically important features include scalability, performance and security. Metaswitch Networks was recently lauded for such credentials by independent test lab Miercom, which tested Metaswitch’s Perimeta Session Border Controller (SBC).

  • LTE World Series 2013 - 12 Jun 2013 - Phil Harvey

    IMS doesn’t have to be a roadblock to delivering VoLTE. The use of open source software inside of telcos is increasing and many telcos have expressed interest in Project Clearwater, an open source, cloud-enabled version of the core signaling functions of IMS. As operators are looking at the most cost effective route to offering voice over LTE (VoLTE), they should consider alternative routes that help them deliver telco-like services at using Web-scale economics.

  • Fierce Broadband Wireless - 9 Jun 2013 - Tammy Parker

    Metaswitch announced last month that it is contributing the initial codebase for Project Clearwater. The effort entails creation of "a cloud-based IMS core for network operators that want to offer VoLTE, a standalone SIP-based calling service, hosted business services, WebRTC and anything else you can do with a traditional IMS network," said Metaswitch spokesman Phil Harvey.

  • Computerworld - Singapore - 27 May 2013 - Nurdianah Md Nur

    SDN can be broken down into two distinct areas: Data Center SDN and Carrier SDN. Metaswitch is focused on Carrier SDN, which is poised to revolutionise a telecom operator's wide area network, from optics all the way through to IP.  Metaswitch is being proactive on NFV and Carrier SDN while others are, at best, simply reacting.

  • Fierce Telecom - 15 May 2013 - Sean Buckley

    Birch Communications, a growing IP-based competitive provider focused on small to medium-sized businesses, has signed a deal to purchase various customer and network elements from Lexington, Ky.-based Lightyear Network Solutions for an undisclosed sum. Lightyear has built a facilities-based network, which incorporates Metaswitch voice switches, to serve a mix of business and residential customers throughout the United States.

  • Mobile Europe - 10 May 2013

    Cloud-based software provider Metaswitch Networks has contributed the initial codebase to Project Clearwater – a new open source cloud-based IMS initiative that aims to simplify uptake of the network.

  • The Mobile Network - 10 May 2013

    "The open source part is to an extent the secondary headline. The real interesting thing is that this is about designing from the ground up to get IMS core functionality into the cloud. Once you really think in that way you can realise the sorts of economics which are not possible using proprietary hardware. When you add in open source licensing that becomes an even more compelling offer," Harvey said.

  • GigaOm - 9 May 2013 - Barb Darrow

    To be fair, not all the old line companies have given up on building their own technology for the cloud era. Thirty-year old MetaSwitch is open sourcing it’s new IMS core software to ease cloud development.

  • Light Reading - 8 May 2013 - Craig Matsumoto

    Part of Metaswitch's bet is that the cloud is different enough to warrant building a better IMS from scratch. In his press-release statements Wednesday, Metaswitch CTO Martin Taylor refers to the chance to "accelerate the promise of the new software telco," breaking free from the "expensive and exceedingly vendor-centric" IMS approaches on the market.

  • Telecompetitor - 8 May 2013 - Joan Engebretson

    “Carriers want to get services out there and offer them in a way that will reduce cost and development time and bring down the per-subscriber cost,” said Metaswitch Director of Corporate Communications Phil Harvey in an interview. “Doing this in the cloud helps them get from Point A to Point B more quickly.”

  • TMCnet - 8 May 2013 - Rich Tehrani

    This news is a potential game changer for telecom. Carriers once had to grapple with whether to purchase their IMS solutions from the US, Europe or Chinese equipment providers… Now they have the option of trying a software-centric, open-source approach. They can even try this solution in tandem with other trials going on in their labs.

  • Converge - 8 May 2013

    “Traditional paths to IMS have been expensive and exceedingly vendor-centric,” says Martin Taylor, CTO of Metaswitch Networks. “Our aim is to provide operators and developers with the keys to quickly move to highly-scaled VoIP and VoLTE networks and create tomorrow’s most advanced Web-scale communications applications.

  • Telecompaper - 8 May 2013

    Project Clearwater provides a foundation for network operators and others building scalable voice and video applications to deliver critical call and session control functions, along with Telephony Application Server (TAS) capabilities, within a virtualised data centre. Clearwater's design offers massive scale and "telco-grade" reliability in private or public cloud environments.

  • GigaOm - 6 May 2013 - Stacey Higginbotham

    Taylor points out that telcos used to have the largest scale systems, but that is changing. The globe-spanning networks delivering five nines that once inspired such awe, are now common as Google, Microsoft and others build out their own globe-spanning infrastructures. And telco’s know that to keep up they must adopt the same tricks the web scale companies have, like open source software and commodity hardware.

  • Light Reading - 1 May 2013 - Craig Matsumoto

    Open-source fever is coming to the telco voice world, as Metaswitch Networks is gathering support to create a freely available version of core IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) code, a move that could help intensify competition among equipment vendors.  Project Clearwater, as it's called, will focus on the concept of hosting IMS functions in the cloud, according to one source briefed on the idea. So, it's not just vanilla IMS that's being discussed here.

  • CIMI - 1 May 2013 - Tom Nolle

    One vendor who’s taken a different approach is Metaswitch, who’s promoting a cloud IMS that was “cloud” from the first, and it’s an interesting study in some of the issues in cloud-based virtualization of network features. Their cloud IMS is called “Clearwater”.

  • Telco-OTT Today - 22 Apr 2013 - Sean Jackson

    “Users who want alternative ways of making voice and video calls have not been deterred by the need to download and install apps. You only have to witness the number of Skype users worldwide,” points out Taylor, “WebRTC offers an alternative means of accessing OTT voice and video calling services, but not necessarily a superior one.”

  • Telecompetitor - 17 Apr 2013 - Joan Engebretson

    TDS believes Perimeta will enable it to “do more with less,” said Paker in an interview. TDS aims to use the Metaswitch product for new SBC purchases and to upgrade existing SBCs to Perimeta when additional capacity is needed.  NFV also drove Perimeta’s use of centralized equipment control, said Paker. He sees that as an attractive feature, as it “allows us to more closely set and match the capacity required from the network with the equipment we’re putting out there,” he said.

  • Fierce Telecom - 17 Apr 2013 - Sean Buckley

    While the SBC market has consolidated greatly with just a few players dominating the scene, Paker said what set apart Metawitch from other players was its architecture. "What was interesting about this product is that it has a distributed architecture so you can centralize the control, but the actual devices that actually do the work are placed in various spots around the network," he said. "That allows us to scale up and scale down to meet the particular market demand."

  • Converge Network Digest - 15 Apr 2013

    “We are excited about the partnership with Netronome and opportunity to bring this carrier SDN solution to the Open Networking Summit,” said Andy Randall, senior vice president of networking technologies at Metaswitch Networks. “The NFP provides us with the programmable dataplane that unlocks many differentiating features of our control plane software, which is at the heart of devices deployed in every major global carrier network. Together, we are at the forefront of commercializing OpenFlow-based SDN solutions and look forward to building networks with our complementary technologies.”

  • Light Reading - 2 Apr 2013

    "Based on my years of reporting at Light Reading it is becoming obvious that service providers that want to stay ahead will keep evolving to become more agile companies," Harvey says. "Service providers aiming to virtualize network functions and use high-performance cloud computing will both accelerate, and profit from, the innovation happening on their networks." "Metaswitch is loaded with talent, investing in all the right technologies, and it's a place where I can go tell a credible and compelling corporate story through the usual, and some unusual, channels," Harvey says.

  • Business Weekly - 28 Mar 2013 - Tony Quested

    CEO John Lazar said: “Given Metaswitch’s history of hiring top class graduates from diverse backgrounds, the location provides an ideal base for the company’s continued commitment to developing the industry’s best software engineers. We have a long-standing association with Cambridge, with many of our graduate intake coming from the University. Both Metaswitch and the university are centres of technology excellence so Cambridge was a logical choice for our expanded product development team.”

  • Comms Dealer - 6 Mar 2013

    ITSPA has unveiled the winners of its 5th annual awards in Parliament. The reception took place in the House of Commons Members Dining Room and was hosted by Dr Julian Huppert MP, Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum. The winner for Best VoIP Infrastructure: Metaswitch Networks: Perimeta 3.3 Session Border Controller.

  • TMCnet - 2 Mar 2013 - Rich Tehrani

    Expect the Metaswitch you know as the application server, gateway and SBC company to still do all these things but in software, running in virtualized environments on bare-metal servers. Their goal is to sell these solutions to you in order to turn your hardware telco into a software telco.

  • Light Reading - 28 Feb 2013 - Ray Le Maistre

    Behind the marketing glitz of new devices, apps and small cells, network functions virtualization (NFV) has been the underground buzz here in Barcelona as network technology companies come to terms with what major operators consider to be the future of their wide area networks.  Of the specialist systems firms, the likes of Metaswitch Networks (among others) are already some of the way down the NFV road.

  • TMCnet - 28 Feb 2013 - Rachel Ramsey

    “AirePBX is one of our fastest-growing products. We are proud of the rich feature set and ease of use. Accession will further enhance and distinguish the product by making communications truly mobile across all devices,” said Daniel Lonstein, AireSpring chief operating officer. “Combine unbeatable features with AireSpring’s fully managed IP network and AirePBX instantly proves itself as the standout among would-be competitors.”

  • Telecom Reseller - 27 Feb 2013

    “Metaswitch’s Accession portfolio makes mobile Unified Communications deployable as a genuinely usable business service,” said Al Cook, Vice President of Business Services Products at Metaswitch. “Our focus on voice and video quality, battery life management, and platform independence makes this a real solution for customers’ modern business environments.”

  • Channel Partners - 27 Feb 2013

    AireSpring Communications said today it plans to deploy Metaswitch Accession technology on AirePBX, bringing unified communications (UC) enhancements to the company’s product.

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 26 Feb 2013 - Jon Arnold

    Backbone magazine does a nice job tracking the Canadian tech scene, and the current issue is especially noteworthy. This is their big state of the market overview, presented as a series of short "best" lists for a whole bunch of topics and trends.  I commented mainly on the VoIP space, where I cited 5 vendors to watch - Avaya, Microsoft, Metaswitch, Mitel and ShoreTel.

  • Forbes - 6 Feb 2013 - Elise Ackerman

    “As traditional networks become increasingly software based, it makes sense that a session border controller would be one of the first elements of the network to move off of proprietary hardware,” says Steve Gleave, senior vice president of marketing for Metaswitch Networks, which is already testing demand with its own software-based session border controller.

  • Telax - 31 Jan 2013

    Telax Hosted Call Center, a leading Cloud Contact Center Solution provider, is pleased to announce that they have signed a global reseller agreement with Metaswitch Networks to market and support an integrated cloud contact center solution. Sam Sharkawy, Vice President of Carrier Solutions at Telax, shares the details of the Telax solution with Steve Gleave, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Metaswitch.

  • Fierce Enterprise - 24 Jan 2013 - Fred Donovan

    Satellite operator Inmarsat has partnered with Metaswitch Networks to provide VoIP products as part of its Global Xpress broadband network set to launch worldwide in 2014.  Metaswitch is providing Inmarsat with its Metaswitch universal media gateways, MetaSphere multimedia telephony application server, MetaView network management system and Perimeta session border controllers.

  • Telecompaper - 24 Jan 2013

    Satellite services provider Inmarsat has selected switching services provider Metaswitch Networks to provide advanced VoIP products to enhance its worldwide communication service called Global Xpress. The first satellite for Global Xpress is scheduled for launch this year and will cover the Indian Ocean region. Global service is planned for the end of 2014.

  • TMCnet - 24 Jan 2013

    "It's a great privilege to be joining the board of one of the UK's leading organisations in the sight loss sector. "I really hope my life experience and business skills will help the charity go from strength to strength." He has just completed a fundraising tandem cycle ride from Land's End to John O'Groats.  Mr Mairs is a senior scientist with international software provider Metaswitch Networks, and will be helping the trust with its extensive research programme on sight loss issues.

  • Developing Telecoms - 21 Jan 2013 - Ben Miller

    The Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) initiative launched in late 2012, which has been designed to tackle the challenges of building future networks by taking advantage of the increasing range of virtualisation technologies, should begin to have an impact. Including many of the major telecom operators, the NFV is aiming to do what Metaswitch has been doing throughout 2012: using virtualisation technologies to help enterprises lower costs and improve productivity.

  • Fierce Telecom - 2 Jan 2013 - Sean Buckley

    Vincent M. Oddo, Birch President and CEO, said in a release announcing the acquisition that "Covista's Metaswitch-based facilities network, which has switching centers in Tennessee, New York City and Los Angeles, is complementary to our current service footprint while also adding some new markets."

  • JoHeR - 11 Dec 2012

    JoHeR, a leading developer of professional SIP softphones for operators and receptionists, today announced that its Voice Operator Panel software has successfully completed interoperability testing and is now Mosaic Partner Certified with the Metaswitch Networks' solution. "We are pleased that JoHeR's Voice Operator Panel has achieved certification" said Ken Cavanaugh, director of business development at Metaswitch Networks.

  • TMC - 4 Dec 2012 - Gary Kim

    Datavo, a competitive local exchange carrier operating in Southern California, is the first announced user of the Metaswitch Networks “Accession Communicator” platform, which turns a hosted solution into a mobile solution.  The way Datavo sells the new capabilities illustrates quite a lot about how small business customers understand value, and how little they understand industry jargon. So part of the sales effort requires starting with concepts they already understand, and building from there. 

  • Light Reading - 22 Nov 2012 - Joe Braue

    Oh, sorry, for a minute there I was back in a chair with one of my four kids on my lap reading Margaret Wise Brown’s famous children’s book in a proven pre-bed strategy to get them to sleep. Which, I guess is where Steve Gleave, VP of marketing for Metaswitch Networks , wanted me to be.

  • AdvaTel - 15 Nov 2012

    “We are delighted that AdvaTel has continued to work closely with Metaswitch to ensure their products remain accredited with our current product line, ensuring a continued quality of support to our customers,” said Martin Price, Director of Business Development, Metaswitch. “Outlook calendar mining gives operators the opportunity to significantly improve levels of service provided to callers.”

  • - 14 Nov 2012

    By selecting inetwork, Integra benefits from rapid configuration and provisioning times due to the seamless integration of inetwork’s portal directly into its Metaswitch platform.  “We greatly value our relationship with Metaswitch and are proud that such a well known provider as Integra readily understands and appreciates the exponential benefits our integration with its platform provides,”said Steve Leonard, executive vice president and general manager of inetwork.

  • Converge Network Digest - 1 Nov 2012

    The Optical Internetworking Forum approved three security implementation agreements (IAs) and elected several new directors and committee chairs.  Newly elected to the board of directors is Joe Whitehouse of Metaswitch Networks, who will serve a one-year term as the Market Awareness & Education co-chair, Networking.

  • Port Orchard Independent - 17 Oct 2012 - Chris Chancellor

    Matt Key, who is in South Kitsap School District’s Community Transition Program, traveled earlier this month to Florida to meet with Ashton Eaton, who holds the world record in both the decathlon and heptathlon events.

  • Fierce Telecom - 16 Oct 2012

    "Today is yet another significant step forward as we advance our multi-year 'tuck-in' acquisition strategy designed to build customer density throughout our 38-state footprint," said Vincent M. Oddo, Birch president and CEO. "Through this acquisition, Birch continues its recent expansion into southwest Florida. DayStar's Metaswitch-based facilities network, and many thousands of business customers, fit very well into our growing facilities-based enterprise."

  • Disruptive Technology - 12 Oct 2012 - Dan York

    I am a huge fan of Martin Geddes, but he and I disagree fundamentally on one key part of what he is now calling "hypervoice".  Recently he gave a closing keynote presentation at the Metaswitch Forum titled "A presentation about Hypervoice" that is available via Slideshare or PDF.

  • TMCnet - 9 Oct 2012 - Anil Sharma

    “SyncGlobal invested in the TransNexus solution for least cost routing with QOS through the Metaswitch, fraud detection, implementing multiple expanded local calling area products, managing customer specific rated toll products, the ability to analyze near real time customer specific margins on intrastate, interstate, international, and toll free services, and as an application for auditing carrier related toll charges,” said Kyle Williamson, CEO of SyncGlobal.

  • Unified Communications Strategies - 8 Oct 2012 - UC Strategies Staff

    CLECs who are not currently providing VoIP services are struggling to line up clients, mainly because larger companies with several locations are in search of hosted VoIPs.  Based in Portland, Oregon CLEC Integra Telecom wants to shrug off its circuit-based roots and branch upward and outward. Combined with Metaswitch, the company is now offering a hosted VoIP for business users.

  • Light Reading - 5 Oct 2012 - Bernie Arnason

    Metaswitch held its annual customer forum this week with a theme of innovation. That's quite a common theme in the telecom industry these days and like many suppliers of technology to the carrier space, Metaswitch has a vested interest in its customers taking the theme to heart. Metaswitch VP of Marketing Steve Gleave, whose fingerprints are always all over the forum event, summed up the theme early on by urging Metaswitch's carrier customers to get moving. The time for talk about technology and all of its wonderful inventive possibilities has passed, urged Gleave.

  • Light Reading - 5 Oct 2012 - Phil Harvey

    Now that Metaswitch Networks has concluded its annual customer confab (and now that we've given you a taste of The Future of Metaswitch), we should end the week with some pretty pictures.

  • Fierce Telecom - 5 Oct 2012 - Sean Buckley

    Joe Harding, senior vice president of marketing at Integra Telecom, said in a release announcing the service that "[t]his offering allows businesses to focus on their growth and day-to-day priorities, leaving network support and management in the hands of one trusted provider."  Delivered through its partnership with softswitch vendor Metaswitch Networks, Hosted Voice Service is applicable to both single-site and the multi-site medium and large businesses that Integra has begun to target more aggressively over the past two years.

  • Convergencia Latina - 5 Oct 2012

    The need for innovation in the telecommunications industry is a challenge that is present in forums throughout the entire value chain. During Metaswitch Forum 2012 held this week in Orlando, United States, Steve Gleave, vice president of marketing for the company, made a subtle but important distinction between innovating and inventing. Innovate, defined the executive, "is turning ideas into money."

  • Light Reading - 4 Oct 2012 - Phil Harvey

    Now that he's back, the former software engineer is describing Metaswitch as a "software company." He's not just trying to sound hip. His four-part strategy provides a glimpse into a company that is helping its customers modernize their networks, while giving them a reasonable path to provide revenue-generating services that businesses and consumers want, over IP networks.

  • Fierce Enterprise - 4 Oct 2012 - Fred Donovan

    Regional CLECs that do not offer hosted VoIP are finding it increasingly difficult to line up business customers because larger firms with multiple locations are looking for hosted VoIP services.  Portland, Ore.-based CLEC Integra Telecom has decided it wants to shed its circuit-based roots and grow onward and upward. The company has teamed with Metaswitch to launch a hosted VoIP offering for business customers.

  • SIP Trunking - 4 Oct 2012 - Raju Shanbhag

    “Integra is a fine example of a service provider that truly values the customer and is gaining the rewards from its commitment to expansion of a comprehensive communications portfolio," said John Lazar, CEO at Metaswitch. "We stand ready to carry out our part in an exciting team that will deliver innovative, readily available services to business customers.”

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 3 Oct 2012 - Jon Arnold

    Another good discussion from Steve Gleave came around invention vs. innovation. It's easy to equate the two, but here's the difference. Invention is about using money to create ideas - which is fine - but innovation is about turning ideas into money - much better. With that in mind, Metaswitch has done a great job this year getting attendees stoked about the importance of innovation to give them a better future in a business that is not easy to make money in these days.

  • New Paradigm Resources Group - 3 Oct 2012 - Craig Clausen

    Integra’s deployment of its new softswitch platform – provided by Metaswitch Networks – opens a number of opportunities for it to pursue. While the company is a regionally-focused carrier based in the Northwest US, it is pushing to extend its reach beyond these confines. Regional carriers have found it challenging to win multi-location enterprise accounts without nationwide reach. Integra’s newly installed Hosted VoIP platform allows it to plug this hole on the voice side and begins to set the stage for the company to move further up-market.

  • Channel Partners Online - 3 Oct 2012

    Portland, Ore.-based Integra Telecom has introduced a Hosted Voice Service which the company says provides a fully managed and feature-rich integrated voice, data and equipment solution for business customers of all sizes.  Hosted Voice Service was built by Integra's partnership with vendor Metaswitch Networks. Features include integrated voice/data circuit up to 100 Mb/s; per-line feature package bundle and optional a la carte features; fully managed customer premise equipment (CPE); and service management through what the company says is a simple and secure Web portal.

  • TMCnet - 3 Oct 2012 - Anshu Shrivastava

    Provider of VoIP Phone and IP communication solutions, Yealink has announced a partner certification for interoperability of the T2X series SIP Phone with the Metaswitch platform, a recognition that signals admission into Metaswitch Networks’ Mosaic Partner Program.  The SIP-T2X Series offers customers high-definition voice quality. Equipped with TI TITAN chipset, it features TI voice engine, HD handset, HD speaker and HD codec (G.722).

  • HD Voice - 2 Oct 2012 - Doug Mohney

    Company executives detailed Metaswitch’s product enhancements for HD voice support and mobile voice quality. There’s strong support for SILK and transcoding among the news, plus enhancements.  Paul Brittain, VP, VoIP & Multimedia products, said the company was adding support for SILK and AMR-WB in the HD realm, as well as AMR, EVRC, and IBLC narrowband codecs. There will be a common codec set supported across all Metaswitch products.

  • Carrier Evolution - 2 Oct 2012 - Gary Kim

    John Lazar, Metaswitch Networks CEO, faces a challenge most suppliers to the global telecom business also face, namely how his own business, and that of his service provider customers, will change over the next decade or so. Some of those changes, such as a blurring of “over the top” and “carrier services,” will cause some potential discomfort. 

  • CED Magazine - 1 Oct 2012 - Brian Santo

    Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch Networks are working together to provide a system that service providers can use to enable VoIP services in the enterprise market. The solution integrates Edgewater’s Voice-over-IP (VoIP) monitoring and installation solution, EdgeView, with Metaswitch’s SIP-based MetaView system. The two products combine to deliver simplified, scalable provisioning and enhanced visibility into the performance of today’s VoIP networks.

  • SIP Trunking - 1 Oct 2012 - Steve Anderson

    Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch got together and announced today a new solution geared toward the enterprise VoIP provider market. The new solution takes Metaswitch's MetaView solution and couples it with Edgewater's VoIP installation and monitoring solution, creating a whole new solution that allows providers an easy way to support enterprise operations where different devices from different manufacturers are used on the same network.

  • Contact Center World - 1 Oct 2012 - Veronica Silva Cusi

    The Neat Company (Neat), a provider in digital filing systems for the home and small business, today announced its adoption of Telax’s hosted contact center solution. The call center is implemented and hosted by Telax, requiring no hardware purchases or management by Neat. With a Hosted PBX service provided by Line Systems Inc., a Metaswitch customer, Neat is able to easily leverage the Telax advanced contact center, allowing the company to concentrate efforts and capital on other ventures.

  • noodls - 1 Oct 2012

    "Visual Voicemail is one of a suite of subscriber-facing applications that ETI has developed with technology companies such as Metaswitch," said Frank Gine, President of ETI Software Solutions. "These types of enhanced on-screen applications are a growing part of ETI's product universe and proof that our company has moved beyond provisioning."

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 6 Sep 2012 - Jon Arnold

    Next up is Metaswitch Forum, which is a bit less than a month from now, running from October 1-4. This has long been one of my favorite vendor events, and it gets better every year. The 2012 theme is "who's in ?", and you can read that a couple of ways. I'm in, but only the first two days, as I have to split time that week with the ITExpo - more on that in another post.

  • TMC - 5 Sep 2012 - Paula Bernier

    Traditional PBXs are on the way out, says Metaswitch Networks. But while they may soon be gone, the company says it wants to make sure they’re not forgotten.  So Metaswitch has launched the website,  which discusses the demise of the classic PBX and invites folks to submit photos and memories of these warhorses.

  • Carrier Evolution - 29 Aug 2012 - Gary Kim

    “Immersive multimedia telephony” (“Accession”) enables a user to move a conversation or session freely between preferred devices, and to take advantage of local network connectivity or handset capabilities, while instantly sharing content that is related to the users' actions, surroundings or needs, Metaswitch says. A new study by Google suggests people behave that way when consuming content or conducting search operations as well, so Accession might well be something important.

  • The Local - 13 Aug 2012

    Blind cyclist Chris Mairs is to use pedal power to travel from Land's End to John O'Groats and hopes to raise £100,000 for Fight For Sight to fund an Oxford University researcher's scholarship to America.  Chris, 55, will join friend Guy Simpson, 45, on a tandem bike for the 1,000-mile journey to support the charity's work funding research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease.

  • SIP Trunking - 10 Aug 2012 - Susan Campbell

    IP telephony has never been more popular. Metaswitch makes an array of solutions for carriers of all sizes. Steve Gleave, vice president of Marketing for Metaswitch, recently told TMC, “I think we have a reputation for doing three things really well. Switch migration, taking old switches into the world of IP and next generation networks. Innovative consumer and business communications services typically built on those switches. And, most recently, border session controllers.”

  • TMCnet - 6 Aug 2012 - Paula Bernier

    This week, Metaswitch Networks is taking the wraps off its hosted business social campaign and has given TMCnet exclusive access to this infographic, which emphasizes the key role that mobility is playing in businesses’ move to IP communications.

    “People are moving to IP telephony because of its ability to extend mobility services,” says Simon Dredge, director of technical marketing at Metaswitch, who notes that today’s workforce is very mobile and there’s a new expectation that employees be reachable at all times.

  • TMC - 17 Jul 2012 - Rich Tehrani

    Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, interviews Steve Gleave, VP of Marketing, at TMC's Executive Editorial Open House in San Jose, California.

  • CANTO Magazine - 1 Jul 2012 - Jesse Lee
    SIP Trunking: Meeting the Opportunities and Challenges

    While it is impossible to predict the future, two things are certain:; 1) the majority of business customers are still using legacy TDM trunking to connect to the public network, 2) the vast majority of business customers understand the value proposition and plan to move to SIP trunking in the next 5 years.

  • CommunicAsia2012 Daily News - 20 Jun 2012
    Metaswitch takes TDM/IP migration to Farmside

    Farmside – a subsidiary of Bay City Communications that targets SMEs in rural New Zealand with hosted business services – needed a one-stop shop solution, said Simon Dredge, director of technical marketing at Metaswitch.

    “We’ve provided the whole soup-to-nuts package, including a full suite of apps and services like softphones, unified messaging and unified communications,” Dredge said.

  • Telecom Lead - 19 Jun 2012

    Farmside, a subsidiary of Bay City Communications has chosen Metaswitch Networks to address the increasing demand for speedier and more sophisticated communications. With Metaswitch solution deployed into its network, the teleco said that the solution cost-effectively provides their customers with enhanced communication applications on both IP and TDM connections.

  • CED - 6 Jun 2012 - Hamid Qayyum

    Hamid Qayyum, VP MSO Sales at Metaswitch, discusses how SIP trunking is now the fastest-growing area of the VoIP marketplace, and how  all indications point to sustained growth for the foreseeable future, making it a very attractive business for both telco and cable providers.

  • TMCnet - 24 May 2012 - Erik Linask

    Erik Linask talks with Chris Carabello, Director of Marketing, about keeping up at the Cable Show.

  • TMCnet - 23 May 2012 - Doug Mohney

    Metaswitch’s Thrutu and Accession IMT clients are the best examples of where individual peer-to-peer (friend-to-friend) communications clients – not to be confused with the one-to-many social media venues of Twitter and Facebook – are going. The issue is being able to build a large enough user base to displace a larger client such as Skype.

  • FierceCable - 21 May 2012 - Samantha Bookman

    Freestyle soccer world record holder Daniel Cutting strikes a pose at the Metaswitch booth.

  • TMCnet - 21 May 2012 - Doug Mohney

    OTT is a rally cry for Metaswitch, and its message to both smaller and larger carriers is encouraging them to more aggressively move in with their own we-own-it-we-bill-it OTT services offerings.

  • Broadband Technology Report - 18 May 2012 - BTR Staff

    At the Cable Show in Boston, Metaswitch Networks will showcase its Accession Immersive Multimedia Telephony (IMT), which is designed to enable MSOs to deliver fluid call control between smartphones, fixed lines and tablets.

  • - 8 May 2012 - David Ashby, Metaswitch

    Asian network operators have a choice. They can either stand back and let OTTs take the lead, becoming a pipeline for OTT services, or they can respond by building their own multi-device communication platforms -- adding VoIP calling to handsets and extending voice, video, messaging and file sharing services for PCs and tablets.

  • Convergencia Latina - 8 May 2012 - Daniel Curotto

    In conversations with Convergencialatina, Steve Gleave, Marketing VP of the company, has explained that "that line of products was encouraging fixed and mobile operators to strengthen their positions within a context where OTTs and manufacturers of devices obtained more benefits."

  • TMCnet Next Gen Mobility - 1 May 2012 - Stefanie Mosca

    Accession, which includes network elements and a device client, allows end users to move in-progress calls from one network, device or communications mode to another.  What's more, Accession can allow all this new functionality without requiring the end user to get a new device or phone number, and without requiring the service provider to build a whole new network.

  • Curacao Connected - 27 Apr 2012 - David/Flow

    Columbus Cloud Voice is offered through partner Metaswitch and is a low cost voice solution for traditional digital landline services. Clients can make VoIP calls, set call rules (ignore specific numbers, forward calls to different phones, send certain calls to voice mail, etc etc), receive voice mails via sms and set up their own automated answer systems.

  • Forbes - 19 Apr 2012 - Elise Ackerman

    Simon Dredge, director of technical marketing at Metaswitch Networks, said in an interview that the carriers can’t afford to wait. Founded in 1981 as a telecommunications solutions provider, Metaswitch has spent the last decade helping carriers migrate to all-IP architectures. The next step, Dredge said, is for the carriers to use that architecture to offer an immersive multimedia experience.

  • Light Reading - 12 Apr 2012 - Carol Wilson

    Are these companies willing to risk further investment in their future, without the aid of federal subsidies, under clouds of regulatory uncertainty and no assurance of seeing a return on that investment? In other words, can rural telcos live in the real world of business? Their major vendors are pushing them in that direction. It's riskier to stand still and not invest, than to push forward and take a chance on the future.

  • Light Reading - 11 Apr 2012 - Carol Wilson

    Rural telcos are in position to make money from the smartphone revolution even if they don't operate wireless networks, Steve Gleave, VP Marketing for Metaswitch Networks, told the audience here.

    The key is to leverage the network switches and software to allow users to share more data and content back and forth between wireline and mobile connections.

  • IP Possibilities 2012 - 11 Apr 2012 - Ken Pyle

    Ken Pyle talks with Steve Gleave, VP of Marketing, about his keynote at IP Possibilities 2012.

  • Integra Telecom - 27 Mar 2012

    “We are very enthused about the opportunity to spotlight our solutions with Integra,” said Mike Ward, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Metaswitch Networks. “Integra recognizes the importance of meeting the growing demands of business customers, and we are pleased to demonstrate the benefits of our close partnership.”

  • TeleGeography - 22 Mar 2012

    Innovative Telephone, the largest telco by subscribers in the Virgin Islands (US), has announced that it has selected Metaswitch Networks to migrate its legacy voice telephony operations on the islands of St Croix, St John and St Thomas to an all-IP solution.

  • Light Reading TV - 13 Mar 2012

    Operators are challenged to be first to market with compelling applications while building high-capacity networks that support billions of end devices. Metaswitch talks about how they’re helping operators keep up with Immersive Multi-Media Telephony.

  • RCR Wireless - 9 Mar 2012

    How will mobile operators preserve customers and revenue from threat of over the top service providers (OTT)?  Metaswitch's Simon Williams, SVP Product Management and Marketing, review following mobile network carrier options for competing with OTT providers.

  • RCR Wireless - 8 Mar 2012

    At Mobile World Congress 2012, Metaswitch representative Simon Dredge demos Accession Mobil Content Sharing (MCS), out-of-call and in-call content sharing, to RCR Wireless News.

  • NTCA & OPASTCO - 8 Mar 2012

    Metaswitch is once again the Platinum Sponsor at IP Possibilities, the leading IP conference sponsored by NTCA and OPASTCO.  Looking ahead to this year's conference, Jane Wigen, Member Relations Manager at NTCA, interviews Steve Gleave, Vice President of Marketing, at NTCA's Annual Meeting in San Diego.  Steve discusses new innovations in the IP voice arena.

  • USA Digital Communications - 7 Mar 2012
    USA Digital Communications Enhances Network with Perimeta Session Border Controllers

    “We selected the Metaswitch Perimeta SBC product because it’s purpose-built to deliver scalability, flexibility and is a natural fit within our existing infrastructure,” said Jim Texter, Chief Technology Officer of USAD.  “The Perimeta SBC shares many of the same management tools as our Metaswitch Class 4 infrastructure.  This provides us with end-to-end, uninterrupted visibility into our network.  The ability to proactively monitor our network traffic allows us to maintain high call completion rates and exceed our customer’s satisfaction levels.”

  • Total TeleVision - 7 Mar 2012 - Brian Dolby

    Steve Gleave of Metaswitch spoke to Brian Dolby about their football theme at this years Mobile World Congress, as well as some more about what they are up to.

  • RCR Wireless - 5 Mar 2012

    Metaswitch Networks shows RCR Wireless News Accession at the 2012 Mobile World Congress. Accession offers carriers opportunity to monetize investment in LTE while maintaining customer relationship.

  • TMCnet - 1 Mar 2012 - Doug Mohney

    Metaswitch has used a lot of references to kings and monarchs in its buildup to its new multimedia telephony portfolio. Perhaps Mobile World Forum 2011 will be remembered as the coronation for the company's new Accession product line….. Accession is one of the more promising concepts to appear in the IP communications world in a while. It and Metaswitch bear watching over the months to come.

  • Internet Telephony - 1 Mar 2012 - Paula Bernier

    The facility’s communications solution is also state of the art. Because the ball teams are here for just a small part of the year, Salt River Fields, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rockies were looking for the utmost in flexibility and cost efficiency both in terms of pricing and in the ability to move and configure phones. They found that in a hosted VoIP solution provided by Saddleback Communications and powered by Metaswitch.

  • TMCnet - 28 Feb 2012 - Paula Bernier

    Initially, Metaswitch will offer Accession as a managed service, but the network infrastructure will live within carrier networks. However, down the road the company could offer it to service providers as a cloud-based solution, says Steve Gleave, Metaswitch vice president of Marketing.

    Of course, many Metaswitch customers already have at least some of the above-mentioned gear installed in their networks already, so providing customers with the capabilities delivered under the Accession umbrella would be just one more way for them to leverage that infrastructure.

  • Communications Technology - 28 Feb 2012

    Metaswitch will show how its mobile content sharing solutions can enable the accelerated deployment of an expanded array of communications services that can differentiate cable system operators’ service bundles in a competitive environment.

  • V2M - 28 Feb 2012 - Lindsay Welnick

    "Early momentum in the battle for customer mindshare has been with the handset vendors and app providers," said Kevin DeNuccio, CEO at Metaswitch. "With Accession, the balance of power swings firmly in favor of the network operator, allowing them to deliver trusted, secure, rich and unique applications around the one true global identity: a telephone number."

  • Jon Arnold’s Analyst Blog 2.0 - 27 Feb 2012 - Jon Arnold

    This is Super Bowl week in the wireless world with Mobile World Congress, and everyone there is trying to get and keep your attention. I'm not at MWC, and I don't usually post about launches tied to the event, but I got an advance briefing of Accession, Metaswitch's latest value proposition for mobile operators. It's a heady word, and a lot of interesting ideas to kick around, but the overall spin for Accession is pretty good from what I can tell.

  • Mobile Europe - 27 Feb 2012

    “Early momentum in the battle for customer mindshare has been with the handset vendors and app providers,” said Kevin DeNuccio, CEO at Metaswitch. "With Accession, the balance of power swings firmly in favor of the network operator, allowing them to deliver trusted, secure, rich and unique applications around the one true global identity: a telephone number. Accession is very much about timely introduction of these advanced applications – something that we can further accelerate with a managed product offering.”

  • TMCnet - 27 Feb 2012 - Gary Kim

    In one sense, Accession aims to allow service providers to better position carrier offerings against over the top messaging and communications apps. Better content sharing is one example. Accession allows users to pull in relevant content, such as video or web content while users are in session for example, says Steve Gleave, Metaswitch Networks VP.

  • TMCnet - 22 Feb 2012 - Rich Tehrani

    "Arguments for separating signaling and media functions in a session border controller are well understood.  The commercial benefits of running session border control on COTS platforms are also clear.  Moving the signaling control function into the cloud, and leveraging the economies of generic server platforms and inherent system redundancy is a logical progression.  By detaching SBC licenses from physically deployed platforms, operators can be sure that there are "no SBC licenses left behind" when integrated appliances max out before purchased license limits are reached."

  • Light Reading - 22 Feb 2012 - Ray Le Maistre

    Now, with 60 customers already signed up for the SBC product, Metaswitch CTO Martin Taylor says the vendor has taken "the logical next step" by enabling the Perimeta SBC to run on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers and across private cloud environments where the SBC becomes a "virtual appliance."

  • Nashua Telegraph - 12 Feb 2012 - David Brooks

    “This was a marquee event for FairPoint to show off its fiber network, and experienced staff … FairPoint performed flawlessly."

    “We also saw the future in a Metaswitch that is just 2 feet wide, tall and deep but can handle as many voice customers as several floors of the old switches.”

  • PR Newswire - 30 Jan 2012

    OneAccess Networks, a global supplier of managed converged services CPE solutions for small-medium businesses (SMB) to service providers announced that it has completed Metaswitch certification for the ONE700 product.  The ONE700 is part of the ONE series that enables the delivery of converged services for legacy PRI termination applications while supporting a roadmap of cloud-based services.

  • GSMA - 24 Jan 2012

    Honouring excellence and innovation in mobile communications, the GSMA is delighted to announce the nominees for the 2012 Global Mobile Awards!  With a record six hundred - the highest ever number of entries to this year's awards - from across the world and from across the mobile eco-system.

    Thrutu from Metaswitch Networks has been shortlisted in the "Most Innovative Mobile App" category.

  • Telecompetitor - 16 Jan 2012 - Joan Engebretson

    Important concerns of tier 2 and tier 3 service providers today include business model innovation, getting ready for significant increases in IP endpoints, and consumers’ continuing appetite for mobile smartphone devices, says a survey conducted recently by Metaswitch, maker of softswitch equipment, with a significant customer base in the tier 2 and tier 3 market. Respondents included 117 companies that attended a recent Metaswitch customer event.

  • The Guardian - 11 Jan 2012 - Jessica Shepherd

    John Lazar, chairman of Metaswitch, one of the leading communication software companies in the UK, said that Britain's engineering "fraternity" needed to sell itself better to young people. "If you are a bright kid born in Silicon Valley in the US, you end up at Stanford or Berkeley and you aspire to work for Google or Apple or a start-up tech company," he said. "Here in Britain, the brightest graduates feel the force of the City, but they don't feel the pull of engineering.

  • RCR Wireless - 9 Jan 2012 - Piers Finlayson

    The growth of over-the-top (OTT) services has created a new environment for mobile operators. In the past decade, these service providers enjoyed a relatively easy ride in taking cord-cutting customers from their wireline competitors. But now, OTT apps and services threaten a different war, one of attrition, which leaves mobile operators with customers who want nothing more than a dumb mobile pipe. This article will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of mobile operators in this environment and outline some strategies for winning the war.

  • TMCnet - 5 Jan 2012 - Paula Bernier

    TMCnet recently asked some of the leading lights in the industry for their thoughts about 2011 and what’s in store for the year ahead. In a year that was again dominated by economic unrest and social upheaval, Metaswitch completed its transition from being primarily recognized as a U.S. wireline softswitch vendor to a global provider of fixed and mobile carrier software applications.

  • Carrier Evolution - 19 Dec 2011 - Gary Kim

    By typical provisioning standards, the emergency restoration was very quick. From order on Aug. 29 to to commissioning on Sept. 2, with first subscribers back in service on Sept. 4 took six days, where a normal new switch commissioning can take four to nine months, according to Andrew Ward,Director of Customer Support, Carrier Systems Division.

    “I couldn’t ask for anything better, or anything more,” said Mike Lawler, Pattersonville Telephone plant manager. The first subscribers were back in service just four days after the purchase order was issued.

  • Light Reading - 5 Dec 2011

    “Ray is a recognized industry leader with considerable experience in network transformation, security, and wireless communications," said Kevin DeNuccio.  "After many years in a broad range of senior roles at the largest equipment vendors and communications service providers, Ray brings the kind of track record that fits perfectly with our plans for the future.”

  • Light Reading - 2 Dec 2011 - Carol Wilson

    That move to IP services could happen faster as more people adopt a "bring-your-own-smartphone" strategy because employers will be looking to regain control over the key data -- contacts, customer info and sales reports -- that is increasingly housed on employee phones and controlled by the employees, suggests Kelsyn Rooks, director of solutions marketing at Metaswitch Networks . Creating fixed-mobile convergence solutions for businesses will enable cable to play in this market, even without a wireless services, he said.

  • FierceTelecom - 2 Dec 2011 - Sean Buckley

    Like DeNuccio, who joined Metaswitch last year following a successful run at the former Redback Networks--which later was bought by Ericsson--Smets is another executive who can bring his knowledge to a company that's trying to appeal to larger domestic and international Tier 1 carrier customers.

  • Computer Business Review - 25 Nov 2011 - Jason Stamper

    Glimmer of hope - It's not all doom and gloom, however. London-based Metaswitch Networks told us it is taking on over 50 graduates this year in a range of positions and subsidised internship schemes, and that it will "always make room for talent".

  • Telecompetitor - 18 Nov 2011 - Bernie Arnason

    Metaswitch’s Thrutu division illustrates a trend where core network infrastructure vendors are looking to enable their carrier customers with tools and applications beyond the equipment that processes and routes their network traffic. This was a theme heavily emphasized at their recent Metaswitch Forum, held in Las Vegas last month.

  • Proactive PRTV - 4 Nov 2011 - Brian Dolby

    Brian Dolby speaks to Martin Taylor, CTO at Metaswitch, about the new Perimeta Session Border Controller and what that means for operator in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Internet Telephony Magazine - 1 Nov 2011 - Internet Telephony Magazine
    Carrier Snake Bite. Evolve or Die.

    What Sets Metaswitch Apart - In an uplifting keynote session, company CEO Kevin DeNuccio made the pitch about the fact that consumers will pay for advanced services and, moreover, that Metaswitch is the carrier partner to help provide them.

  • The Royal Academy of Engineering - Innovation Now - 1 Nov 2011

    While companies such as Vodafone, BT, Cable & Wireless and AT&T might be household names and sponsor sports teams, music festivals and F1 cars, they all rely on communications software developed by an engineering firm, which started with seven founders in Enfield, North London.

  • Comms Business - 1 Nov 2011
    Think Voice, Not Telephony

    Richard Dorey, VP of Sales EMEA at Metaswitch, argues that voice, far from having a limited life span is thriving – albeit in different formats.

  • Connected Planet - 28 Oct 2011 - Rich Karpinski

    It remains to be seen if bigger equipment vendors like Ericsson or Huawei tackle the DSC, or if it remains in the province of IP specialists. And not every smaller IP-focused vendor is jumping into Diameter yet either. For instance, Metaswitch, with deep roots in SIP including a recent entry into the SBC market, acknowledges that while there’s a lot of buzz around Diameter, it isn’t planning a DSC product, at least in part due to questions about the ultimate size of the market, said Patrick Fitzgerald, Metaswitch's vice president of SIP Infrastructure.

  • Ovum - 26 Oct 2011 - Emeka Obiodu

    Ovum recently spoke at the Metaswitch Forum 2011 about the role of apps in telcos’ future strategies. Two of the recurrent themes at the event were the future of voice, and the increasing availability of third-party communication apps that enable users to make calls and send SMSs. These types of apps present a significant threat to operators as they can damage telcos’ revenue streams and undermine the intimate relationship that telcos have with their customers.

  • - 21 Oct 2011 - Doug Mohney

    Metaswitch is gearing up to do more than just passing around voice between devices. Voice may be the current anchor, but Metaswitch is promoting standards-based RSC/RCS-e compliant solutions to handle instant messaging and presence, video chat, and file exchange in real time. The company has put CommPortal, Colibria, and Thrutu all under its “4th Generation Communications” category and said it intends to expand investment into client-side software.

  • Doug on IP - 18 Oct 2011 - Doug Mohney

    Doug Mohney talks about the migration from TDM to IP and why face-to-face events continue to be important.

  • Light Reading - 17 Oct 2011 - Michelle Donegan

    Metaswitch Networks -- As this year's repeat finalist for this category, we still like Metaswitch. The company has continued to position itself into key technology and application growth markets. For example, the company is looking to rich communications for mobile operators with its in-house developed app called Thrutu and the acquisition of messaging and presence specialist Colibria AS . It has also developed its own session border controller called Perimeta.

  • Unified Communications Strategies - 14 Oct 2011 - Jon Arnold

    The times they are-a-changing and the broader storyline for mobility is that customers want an “immersive, multimedia” experience. They talked about 7 M’s that carriers need to be competitive today, and one that sticks with me is that customers want “moments, not minutes.” Multimedia experiences create those moments that transcend minutes, and nothing does that better than smartphones.

  • BBC News - Business - 13 Oct 2011 - Viewpoint by Mike Walmsley, Product Manager, Metaswitch

    I felt the impact of the financial crisis back in 2009, well before the start of the current austerity measures, as my previous employer Ericsson ended 90 years of telephone-network development in Coventry with their withdrawal of R&D from the UK, shedding 700 highly-skilled jobs. Closing a facility of that size and complexity inevitably took time, and it wasn't until September 2010 that I finally left.

  • TMCnet - 13 Oct 2011 - Doug Mohney

    Metaswitch Networks is more diversified and further into its transformation into an IP communications software company. It started out with the mundane business of protocol stacks and stuck gold with its Class 5 softswitch replacement laying the foundation for growth into new areas, such as telephony applications. Today, the company is organized around three major areas: VoIP and Voice Applications, SIP Infrastructure, and 4th Generation Communications. Each area has its own set of products and the company has hinted in no uncertain terms that more products are on the way.

  • TMCnet - 11 Oct 2011 - Doug Mohney

    AT&T is a long-standing customer with Metaswitch, with a relationship dating back over a decade since AT&T's IP unified messaging platform is built around a core of Metaswitch products. Laurier "Chicky" Leclair, product development engineer for AT&T, says the current iteration of its solution supports two million subscribers per platform, supporting voice mail, email, and fax to the same in-box.

  • TelecomTV - 10 Oct 2011 - Martyn Warwick

    Martin Taylor tells Martyn Warwick that there will have to be a trade-off between services and differentiation on the provision of QOS and that regulators will play a vital part in balancing the demands of the OTT upstarts with the realities of commercial and technological strictures affecting established and incumbent operators.  As Martin Taylor says, "Net neutrality notwithstanding, not all services are are created equal as far as the end user is concerned."  (Registration required to view video). 

  • Carrier Evolution - 7 Oct 2011 - Gary Kim

    When Metaswitch Networks says the company aims to become a "platform," you should take notice. The question isn't "what product will Metaswitch introduce next?" but "what does it mean if Metaswitch can become a platform?" The phrase "global and mobile," in conjunction with platform, should suggest some answers. Translate that as "everywhere." So what would it mean if applications and services are available "everywhere?"   It means Metaswitch has to enable apps that work on mobile and fixed networks, that move sessions between mobile and fixed domains, seamlessly.

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 7 Oct 2011 - Jon Arnold

    Metaswitch is a very customer-focused company. I thought they did a great job positioning their technology in terms of what matters for carriers and their customers.

  • Carrier Evolution - 7 Oct 2011 - Gary Kim

    If Metaswitch Networks executives succeed with their current vision of how the company will change over the next five to 10 years, Metaswitch will have become an advanced call control platform that allows developers to create new apps rapidly. It won't be a supplier of wired network or wireless network equipment (though it likely will do some of that) so much as a software company whose business is call control functions usable by any network services provider whose business includes messaging, voice, multimedia, web applications and other elements of a communicaton session.

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 5 Oct 2011 - Jon Arnold

    Great song, huh? John Sebastian at his best - bet you can't get it out of your head now. That's the idea. Now, close your eyes, hum along and then say, "damn, I wish I was at Metaswitch in Vegas this week". Well, if you can't be here, then keep reading my posts, and pick up the Twitter feed (#mforum11) - it's been pretty active. I just wanted to share some thoughts from Day 1. This is my fifth Metaswitch Forum, and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. Attendance is close to 1,000, and it's a great testament to their loyal customer base.

  • CED Magazine - 30 Sep 2011 - Mike Roebuck

    Optimum Lightpath, the commercial services arm of Cablevision, is now offering a new hosted voice service for medium- and large-size businesses that comes with a host of new features.  While Optimum Lightpath first rolled out a hosted voice product in early 2009, the new Optimum Lightpath Hosted Voice service offering has a wider range of features for businesses to choose from and is enabled by Metaswitch's MetaSphere multimedia application server.

  • Channel Partner News - 30 Sep 2011

    "For our latest Hosted Voice offering, we spent considerable time learning more about what businesses wanted from our service, how they wanted to buy it and what features would help empower those using it," said Julia McGrath, SVP of Marketing and Business Development, Optimum Lightpath. “The result is our next-generation Optimum Lightpath Hosted Voice."

  • Multichannel News - 30 Sep 2011 - Todd Spangler

    Cablevision Systems' Optimum Lightpath business division launched an enhanced hosted voice service, which provides a range of new call-processing, mobility and collaboration features.

  • Broadband Gear Report - 30 Sep 2011

    Optimum Lightpath announced the availability of its next-generation Optimum Lightpath Hosted Voice. The cloud-based phone service is designed for mid-market and large businesses and offers several new features, including capabilities to connect mobile workforces. It is based on flat-rate pricing, requires little or no upfront costs and runs on an all-fiber network.

  • Light Reading - 30 Sep 2011

    The editors of Light Reading today are proud to present the finalists for the industry's leading awards program, the Leading Lights. Metaswitch Networks is a finalist in the Company of the Year (Private) category, which is awarded to the privately held firm that stands out among its competitors, innovates constantly, makes investors proud and makes employees happy.

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 30 Sep 2011 - Jon Arnold

    On Monday, I'm flying out to Las Vegas for the 2011 edition of the Metaswitch Forum. I've been out to several of these, and they always do a great job. It doesn't hurt to have a large, happy customer base and great financial performance, not to mention continuously evolving technology. If you follow them, you'll know they launched an SBC a few weeks back - Perimeta - and next week I'll get a detailed update on their 2012 roadmap.

  • TMCnet Bloggers - 28 Sep 2011 - Rich Tehrani

    Next week I am headed to the Metaswitch Forum 2011 event and this will be the third time in a row speaking with carriers and the communications industry in general. Last year I had a speaking opportunity and have one this year as well. What I like about the event is the wide range of carriers and partners I get to meet with while there. Here is a partial list: ADTRAN, NETXUSA, Aastra, Panasonic, Polycom, Audiocodes, Calix, Cisco, Cordell, Dasan Networks, Edgewater Networks and ONEACCESS.

  • PRWeb - 27 Sep 2011

    Chicago home phone service provider RCN recently launched significant home phone plan enhancements for all Chicago-area landline customers in an effort to update and improve overall communication and customer satisfaction. The launch of the Metaswitch system ushers in a more advanced platform for phone service, especially in regard to voicemail options.

  • IndiaTechOnline - 19 Sep 2011 - Anand Parthasarathy

    In a telephonic briefing for IndiaTechOnline, Simon Dredge, Technical Marketing Director, Metaswitch, explained that leading mobile operators like Bharti Airtel were accelerating their LTE plans for deployment in 2012, stepping up the migration from circuit to packet voice even while they rolled out rich multimedia services.

  • IP Carrier - 18 Sep 2011 - Gary Kim

    Metaswitch would describe it as a move into a rapidly-growing market where customers are asking for choices. According to Infonetics Research, service providers are spending $350 million a year buying SBCs. By 2015 (just four years) they will be buying $1 billion a year worth of SBCs. “Candidly, service providers are asking for alternatives,” says Patrick Fitzgerald, Metaswitch Networks VP.

  • Connected Planet - 13 Sep 2011 - Rich Karpinski

    New Perimeta session border controller builds on vendor’s deep roots in SBCs, but represents its first full-on platform play. Can it nip at Acme’s heels? When it comes to session border controllers, there’s Acme Packet – and everyone else. Metaswitch, best known for its VoIP and application server platforms, nonetheless has a deep history in SBCs, supplying an SBC software stack to large NEMs and reselling the crucial network element from a variety of partners as part of IP deployments.

  • TMCnet - 13 Sep 2011 - Jamie Epstein

    The session border controller market demands massively scalable solutions that support independent scaling of signaling and media and leverages standard hardware for maximum cost effectiveness. And that is exactly what Metaswitch developed from the ground up -- an SBC that can address new session demands and offers a unique distributed architecture.

  • Light Reading - 13 Sep 2011 - Ray Le Maistre

    In what CTO Martin Taylor describes as "our most significant new in-house product development for years," next-generation network systems supplier Metaswitch Networks has launched its own session border controller (SBC) product called Perimeta, a move that pitches it in head-to-head with current partner and SBC market leader Acme Packet Inc.

  • TMCnet - 13 Sep 2011 - Doug Mohney

    The Session Border Control (SBC) space has been relatively steady state over the past three to four years, so it is refreshing to watch Metaswitch Networks’ launch of the Perimeta SBC. How well the company does depends on how attractive its new architecture is to service providers and its estimates of future market growth.

  • Converge! Network Digest - 13 Sep 2011 - Jim Carroll

    Metaswitch Networks introduced its Perimeta session border controller designed for independent scaling of signaling and media functions. The platform represents a new class of SBC because currently deployed systems are not optimized to handle the highly dynamic session environment brought on by massive number of mobile devices and services such as presence and IM.

  • TMCnet - 13 Sep 2011 - Paula Bernier

    Matthews of Metaswitch added that it’s time to stop investment in legacy networks and move the focus to application-based environments in which voice is just one app on the broadband network.

  • Fierce Telecom - 13 Sep 2011

    Edgewater Networks will participate as a sponsor at the Metaswitch Forum 2011 being held at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, October 3-6, 2011

  • TMCnet - 8 Sep 2011 - Beecher Tuttle

    In a recent survey we commissioned, we found that 95 percent of business employees use smartphones and 62 percent of businesses have employees that work from home. This requires service providers to deliver an even tighter integration of the communication experience, creating a consistent experience that encompasses both fixed and mobile devices across both their residential and business lives.

  • Wireless Week - 7 Sep 2011 - Patrick Fitzgerald

    As the changing service mix imposes ever-greater signaling requirements, service providers need a wider range of products and solutions to meet all their functional and quality requirements for session border control. In these circumstances, SBC architecture and scalability become critical differentiators – and the benefits of a distributed and highly-scalable architecture for session border control are so overwhelming that no service provider can afford to overlook them.

  • Rural Telecommunications - 1 Sep 2011 - Chris Carabello
    A Sputnik Moment for Independent Telcos

    What is at risk is not only today’s revenue but tomorrow’s growth. Adopters of IP voice, particularly hosted VoIP, are twice as likely to adopt other services from the IP service provider, particularly those now categorized as cloud services. The IP pipe, with voice and PBX functionality as the first and most logical application, can serve as a ladder for your customers to your cloud.

  • TelecomTV - 31 Aug 2011 - Leila Makki

    Leila Makki reports on the growth of Cloud-based mobile services and applications, and meets three companies who are doing pioneering work in this new sector. Metaswitch, SwiftKey and Simplexo also have to counter the perception of lack of security in using Cloud services. If the right precautions are taken, there is no inherent problem with Cloud-based mobile computing, and services such as these will gain wider appeal and could soon become the norm. (Registration required to view video).

  • MSF Forum - 29 Aug 2011

    The test event, in partnership with the GSMA as part of its global VoLTE initiative, will be hosted by MSF and mobile operators Vodafone and China Mobile in the Vodafone Test and Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf, Germany, and the China Mobile research Institute Laboratory in Beijing, China.

  • TelecomPaper - 25 Aug 2011

    Switching services provider Metaswitch Networks' board of directors has approved the appointment of Thomas L Cronan III as chief financial officer of the company. Switching services provider Metaswitch Networks' board of directors has approved the appointment of Thomas L Cronan III as chief financial officer of the company.

  • - 24 Aug 2011 - Jamie Beach

    UK-founded company Metaswitch Networks has been shortlisted for the Broadband InfoVision Awards for its Thrutu app for smartphones, which enables a user to interact more effectively with the person they are having a phone conversation with.

  • San Jose Business Journal - 24 Aug 2011

    Cronan, who has been CFO of the Santa Clara company since May 2009, is taking the CFO role at Metaswitch Networks.

  • San Jose Mercury News - 24 Aug 2011

    Mr. Cronan comes to Metaswitch with over twenty years of management experience at both publicly traded and privately held technology companies. Most recently he served as chief financial officer of Aviat Networks, Inc., a leader in wireless transmission solutions.

  • Light Reading - 24 Aug 2011

    "We are extremely pleased to have Tom join us at this important stage of our expansion," said Kevin DeNuccio, CEO at Metaswitch. "I am confident that his background and demonstrated success in financial leadership, along with his experience in legal counsel and financial analyst relations, adds to Metaswitch's leadership team, and will contribute significantly to the company's continued success."

  • Multichannel News - 8 Aug 2011 - Todd Spangler
    "Metaswitch is honored that Thrutu has been selected by CableLabs as the winner of this year's innovation showcase," said Kevin DeNuccio, CEO at Metaswitch Networks. "Thrutu gives carriers a way to bring new and creative services to their voice subscribers by letting users instantly share all manner of interactive content and media during a phone conversation and we are very excited to have the opportunity to work with the cable operators to bring these Thrutu capabilities to their customers."
  • Birch Communications - 3 Aug 2011
    The Birch IP Network is built with IP technology partners MetaSwitch and Zhone Technologies, recognized as premier, best-in-class IP equipment providers worldwide. The Kansas City expansion is part of Birch's overall strategy in 2011 - 2012 to provide the very best services using the latest technology in all of the markets it serves. Birch has now completed the deployment of its IP Network in many major markets in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.
  • NTCA & OPASTCO - 3 Aug 2011 - Viodi TV

    Chris Carabello talks about three types of innovation; business model, organizational and services. He talks about the challenges of change and the importance of being faster to meet changing customer needs. He emphasizes the importance of expanding business models and revenue sources by leveraging the network and existing relationships.

  • Global Telecoms Business - 2 Aug 2011 - George Malim

    The move from TDM to IP is well advanced at wholesale operators but a long transitional period will involve the two technologies co-existing for at least a decade.

  • Memeburn - 1 Aug 2011 - Rowan Puttergill
    Companies like Metaswitch, who specialise in switching infrastructure, took early heed and jumped onto the VoIP bandwagon right at the start and are seeing massive growth as the telecoms industry scrabble to upgrade their technology to support new demands.
  • TMCnet - 26 Jul 2011 - Doug Mohney

    While Thrutu sounds like the name of an Egyptian god, it might actually be the first true mobile convergence application. Binding traditional voice with a parallel data application, the Metaswitch Networks application available on Android and Apple iOS (well, IPhone, for this version) does something relatively unique these days.

  • SF Gate - 26 Jul 2011
    "Metaswitch is pioneering the next generation of communications technology," said DeNuccio. "Our new San Francisco location south of Market places us directly in the heart of one of the most innovative areas in the country, a thriving and vibrant community alongside the likes of Zynga,, Twitter, Yelp and Riverbed."
  • TMCnet - 26 Jul 2011 - Jamie Epstein
    The San Francisco location was a strategic move as it will enable Metaswitch to continue to grow and diversify by having increased access to the city’s technology professionals, while also be located closely in proximity to Silicon Valley.
  • TMCnet - 25 Jul 2011 - Susan J Campbell
    Service providers seeking to deliver advanced carrier services can benefit from partnering with Metaswitch, as the company understands the importance of delivering more than just great technology. Carriers need to be able to drive complete solutions for their customers and subscribers. By combining Metaswitch products, proven interoperability and professional services, advanced carrier services are quickly enabled.
  • TelecomTV - 25 Jul 2011 - Martyn Warwick

     Simon Dredge, Technical Director at Metaswitch Networks, speaks to Martyn Warwick from TelecomTV, at CommunicAsia 2011.

  • InfoSecurity - 22 Jul 2011

    A useful interactive app - that is free for the download - has arrived on the iPhone. Known as Thrutu, the app and service allows screen and other interactions between users of both Android and iOS-driven devices in parallel with a voice call for the first time.

  • Mobile Europe - 20 Jul 2011 - Keith Dyer

    RCS (Rich Communications Suite) isn’t anything as such – beyond a set of specifications for operators to deliver rich communications (presence-enabled services, file exchange, video calling) in an interoperable manner. It was offered up as a means for operators to fight back against OTT competitive threats, by offering telcograde, interoperable, advanced communications services. The problem has been that despite support for the concept from within the GSMA and some operators, there had been little market commitment beyond a few trials and pilots.

  • Connected Planet - 20 Jul 2011 - Rich Karpinski

    Telecom vendors have had limited success helping their operator partners deliver telecom/mobile apps. But Metaswitch seems to be on a bit of a roll with its Thrutu mobile app, launching a new iPhone version today, joining an already-released Android app (CP: Metaswitch continues to push right Thrutu ‘buttons’). Besides the obvious coup of reaching millions of new iPhone users, the move sets up the app – which enables real-time, in-call content sharing between users – to span the two popular platforms.

  • XConomy - 20 Jul 2011 - Wade Roush

    Since March 3, when Palo Alto, CA-based Thrutu introduced its Android app for sharing photos, contacts, and map locations during a voice call, more than 250,000 Android phone owners have downloaded the app. That’s a lot for an Android app, so Thrutu vice president Liz Rice seemed pretty happy when I spoke with her yesterday. But she added that many of these Android users had a surprising request: they wanted Thrutu to build an iPhone version.

  • Washington Post - 20 Jul 2011
    Thrutu, which is a division of Sequoia-backed Metaswitch Networks, allows users instantly to share photos, location, contact information and more at the same time as users are engaged in phone conversations on their phone.
  • Converge Network Digest - 20 Jul 2011
    The app is also available from Metaswitch as a branded application for carriers. Thrutu has racked up more than 250,000 Android downloads to date.
  • TMCnet - 20 Jul 2011 - Rich Tehrani
    Of course the question you have to ask is whether it is too late for carriers to basically reinvent social networks which are already dominated by the web giants we all know (and many love). A positive sign for carriers is that Thrutu has been downloaded more that 250,000 times in the first four months of its release. Not too shabby. One imagines iPhone users are good for at least 250k-500k more downloads making the universe larger and the network effect even greater.
  • TechCrunch - 20 Jul 2011 - Leena Rao
    Mobile app startup Thrutu is bringing its in-call multitasking app to iPhone today. Thrutu’s Android app, which was launched four months ago, has already seen 250,000 app downloads.
  • Business Insider - 20 Jul 2011 - Ellis Hamburger
    Thrutu for iPhone is a new app that changes the idea of a conventional phone call by adding multimedia sharing alongside your call.
  • Marketwire - 20 Jul 2011
    "Android users have responded very enthusiastically to Thrutu -- and their number one request has been for an iOS version so they can use Thrutu with their iPhone-owning friends and family," said Liz Rice, VP, Thrutu. "This product release creates a whole new level of enriched communications between iPhone and Android that has not previously been possible."
  • Comms Business - 18 Jul 2011

    Steve Gleave, VP of Marketing at Metaswitch Networks says that many service providers he talks to would prefer their sales teams to sell hosted PBXs, rather than premises PBXs, in those situations where hosted is the best customer fit.

  • Telecommunication News - 14 Jul 2011

    Following the acquisition of Colibria in April of this year, Metaswitch Networks is demonstrating its continued commitment to investing and building its position in mobility with the release of an RCS-e 1.1 compliant Instant Messaging Server.

  • Light Reading - 14 Jul 2011
    “Nokia Siemens Networks continues to enjoy an excellent relationship with Metaswitch Networks,” said Uwe Puetzschler, head of SDF Global at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Having the complete RCS-e feature set in our Munich Interoperability Testing environment makes it possible for us to proactively work with client vendors today.”
  • Proactive PRTV - 8 Jul 2011 - Richard Hooper

    Simon Dredge, Director Technical Marketing at Metaswitch, delivers a top down summary of Metaswitch strategy and recent wins in region at CommunicAsia in Singapore, 2011.

  • Proactive PRTV - 8 Jul 2011 - Richard Hooper

    Prem Viswanathan, Director of Metaswitch, Asia Pacific, delivers a top down summary of Metaswitch strategy and recent wins in region.

  • ETI Software - 7 Jul 2011
    ETI Software Solutions, Inc., announced another successful deployment with North Carolina's largest telephone co-op, Atlantic Telephone Membership Cooperative (ATMC). ETI's flagship B/OSS product, Triad, which already provisions ATMC's video and access network, is now integrated with the Metaswitch solution.
  • Total TeleVision - 28 Jun 2011 - Brian Dolby

    Brian Dolby speaks to Simon Dredge, Diretor of Technical Marketing at Metaswitch in Singapore.  Metaswitch has recently opened an office in Singapore and shares news on new customers in the region.

  • Telecom Redux - 23 Jun 2011 - John Williamson

    Taiwanese mobile, Internet and fixed line services provider Chungwha Telecom is deploying the Metaswitch Service Broker as a single platform to deliver services across both its legacy and IMS networks.

  • Light Reading - 22 Jun 2011

    Metaswitch Networks, a global supplier of next generation telecom infrastructure and applications, today announced new customer wins in Australia and the Philippines, expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region.

  • HITEK Magazine - 22 Jun 2011

    Metaswitch Networks, a global supplier of next generation telecom infrastructure and applications, today announced new customer wins in Australia and the Philippines, expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Telecom Paper - 22 Jun 2011

    Switching services provider Metaswitch Networks has received orders from Australia and the Philippines, expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region. Australian telecommunications company CallStream Communications will launch Metaswitch Hosted Business Services to small and medium-sized businesses across the country. In the Philippines, Metaswitch now has four customers in partnership with Pastels. Newly added are incumbent operators General Telephone and Iriga Telephone. Both have announced plans to modernise their networks and will offer enhanced services to their subscribers.

  • Barron's - 21 Jun 2011

    Metaswitch Networks, a global supplier of next generation telecom infrastructure and applications, today announced new customer wins in Australia and the Philippines, expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Light Reading - 21 Jun 2011

    Metaswitch Networks, a leading provider of carrier systems and communications software solutions, today announced that Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's market leader in mobile, Internet and fixed line services, is deploying the Metaswitch Service Broker.

  • Converge Network Digest - - 20 Jun 2011

    Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom is deploying the Metaswitch Service Broker to deliver services across both its legacy and IMS networks. These services will be delivered to subscribers on any network at the same time, without compromising IMS capabilities.

  • TMCnet - 20 Jun 2011

    Metaswitch Networks, a leading provider of carrier systems and communications software solutions, today announced that Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's market leader in mobile, Internet and fixed line services, is deploying the Metaswitch Service Broker.

  • Marketwire - 15 Jun 2011
    "The service broker is a key competitive weapon in a communications service provider's service delivery armoury, ensuring that operators can give customers a market-leading service experience while controlling costs and conserving network resources," comments Caroline Chappell, Analyst at Large at Heavy Reading.
  • B/OSS - 7 Jun 2011 - Doug Mohney

    Metaswitch Networks has opened an office at the heart of one of the busiest trading hubs and largest financial centers in the world. Located on Fullerton Road in Singapore, the new regional headquarters will support a growing customer and employee base while helping drive new sales throughout the territory.

  • AndGeeks - 3 Jun 2011

    “It’s time our phone calls caught up with the rest of our digital lives.” That’s a line from Thrutu’s promo video. I was already sold on the service before hearing the line — I had read through all the material first — but that really brought it all together for me. Ever since I started using a smartphone, phone calls became more of an annoyance. There are so many ways to communicate; why would I choose the method that takes up the greatest portion of my attention? With Thrutu, which I found on Android Police, there might actually be a good reason.

  • Connected Planet - 3 Jun 2011
    Metaswitch may not have been the first voice over IP vendor to go the open API/developer program route, but it is showing it has staying power. This week, the company announced it had opened up APIs to its Thrutu mobile app to third party developers, and announced 11 new buttons, each of which add functionality to the Android-based mobile phone sharing app.
  • Android Police - 2 Jun 2011 - Cameron Summerson
    Out of all the things that we use smartphones for these days, calls come in pretty close to last. We’re too busy texting, taking pictures, surfing the web, getting directions… you get the idea. What if we could incorporate all of these things into our phone calls though? That’s exactly what Thrutu aims to do, and the newest update to the app makes most of that possible.
  • TMCnet - 2 Jun 2011 - Rajani Baburajan
    Metaswitch revealed today that Thrutu, a mobile app designed to allow a user to share multiple types of information and media while on a phone call, has more than tripled its instant sharing capabilities.
  • Marketwire - 2 Jun 2011
    “The buttons we’re announcing today just give an illustration of the kinds of sharing and game-playing capabilities that are possible with the Thrutu platform,” said Liz Rice, vice president, Thrutu. “With the launch of our APIs, it will be exciting to see what new ideas developers come up with to keep pushing the envelope of what a phone conversation can be.”
  • PR News - 2 Jun 2011
    “We are pleased to welcome Cloud Telecomputers’ Glass platform to the growing list of Metaswitch Mosaic Certified solutions”, said Stefan Knight, VP Strategic Alliances at Metaswitch Networks. “By certifying Glass through the Mosaic Program, we ensure that Metaswitch customers gain access to a highly-advanced communications platform that complements our hosted PBX solution.”
  • Mobile Business - 1 Jun 2011
    “With CommPortal Communicator, service providers can complement hosted VoIP with IT-approved enterprise telephony features delivering high definition voice and video plus presence and IM, regardless of location,” said Steve Gleave, vice president of marketing.
  • RCR Wireless - 24 May 2011

    RCR Wireless News Interviews Simon Dredge, Director, Technical Marketing of Metaswitch Networks who introduces a new product demo, CommPortal Communicator.

  • Connected Planet - 19 May 2011 - Dan O'Shea
    “The new portal-based app seeks to ease many of the traditional difficulties involved in configuring and using softphones,” said Simon Dredge, technical marketing director at Metaswitch.
  • Converge! Network Digest - 18 May 2011 - Jim Carroll

    The Metaswitch CommPortal Communicator, which can be private labeled by service providers, is a UC client that bridges wireline and mobile handsets. It presents a suite of hosted PBX services to a classic enterprise desk phone, a mobile handset and a PC. Support is offered for Windows PC, Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • TMCnet - 18 May 2011 - Jamie Epstein
    “With CommPortal Communicator, service providers can complement hosted VoIP with IT-approved enterprise telephony features delivering high definition voice and video plus presence and IM, regardless of location,” said Steve Gleave, vice president of marketing at Metaswitch.
  • Connected Planet - 10 May 2011 - Joan Engebretson
    Alaska Communications Systems expects to reduce the operating costs of providing voicemail service, offer a higher level of service and position the company for future central office upgrades with its recent deployment of a softswitch platform from Metaswitch.
  • GigaOM - 5 May 2011 - Ryan Kim
    Developers can get deep into the guts of a device and build out a lot of apps that work with the existing platform or simply replace its functionality. ThruTu, for example, allows users to send pictures, contacts, their location or a vibrating "prod" while in the middle of a voice conversation.
  • The Sunday Times - 17 Apr 2011
    Companies are selected on the strength of their management, as well as challenges overcome, innovation, past growth and future prospects.
  • TMCnet - 15 Apr 2011 - Gary Kim
    By their past actions, rural service providers already have learned to answer the question. They have gotten into new lines of business, beyond voice. Carabello also suggests service providers can leverage voice to climb on a ladder to some new businesses.
  • Vanilla Plus - 8 Apr 2011 - George Malim

    Metaswitch Networks, a supplier of infrastructure and applications to network operators which has been increasingly targeting the mobility market, is to acquire Colibria, a provider of enhanced instant messaging, presence and network address book solutions. The acquisition adds to Metaswitch’s recently launch Thrutu service, an in-call content sharing experience that enables users to impulsively exchange information during a mobile call.

  • Mobizmag - 7 Apr 2011 - Trond Heggelund
    The Norwegian mobile-related company Colibria has been bought by Metaswitch Networks. This will bring Colibria's messaging technology out onto the world market.
  • Fierce VoIP - 7 Apr 2011 - Jim O'Neill
    VoIP tech company Metaswitch Networks has acquired Norwegian instant messaging and presence systems provider Colibria, in a deal that will complement Metaswitch's recently launched Thrutu service, and help it expand its social interaction and contextual calling services.
  • Teknisk Ukeblad - 6 Apr 2011 - Odd Richard Valmot
    "We are very satisfied with the sale. This means that we have greater resources to invest and we can access a very large market", says Myhrum.
  • Dagen IT - 6 Apr 2011 - Jonas Blich Bakken
    Myhrum believes Colibria offers a strong position for operators to compete in the ever-growing and powerful app market.
  • Mobile Europe - 6 Apr 2011
    "We've tracked both Metaswitch and Colibria for a while and see the combination as a potent force in SIP-oriented converged applications for wireline and wireless operators,” said Diane Myers, directing analyst, VoIP & IMS for Infonetics Research.
  • Tech Crunch Europe - 6 Apr 2011 - Steve O'Hear
    Kevin DeNuccio, CEO at Metaswitch Networks, explains the thinking behind the acquisition: “The way people communicate is quickly evolving from just voice and text to a new, richer set of social interaction and contextual calling services. Metaswitch is in the middle of this transformation, helping service providers address these demands and putting their brand front and center in the new communications experience.”
  • Connected Planet - 6 Apr 2011 - Dan O'Shea
    Colibria CEO Lars Myhrum said the deal will help his engineering-intensive firm gain broader marketing outlets, while Colibria’s RCS experience with international carriers like Sweden’s Telia can help operator customers of Metaswitch that “are focused on interoperability with global standards."
  • Light Reading - 6 Apr 2011 - Ray Le Maistre
    The key, says DeNuccio, is helping service providers take back control of the communications services market from the over-the-top (OTT) players as the mobile Internet, cloud capabilities and smartphone use start to dominate the market, and he believes Metaswitch now has the application platforms to help achieve that goal.
  • Convergencia Latina - 6 Apr 2011
    With the acquisition of Colibria, completed yesterday, Metaswitch will facilitate the insertion of OTT services over the same network of the operator. "For example, RCS capacities could be added in the phone call, offering the location of the speaker, including other features", said DeNuccio.
  • Total Telecom - 6 Apr 2011

    The addition of Colibria’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Rich Communication Suite (RCS and RCS-e) compliant portfolio further broadens the range of options that Metaswitch can now present to operators looking for short, mid and long-term answers to the dual challenges of countering competitive threats and keeping the voice call relevant.

  • San Jose Mercury News - 5 Apr 2011

    "We are thrilled that Bill and Jeff, who have navigated many such shifts in their highly successful careers, have agreed to join the board and share their experience, guidance and advice," said DeNuccio.

  • Birch Communications - 31 Mar 2011
    The Birch IP-Network is built with IP technology partners Metaswitch and Zhone Technologies, recognized as premier, best-in-class IP equipment providers worldwide.
  • Light Reading - 29 Mar 2011 - Carol Wilson
    The SMB market for VoIP services is about to explode and service providers unprepared to meet that demand risk losing a hefty chunk of that key customer base, a new survey commissioned by Metaswitch Networks reports.
  • BBC News - 28 Mar 2011
    The BBC is launching a year-long project, "Coventry at Work", following public and private organizations in Coventry, including Metaswitch's international development team. Coventry is presented as being representative of the UK economy.
  • Connected Planet - 23 Mar 2011 - Rich Karpinski
    With its first-ever CTIA booth (following its first appearance at Mobile World Congress just weeks before), Metaswitch appears game to tackle the wireless market. Its approach: lead with its SIP Session Router (from its AppTrigger acquisition) and deep IP/VoIP expertise, but once in the door quickly turn the conversation to helping operators deliver mobile apps to compete with app stores and over-the-top rivals.
  • The Register - 22 Mar 2011 - Alun Taylor
    Sending information from your phone to someone else’s in real time while still talking to them is something most of us have wanted to do at one time or another. Now, thanks to Thrutu, you can.
  • TMCnet - 17 Mar 2011 - Jamie Epstein
    Thrutu is a great new app currently on the market that is designed to allow a user to share multiple types of information and media while on a phone call—all with the press of a single button, and while the call is in progress.
  • Channel Partners - 10 Mar 2011
    Utility Telephone has announced upgrades to its Reno-Tahoe network to better serve its voice business customers in the area. With the deployment of a new, local Metaswitch Universal Media Gateway, the company says businesses will benefit from enhanced voice service quality and reliability.
  • iscoord - 9 Mar 2011
    “We see a tremendous potential when combining our is-phone product line and the Metaswitch platform” adds Rolf Kuster, Head of Development and Support at iscoord. “Metaswitch customers can now quickly set up turn-key UC solutions on their desktop, but also on their smartphone and tablet devices. This opens new mobility capabilities as well as empowering social/enterprise communications in a more flexible and performing way for Metaswitch users.”
  • Mobile gyaan - 5 Mar 2011 - Srivatsan
    Ever tried to find a phone number from your phone’s address book to read out to your friend on a call? Now share it easily with ‘Thrutu’ that also offers lots more features other than sharing contacts.
  • Mobile Apps Briefing - 4 Mar 2011
    The intention of Thrutu, to deliver enhanced voice calls, is similar to that of the Rich Communication Suite (RCS), a GSMA-backed initiative that gained some additional momentum last month when it was announced that Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and Vodafone intend to commercially launch RCS across several European markets from late 2011, using an enhanced version of the core RCS technology.
  • Phone Arena - 4 Mar 2011
    Have you ever needed to send a contact or directions to the person on the other end of a call? Sure you have! But it's never as easy as it should be: fumbling through menus, accidentally hanging up on your mother, etc. The new 'Thrutu' app will greatly simplify that process, by giving you a drawer of convenient shortcuts atop your dial screen.
  • Mobile Europe - 4 Mar 2011
    As Thrutu is a subsidiary of Metaswitch, which markets SIP session routers, softswitches, media gateways, service brokers and app server products to carriers, the company is also intending to offer the app as a carrier-branded app to operators.
  • Carrier Evolution - 3 Mar 2011 - Gary Kim

    Thrutu, an Android app that allows callers to add location, photo sharing, contact information and a "Prod" function to mobile voice calls, now is available on the Android Market. Thrutu also will be available for iPhone and BlackBerry.

  • Gizmodo - 3 Mar 2011 - Casey Chan
    I really love the idea of Thrutu, and hope Google takes notice of it and swoops it up. Phone calls can't be just phone calls anymore.
  • Inside Mobile Apps - 3 Mar 2011 - Kim-Mai Cutler
    As smartphones have evolved to support apps of increasing complexity, the phone call has remained remarkably stagnant. In fact, some (or many) have proclaimed it dead. But Sequoia-backed Metaswitch Networks is making a bet that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
  • All Things D - 3 Mar 2011 - Ina Fried
    "We have this vision that for voice to stay relevant, it has to be much more tightly integrated with other communications experiences," says Chris Mairs, Thrutu’s chief technology officer.
  • AndroidGuys - 3 Mar 2011 - Scott Webster
    Rather than simply talking and listening to someone on your phone, wouldn't it be nice to share information such as photos or contact information?
  • AppScout - 3 Mar 2011 - Alan Henry
    If your wireless carrier does support simultaneous voice and data, why not use it to its full potential?
  • GigaOm - 3 Mar 2011 - Ryan Kim
    "This is real-time; it’s impulsive; it’s spontaneous," Rice said. "We’re fundamentally about sharing things within a phone a call."
  • NBC Bay Area - Press:Here blog - 3 Mar 2011 - Jason Middleton
    Want -- nay, Need -- to make that phone call into a multi-sensory experience, but the person on the other line has different 'share' apps? Well, yesterday you were stymied. Today, you're Thrutu.
  • VentureBeat - 3 Mar 2011 - Devindra Hardawar
    The free Android app, which landed on the Android Market today, extends the functionality of traditional phone calls by letting you share photos, location data and contact information. You can also vibrate your calling partner’s phone to "prod" them — think Facebook’s "poke" function meets the real world.
  • Xconomy - 3 Mar 2011 - Wade Roush
    "There has been this barrier between the voice aspects of telephony and the data aspects, and we now have devices that will do both, but they’re still in two halves," said Chris Mairs, Thrutu’s chief technology officer. "We are bringing the two halves together."
  • Marketwire - 3 Mar 2011
    A new era for the phone begins today with the launch of Thrutu™, a mobile app that fundamentally changes how people communicate with each other. Adding a whole new dimension to the voice call, Thrutu lets you instantly share location, photos, contact details and more during the conversation -- all at the touch of a button. The Thrutu app is available starting today through the Android™ Market and will soon be ready for iPhone® and BlackBerry®.
  • Internet Telephony - 1 Mar 2011
    There is a more telling story that documents the evolution of communications technology, according to Kevin DeNuccio, CEO of Metaswitch Networks. In fact, he believes the current mobile Internet surge will prove much more significant than the original Internet boom of the 1990s, because it will be much more pervasive, reaching virtually every person on the planet.
  • Light Reading - 1 Mar 2011
    Metaswitch has dominated NGN voice deployments in the US and is now bringing apps and infrastructure benefits to international wireless operators.
  • CED Magazine - 28 Feb 2011
    IBBS, which helps provision voice and data services for Tier 2 and Tier 3 broadband providers, has teamed up with Metaswitch Networks on a voice platform that replaces legacy network equipment
  • Light Reading - 28 Feb 2011 - Carol Wilson
    Independent telcos were early in deploying softswitches, and some of those companies are now capitalizing on the ability to blend wireline and wireless services into a one-number application that will generate revenue even if the rural provider isn't the wireless service provider. "They can get a piece of digital real estate - their logo on someone's iPhone," says Bob Harvey, VP of sales in the central U.S. region and Canada for Metaswitch Networks. "It's essentially a wireline overlay onto a wireless device."
  • IBBS - 28 Feb 2011
    Investment in next generation technology builds on IBBS commitment to Tier 2 and 3 broadband providers to support best-in-class offerings for their residential and commercial voice subscribers.
  • The Sales Pro - 18 Feb 2011 - Ben Turner
    “With over 600 network operator customers worldwide and clear leadership in applications and IP networks, we intend to strengthen that market position and our revenue growth in EMEA,” said Mike Ward, senior vice president of sales at Metaswitch Networks. “The burgeoning international development team, plus the addition of Richard Dorey, reinforces our intent to further our presence across the region.”
  • Light Reading - 18 Feb 2011
    “Some companies have been aggressive in rolling out new services, such as IPTV or enhanced business applications, but others are now hunkering down, waiting -- and hoping -- to be acquired by a larger independent,” says Bob Harvey, vice president of sales for the central U.S. region and all of Canada for Metaswitch Networks.
  • Coventry Telegraph - 16 Feb 2011
    A world-class technology firm has moved to Coventry in a bid to take advantage of the city’s wealth of skilled workers. Metaswitch, which has its head office in north London, has opened a new product development office at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Business Innovation Centre.
  • Midlands Business News - 15 Feb 2011
    "As a company, we already manufacture and develop telecommunications equipment for international markets and this new office helps us to accelerate those plans,” said John Palombo, senior vice president of international development at Metaswitch Networks. "We looked around, but the Binley Innovation Centre was the only one that seemed to offer everything we needed - it fitted the bill perfectly.”
  • Connected Planet - 15 Feb 2011 - Rich Karpinski
    Platform will work in today’s wireline VoIP networks but real value may be helping wireless operators do their part in managing billions of IP- and SIP-capable mobile end-points.
  • Carrier Evolution - 9 Feb 2011

    Hughes Network Systems has launched its managed Voice-over-IP solution for the distributed enterprise. Using the new Hughes "ActiveQoS" technology, Hughes can provide superior voice quality over affordable broadband, eliminating the need for customers to invest in expensive leased line MPLS networks.

  • Total Telecom + - 9 Feb 2011 - Roy Rubenstein
    Service broker technology is playing a key role in operators’ network evolution, enabling them to enhance their legacy fixed and mobile offerings as well as simplify new IP-based services.
  • PRWeb - 9 Feb 2011
    “We love working with Metaswitch owners such as Distributel,” explained Telax VP of Operations, Taras Kapanaiko. “This kind of implementation brings together extremely sophisticated technologies and the result is always superior service delivery for customers.”
  • The Randolph Leader - 21 Jan 2011 - Penny L. Pool
    TEC celebrated bringing new technology on line Tuesday morning with Roanoke Mayor Mike Fisher pushing the button to switch from old technology to technology that is so new big cities may not have it.
    See our TEC case study for more information.
  • TMCnet - 18 Jan 2011 - Stefanie Mosca
    "We’re recognized as the number one vendor of Class 5 replacement solutions in the US. That’s a hard won badge of honor that required some intensive R&D and a commitment to customer support that’s unrivaled in the industry. Obviously we intend to build on this customer base of well over 400 US service providers and to help them navigate this ever-changing competitive and regulatory landscape.
  • - 10 Dec 2010 - Susan Campbell
    In a recent presentation in New York City, Al Cook, Product Marketing, Metaswitch Networks, highlighted that the threat from wireless and Over the Top Providers is very real. Users value mobility and flexibility and are demanding a common set of features integrated across the many devices they rely on throughout the day. Everything they access should be available through every device they use to access it.
  • Doug on IP Comm - 10 Nov 2010 - Doug Mohney
    Dates and a location for Metaswitch Forum 2011 have been announced. The event will be October 3-6, 2011, at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
  • No Jitter - 27 Oct 2010 - John Bartlett
    Tori Downes of Metaswitch told us of their support for video conferencing: "We are implementing now for deployment soon." Tori’s view is that customers are not yet clamoring for business-to-business (B2B) video conferencing support, but she thinks the demand is growing, and believes Metaswitch's SBC lineup will be ready for the anticipated need.
  • TMCnet - 26 Oct 2010 - Paula Bernier
    "We have seen the arbitrage and destruction of local and long-distance revenues as non-traditional providers enter the market," says Donovan Jones, president and CEO of CounterPath. "With our joint offerings, we are enabling service providers to compete with unique, and in some cases patented, technologies and products that Metaswitch and CounterPath are making possible for the first time."
  • Light Reading - 14 Oct 2010 - Carol Wilson
    The Voice over IP market may seem mature -- even old hat -- to many in the telecom space, but Kevin DeNuccio, CEO of Metaswitch Networks , insists the best is yet to come for VoIP.
  • The Randolph Leader - 7 Oct 2010
    "We are pleased to announce that we have migrated from the legacy switch to a state of the art Metaswitch IP voice softswitch," said Charles May, Roanoke plant manager.
  • InfoTech Spotlight - 7 Oct 2010
    Cavalier was recognized in the Marketing Innovation category based on its IPeer Advanced IP Telephony "Cash for Clunkers" campaign for the ingenuity, economic alignment and overall success of the program.
  • Service Broker Forum - 5 Oct 2010
    Service Providers have found that as they move to advanced IP based architectures, they require a more flexible, cost effective alternative to traditional application connectivity models. Service Brokers meet this need by providing a real-time horizontal service delivery and control layer, allowing for mediation and orchestration of services over a range of networks and application platforms, including both legacy and next-generation. As a result, the Service Broker has emerged as a critical network element in any network transformation strategy.
  • Light Reading - 1 Oct 2010 - Michelle Donegan
    The company made it clear this year that it wants to do more than its traditional business of selling VOIP gear, application servers, and protocol stacks.
  • TMCnet - 29 Sep 2010 - Rahul Arora
    Occam Networks investigated how service providers can benefit from the Metaswitch-Occam Networks' solutions combination, at the 2010 Metaswitch Forum.
  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 29 Sep 2010 - Jon Arnold
    Well, things sure get busy in a hurry coming back from a conference, especially with conferences coming up for me over the next three weeks. I finally got a chance to upload and prepare some video interviews from last week's Metaswitch Forum in Orlando. (Cloud, Sigma, Telax, Doug Mohney, Ron Gruia, Dan Marcus)
  • Doug on IP Comm - 27 Sep 2010 - Doug Mohney
    Last week, Metaswitch Networks released its unaudited (i.e. trust us) annual results for its 2009/2010 fiscal year through August 31. Plenty of growth, EBITDA, and acquisitions.
  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 27 Sep 2010 - Jon Arnold
    (photos posted from Forum) Last week's Metaswitch Forum was as good as always, and the company sure is doing a lot of things right.
  • - 27 Sep 2010 - Todd Carothers
    Last week Metaswitch and CounterPath announced a long-term partnership that promises to change how wireline and wireless service providers compete with entrant Internet-based operators–i.e., Skype and Google.
  • Unified Communication Strategies - 26 Sep 2010 - Jon Arnold
    Last week I attended Metaswitch Forum 2010 in Orlando, and continue to come away impressed with their ability to both grow and evolve their value proposition.
  • TMCnet - 25 Sep 2010 - Rich Tehrani
    (overview of Rich's experience at the Forum) Still, it seems clear from discussions I had with equipment companies and vendors in the industry that the carrier market will continue to rapidly evolve and providers need to get involved in the app store, advertising and media businesses. They must change to survive and embracing new technologies is a crucial part of this evolution.
  • HD Voice News - 24 Sep 2010 - Doug Mohney
    Metaswitch executives are very gung-ho about the opportunities for wireline carriers to use softphone softclients to deliver over-the-top (OTT) services to tie together wireless and wireline offerings, but OTT won't be the only driver for mobile HD voice in the U.S.
  • HD Voice News - 24 Sep 2010 - Doug Mohney
    As HD voice and video services move forward, Metaswitch is in the initial stages of looking at how to upgrade its products to support messaging for those data types.
  • Telecoms Europe - 23 Sep 2010
    Solid growth in North America helped Metaswitch Networks grow revenues 33% to £82.4 million (€96.3 million) and maintain EBITDA margins at 20% in the year to August 31.
  • Advanced Carrier Services Channel - 22 Sep 2010 - Gary Kim
    In a remarkably candid speech, Metaswitch Networks CEO Kevin DeNuccio pointed out the key issue that fixed-line service providers will face in the coming decade: innovation.
  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 22 Sep 2010 - Jon Arnold
    Am definitely hearing some strong messaging here about where Metaswitch is going and the strong foundation they're building on now. In short, the next decade for Metaswitch will be about globalization and maximizing the value they can deliver as a software company. This is not the same Metaswitch from a few years back, and their evolution path is as forward-thinking as anybody else's out there. They've grown a lot in 10 years, and there haven't been many steps backwards along the way.
  • TMCnet - 22 Sep 2010 - Rich Tehrani
    I spent the evening at the Metaswitch Forum 2010 in Orlando, FL and had a chance to take some photos of an event which took place at the Universal CityWalk where there was terrific networking taking place. I got to hear lots of stories from CLECs and regional carriers which is always useful - to get the end-user perspective on vendors and the challenges they face.
  • Convergencia Latina - 22 Sep 2010
    Telecom Argentina will start to provide Hosted PBX services for small and medium-sized companies using Metaswitch MetaSphere solution and integration services of Technology Bureau. The company believes this is one of the most relevant projects in the region. Metaswitch was chosen after a strict selection process carried out by Telecom Argentina, including tests in hybrid environments that would enable interoperability with other platforms.
  • Connected Planet - 22 Sep 2010 - Rich Karpinski
    Owning the home, including delivering VoIP services there, remains a "strategic asset" for telcom service providers, says Metaswitch CEO DeNuccio
  • VON/exchange - 21 Sep 2010 - Richard Martin
    Touting the first "commercial-grade" VoIP application for the open-source Android mobile operating system, from Google, VoIP software provider CounterPath is offering a preview of its Bria Android Edition softphone client at the Metaswitch Forum in Orlando, Fla., this week. The Android application will be officially launched in October, the company said.
  • DougOnIPcomm - 21 Sep 2010 - Doug Mohney
    Metaswitch has been quite kind over the years despite my various shifts in job locations. I hope they keep the good-spiritedness alive as they move forward becoming a Bigger Company.
  • Bloggers - 20 Sep 2010 - Rich Tehrani
    Metaswitch too has been growing quickly and they've made a few acquisitions as well. I am looking forward to catching up with the company to see what's next.
  • Telecom Reseller - 15 Sep 2010
    As part of its search for enhanced service offerings, Duo County decided to move to a Metaswitch softswitch to allow more flexibility and features in its voice offerings.
  • D CEO Magazine - 15 Sep 2010 - Phil Harvey
    With a service broker in place, a company like AT&T could create services for its customers more quickly. "A service broker enables any communications service to be delivered on any network, regardless of whether the service was originally developed for that network," writes Caroline Chappell, an analyst for telecom researcher Heavy Reading.
  • Ingenia - 1 Sep 2010 - Michael Kenward OBE
    As Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Metaswitch, Mairs’s expertise is essentially in software. The CTO’s role, he explains, is very much about high-level strategic vision.
  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 30 Jul 2010 - Jon Arnold
    Being an indie, working from home, I'm constantly struck by how many people in this market work the same way as me. We have no water cooler to go to - that's why Facebook, Linked In, and of course Twitter are so popular. I'm just glad to see someone connect the dots here and use email as a channel to extend the water cooler beyond the physical office. We may not be reading about rumors or saucy gossip, but we all want to know what other people are doing, thinking, saying, etc.
  • The Queen's Award for Enterprise Magazine 2010 - 1 Jul 2010
    In recent years, Metaswitch has been at the forefront of the conversion of traditional phone networks to Voice over IP, and the exciting range of new "unified communications" applications that enables. More than 500 service providers, including major telecoms firms such as AT&T and British Telecom, have deployed Metaswitch solutions. As a result, Metaswitch is ranked as one of the leading providers of such technology worldwide.
  • Capacity Magazine - 1 Jul 2010 - Caroline Chappell
    "MPLS is both a mature technology and a rapidly developing one," explains Tori Downes, principal technologist, Network Technologies Division at Metaswitch Networks. And the reason MPLS is still developing where many network technologies run out of steam or succumb to the next big idea after 10 years is the fact that its "fundamental mechanism works so well", Downes adds. "There continues to be a steady accumulation of features because the mechanism is so flexible and attractive."
  • TMIA Talk - 1 Jul 2010 - Al Cook
    How we use voicemail is about to change forever. The integration and interaction of speech-to-text technology with other applications and services will bring significant cultural change to how we communicate.
  • CANTO Magazine - 1 Jul 2010 - Al Cook
    Why IMS?

    IMS' - the IP Multimedia Subsystem - has been a buzzword in the telecom industry for much of the last decade, offering the promise of bringing wireline and wireless voice together into a modern, modular architecture. However, perhaps now more than ever IMS is truly being seen as the definitive architectural direction for future voice networks.

  • Light Reading Mobile - 22 Jun 2010 - Sarah Reedy
    Steve Gleave, vice president of marketing for the carrier systems division of Metaswitch, says this is a good way to let users cut down on inefficient voice mails, as well as keep a searchable archive of the texts, emails, and voice mails they do get. Once a voice mail is left, consumers or business users can convert it to an SMS or email and then send it to any screen they choose.
  • Opus Research - 22 Jun 2010 - Dan Miller
    While announcements in the domain of network devices often fall into the "telco plumbing" category, this one is significant because it signals that transcription and delivery of spoken messages will be more routinely integrated into the product offerings of the "multi-screen" (TV, PC and mobile phone) carriers.
  • Unified Communications Strategies - 22 Jun 2010 - Robbie Pleasant
    "Speech-to-text transcription provides a valuable convenience users didn't have before, as it allows for quick scanning and searching of content to find relevant information, allowing the user to quickly choose what to reply or pay attention to, while leaving other messages for a more convenient time. This is one of the core reasons service providers are adding this function onto their platforms," said Nancy Jamison, UCStrategies Expert, and President and Principal Analyst at Jamison Consulting.
  • Advanced Carrier Services Channel - 22 Jun 2010 - Rajani Baburajan
    John Pollard, vice president, Voice-to-Text Services, Nuance, said he thinks Metaswitch is the perfect partner for Nuance, especially when it comes to expanding Nuance's global voice-to-text footprint, because Metaswitch's network solutions reach a broad range of customers worldwide and provide an ideal platform to demonstrate the power and inherent business value of voicemail-to-text.
  • - 17 Jun 2010 - Shamila Janakiraman
    The deployment has been made possible by the joint efforts of Metaswitch along with its strategic partner Technology Bureau. Cooperative Mariano Moreno is one of the many community-based organizations among more than 500 cooperatives in Argentina. It is instrumental in driving the modernization of telecommunications in the country, emphasized company sources.
  • Light Reading - 1 Jun 2010 - Caroline Chappell
    "The challenge VoIP [voice over IP] providers are running into as VoIP traffic continues to grow is that SIP endpoints are connected to one another in a static way," comments Patrick Fitzgerald, Metaswitch Networks VP of sales and marketing, Service Broker Division, formerly known as AppTrigger Inc. "Every time a new SIP endpoint is added to the network, the switch has to be reconfigured. There is a gap emerging 'round the dynamic management of SIP traffic."
  • Advanced Carrier Services Channel - 25 May 2010 - Rajani Baburajan
    The combination of Metaswitch and Varaha's uMobility solutions deliver advanced features to customers over virtually any network using the most advanced smartphones such as Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia, company officials said.
  • FierceVoIP - 24 May 2010 - Mike Dolan
    Just to keep up on all the interoperability news, let's not forget the all the company-to-company interoperability still going on while the UCIF gets going. The latest case in point is Grandstream Networks, which just announced interoperability with Metaswitch Networks.
  • VoIP Monitor - 20 May 2010
    Grandstream Networks announces interoperability with Metaswitch Networks that will bring Grandstream’s affordable SIP/VoIP enterprise voice CPE solutions to Metaswitch service provider customers.
  • Light Reading - 14 May 2010 - Tim Hills
    "Our business is about helping telcos, cable MSOs, and mobile operators stay relevant. There is a real risk that they become just a pipe operator and everything is done over the top. We still think that they have a place to play for many reasons as a purveyor of applications, and some of those applications will be voice based."
  • CEDMagazine - 11 May 2010 - Mike Robuck
    Knology has tabbed Metaswitch Networks to help enable its VoIP applications and switching infrastructure.
  • DougOnIPcomm - 11 May 2010 - Doug Mohney
    Deploying Metaswitch in combination with the MetaSphere applications software framework/suite provides an integrated, turnkey solution for business and consumer-based applications.
  • Telecompetitor - 11 May 2010 - Bernie Arnason
    "Having started as a telephone company in 1896, we have a proud and storied history of providing high-value and innovative services to our customers," said Tony Palermo, vice president of marketing at Knology.
  • NGN Magazine - 1 May 2010 - Jose Deras
    Careful consideration of voice services and applications will ensure high-value customers (early LTE adopters) are able to enjoy the same voice features and services they are currently used to, ensuring they are permanent converts. Service brokers will play a critical role in ensuring CSPs are able to immediately migrate current voice revenue platforms for those early LTE subscribers.
  • Internet Telephony - 1 May 2010 - Paula Bernier
    Chris Carabello, director of marketing with Metaswitch Networks adds that partnering with an over-the-top type like Skype also is "a lower-cost way for the operator to deliver voice." Adds Carabello: "I think we've seen some pricing pressure on the wireless side, so it's not surprising they're doing everything they can to manage those costs."
  • FierceTelecom - 20 Apr 2010 - Sean Buckley
    Based on Metaswitch's softswitch technology, IPeer also automates other tasks including the ability to conduct moves, ads and changes or changing call forwarding or auto-attendant queues via a web portal.
  • Carrier Evolution - 5 Apr 2010 - Gary Kim

    MCV Broadband CEO and president Craig Thompson probably had the easiest business case for his new Metaswitch Networks softswitch of any service provider you ever heard of. In fact, Thompson says his decision to buy a softswitch was "the easiest decision I've made in 30 years." Eight month payback.

  • Business News Americas - 5 Apr 2010 - Juan Pedro Tomás
    US softswitch and applications provider MetaSwitch Networks has signed a contract with a tier-1 telecoms services operator in Argentina for the provision of a hosted services solution.
  • FierceTelecom - 1 Apr 2010 - Sean Buckley
    To help simplify its operations, Integra Telecom, which has prided itself on its local touch with customers, has turned to Metaswitch Networks to update its voice network. Through its work with Metaswitch, the facilities-based carrier will be able to consolidate its disparate set of software and hardware platforms and as a result enhance the customer experience.
  • Global Telecoms Business - 29 Mar 2010 - George Malim
    The transition to all-IP is happening and is significant, according to Steve Gleave, vice president of marketing in the carrier systems division of Metaswitch Networks. Gleave says established OSS vendors must take on board the understanding that windows into the network have changed. "Operators expect an easy-to-use, web-oriented, multiple device experience. If existing OSS vendors miss this point, a major sector will be owned by new vendors," he says.
  • AdvaTel - 17 Mar 2010
    AdvaTel, a leading applications software designer and developer for the global telecommunications industry, today announced that its PhoneEasy IP Console telephony management software has successfully completed higher accreditation interoperability testing. PhoneEasy IP Console (Version 2.0.2) was tested in a Metaswitch lab facility and is verified as compatible with Metaswitch Release 7.0.
  • Carrier Evolution - 9 Mar 2010 - Gary Kim

    Metaswitch Networks has made its first-ever acquisition, acquiring AppTrigger, a provider of service broker solutions. The addition of the AppTrigger Ignite platform to the Metaswitch product line-up will enable the company to provide standalone service broker solutions, as well as accelerate adoption of its switching and applications product lines in fixed-line and wireless networks in multiple geographical markets.

  • IP Communications Insights - 9 Mar 2010 - Jon Arnold
    Today [Metaswitch] announced their first acquisition since [Kevin DeNuccio became CEO], and it's exactly what you'd expect given their big picture plans. In short, Metaswitch has acquired Richardson, TX-based App Trigger, an established vendor in the service broker space. I wasn't familiar with this company before, but I followed this space fairly closely when there were more players.
  • Connected Planet - 9 Mar 2010 - Rich Karpinski
    Metaswitch today said it acquired service broker vendor AppTrigger in a deal that starts to fulfill the promise of new Metaswitch CEO Kevin DeNuccio to aggressively grow its business.
  • VON - 9 Mar 2010 - Richard Martin
    Making its first major acquisition, Metaswitch Networks said it will acquire AppTrigger, a provider of service brokers to carriers. The acquisition marks another step in Metaswitch’s strategy to become a major player in the carrier softswitch and IP applications platforms markets.
  • Light Reading - 9 Mar 2010 - Phil Harvey
    VoIP technology specialist Metaswitch Networks is to acquire AppTrigger Inc., the service broker vendor based in Richardson, Texas.
  • 4G Wireless Evolution - 23 Feb 2010 - Presented by
    Telax announced today that Metaswitch Networks, a leading global provider of carrier systems and software solutions, has certified Telax Hosted Call Center as interoperable with the Metaswitch solution. The certification was issued following Telax's successful completion of a series of intensive interoperability tests with Metaswitch version 7.0 and Telax Hosted Call Center's ACD SIP protocol
  • VON - 5 Feb 2010 - Richard Martin
    I'm very excited about the opportunity in front of us as a company. John and I have grown in our relationship, and we've carved out a unique niche for Metaswitch. The company has become a player in the industry that's badly needed, and that has been able to achieve a long-term competitive advantage, with its deep voice and IP expertise.
  • IP Communications Insights - 4 Feb 2010 - Jon Arnold
    Metaswitch is a great example of a company that goes about its business quietly, deliberately and effectively. These really aren't 2.0-style virtues, but I'll take their track record any day over the fast and furious.
  • VON - 4 Feb 2010 - Richard Martin
    Re-organizing for a period of rapid growth and industry consolidation, Metaswitch Networks today named Kevin Denuccio, a former executive at Cisco Inc. (CSCO) and Redback Networks, as its new CEO.
  • - 4 Feb 2010 - Gary Kim
    "We have three product threads today, softswitch being one, where we are an industry leader, and then the applications space and the protocol division," DeNuccio says. Metaswitch believes it can double that portfolio, for starters.
  • Light Reading - 4 Feb 2010 - Carol Wilson

    Metaswitch Networks has quietly built itself into a significant player in the IP convergence vendor market, drawing on its strengths in softswitches and data protocols. This morning, the U.K.-based company is trumpeting its intentions to build further by announcing the appointment of former Redback CEO Kevin DeNuccio as its new top executive. Current CEO John Lazar becomes chairman, replacing Metaswitch founder Ian Ferguson, who remains on the board of directors.

  • Connected Planet - 4 Feb 2010 - Rich Karpinski
    Former Redback Networks CEO Kevin DeNuccio takes top job as Metaswitch pursues new opportunities, including a greater North American presence. Metaswitch Networks today named former Redback Networks CEO Kevin DeNuccio as its new chief executive officer, with the new CEO saying the company is poised to grow strongly by extending into new markets and product opportunities in the next three to five years.
  • Phone+ - 4 Feb 2010 - Richard Martin
    Metaswitch has "the opportunity to expand our product set as revenues grow," said DeNuccio, who has served on the company's board for the last two years. "We intend to expand globally, but we also have a large existing customer base and we want to continue to expand our product line to provide them with ... next-generation, new kinds of products that we see needed in the network."
  • FierceTelecom - 4 Feb 2010 - Sean Buckley
    Metaswitch is turning yet another chapter in its evolving playbook by appointing former Redback/Ericsson leader Kevin DeNuccio as its new CEO. Current CEO John Lazar, who has been promoted to company chairman, said that the latest appointment will help the company compete on a worldwide basis.
  • FierceVoIP - 4 Feb 2010 - Mike Dolan
    DeNuccio has sat on the board of Metaswitch for the last year giving him a running start as he moves to head the company. In the release, the new CEO gave his take on the company and his plans: "I soon realized Metaswitch had a quite extraordinary combination of talent and technology--traditional telephony and exciting new mobile, IP-based applications--that could fill this innovation gap and propel it into the ranks of the major vendors worldwide. So, when the opportunity arose to help drive that strategy from the inside, I jumped at it."
  • TMCnet - 4 Feb 2010 - Marisa Torrieri
    "As the economy eases out of recession, Metaswitch is poised to emerge as a significant player with global scope," Lazar said, calling the transition a "tremendously exciting" prospect, as well as a challenge. "The board, including myself, unanimously agreed that Kevin's extensive CEO experience, supported by my ongoing close involvement as chairman, will create the best possible leadership team for this next phase in the company's evolution."
  • - 25 Jan 2010 - David Sims
    We don't know how you celebrated the new year, but we polished off a bottle of quite good champagne and resolved to keep all out resolutions. Metaswitch Networks celebrated by hitting the 250-customer threshold for the Network Protocols Division, and the 500-customer tally for its Carrier Systems Division.
  • Connected Planet - 20 Jan 2010 - Rich Karpinski
    VoIP and IP infrastructure vendor Metaswitch Networks this week announced a series of customer wins with a series of smaller telcos that resemble U.S. independent carriers on the technical front – if not in climate.
  • IP Communications Insights - 13 Jan 2010 - Jon Arnold
    Metaswitch is a company I've followed for a long time, and as private companies go, they're right up there in terms of being well run. Their offerings are solid, their customer base keeps growing, they're making money, the management team is stable, and they have a strong employee culture.
  • - 29 Dec 2009 - Marisa Torrieri
    Come 2010, "you're going to see Metaswitch becoming known for much more than Class 4 and 5 switch replacement," Lazar said. "Truth is, our customers have known this for some time and have bought our products as much for the advanced services they deliver as they have for the products' ability to offer the industry's most complete C5 replacement."
  • The Crockett Times - 24 Dec 2009 - Hamilton Ellis
  • Light Reading - 3 Dec 2009 - Steve Donohue
    "For Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK), their worst fear lurks just around the corner - being reduced to a dumb pipe subject to commodity pricing, while someone else makes all of the money," Chris Carabello, director of marketing at Metaswitch Networks, said here at a panel focused on cable's budding business phone service market opportunity.
  • OPASTCO Roundtable - 1 Dec 2009 - Stefan Knight, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Metaswitch
  • FierceVoIP - 22 Oct 2009 - Mike Dolan
    SureWest, a Northern California-based integrated communications provider, will now be offering Metaswitch Networks' MetaSphere Application/Feature Server to provide advanced IP telephony to business customers.
  • - 22 Oct 2009 - Divya Narain
    "Whether through the annual Forum events, User Group, or more regional meetings, I think every Metaswitch customer feels part of a strong community," David Birnbaum, CEO for PINS, said. "The Innovators Community extends that feeling online, and enables true collaboration - with real benefits for the business bottom line, and for subscribers who gain new applications."
  • Billing / OSS World - 21 Oct 2009 - Richard Martin
    Softswitch provider Metaswitch Networks, which has made applications and services the focus of its strategy going forward, unveiled enhancements to its MetaSphere platform, that "further define its role as the universal application platform of choice for carrier networks." MetaSphere will now include advanced applications and business telecom services in a single, SIP-based system, the company said.
  • - 21 Oct 2009 - Divya Narain
    Vendors in the "Strategic Support and Solutions" category are evaluated by a panel of industry-leading consultants, journalists and service providers. The winners are the ones that have demonstrated strategic support of a specific customer. Metaswitch was honored for its association with Bresnan Communications, for the development of a hosted unified communications solution for Billings Public Schools.
  • Supercomm Daily News - 20 Oct 2009 - Carol Wilson
    Metaswitch this week is announcing the repositioning of its MetaSphere Applications Feature Server as more central to its product strategy, particularly as service providers are making the transition to IP multimedia subsystem architectures.
  • Xchange Magazine - 8 Oct 2009
  • Telephony Online - 8 Oct 2009
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  • The test event, in partnership with the GSMA as part of its global VoLTE initiative, will be hosted by MSF and mobile operators Vodafone and China Mobile in the Vodafone Test and Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf, Germany, and the China Mobile research Institute Laboratory in Beijing, China.