In The News 2012

  • JoHeR - 11 Dec 2012

    JoHeR, a leading developer of professional SIP softphones for operators and receptionists, today announced that its Voice Operator Panel software has successfully completed interoperability testing and is now Mosaic Partner Certified with the Metaswitch Networks' solution. "We are pleased that JoHeR's Voice Operator Panel has achieved certification" said Ken Cavanaugh, director of business development at Metaswitch Networks.

  • TMC - 4 Dec 2012 - Gary Kim

    Datavo, a competitive local exchange carrier operating in Southern California, is the first announced user of the Metaswitch Networks “Accession Communicator” platform, which turns a hosted solution into a mobile solution.  The way Datavo sells the new capabilities illustrates quite a lot about how small business customers understand value, and how little they understand industry jargon. So part of the sales effort requires starting with concepts they already understand, and building from there. 

  • Light Reading - 22 Nov 2012 - Joe Braue

    Oh, sorry, for a minute there I was back in a chair with one of my four kids on my lap reading Margaret Wise Brown’s famous children’s book in a proven pre-bed strategy to get them to sleep. Which, I guess is where Steve Gleave, VP of marketing for Metaswitch Networks , wanted me to be.

  • AdvaTel - 15 Nov 2012

    “We are delighted that AdvaTel has continued to work closely with Metaswitch to ensure their products remain accredited with our current product line, ensuring a continued quality of support to our customers,” said Martin Price, Director of Business Development, Metaswitch. “Outlook calendar mining gives operators the opportunity to significantly improve levels of service provided to callers.”

  • - 14 Nov 2012

    By selecting inetwork, Integra benefits from rapid configuration and provisioning times due to the seamless integration of inetwork’s portal directly into its Metaswitch platform.  “We greatly value our relationship with Metaswitch and are proud that such a well known provider as Integra readily understands and appreciates the exponential benefits our integration with its platform provides,”said Steve Leonard, executive vice president and general manager of inetwork.

  • Converge Network Digest - 1 Nov 2012

    The Optical Internetworking Forum approved three security implementation agreements (IAs) and elected several new directors and committee chairs.  Newly elected to the board of directors is Joe Whitehouse of Metaswitch Networks, who will serve a one-year term as the Market Awareness & Education co-chair, Networking.

  • Port Orchard Independent - 17 Oct 2012 - Chris Chancellor

    Matt Key, who is in South Kitsap School District’s Community Transition Program, traveled earlier this month to Florida to meet with Ashton Eaton, who holds the world record in both the decathlon and heptathlon events.

  • Fierce Telecom - 16 Oct 2012

    "Today is yet another significant step forward as we advance our multi-year 'tuck-in' acquisition strategy designed to build customer density throughout our 38-state footprint," said Vincent M. Oddo, Birch president and CEO. "Through this acquisition, Birch continues its recent expansion into southwest Florida. DayStar's Metaswitch-based facilities network, and many thousands of business customers, fit very well into our growing facilities-based enterprise."

  • Disruptive Technology - 12 Oct 2012 - Dan York

    I am a huge fan of Martin Geddes, but he and I disagree fundamentally on one key part of what he is now calling "hypervoice".  Recently he gave a closing keynote presentation at the Metaswitch Forum titled "A presentation about Hypervoice" that is available via Slideshare or PDF.

  • TMCnet - 9 Oct 2012 - Anil Sharma

    “SyncGlobal invested in the TransNexus solution for least cost routing with QOS through the Metaswitch, fraud detection, implementing multiple expanded local calling area products, managing customer specific rated toll products, the ability to analyze near real time customer specific margins on intrastate, interstate, international, and toll free services, and as an application for auditing carrier related toll charges,” said Kyle Williamson, CEO of SyncGlobal.

  • Unified Communications Strategies - 8 Oct 2012 - UC Strategies Staff

    CLECs who are not currently providing VoIP services are struggling to line up clients, mainly because larger companies with several locations are in search of hosted VoIPs.  Based in Portland, Oregon CLEC Integra Telecom wants to shrug off its circuit-based roots and branch upward and outward. Combined with Metaswitch, the company is now offering a hosted VoIP for business users.

  • Light Reading - 5 Oct 2012 - Bernie Arnason

    Metaswitch held its annual customer forum this week with a theme of innovation. That's quite a common theme in the telecom industry these days and like many suppliers of technology to the carrier space, Metaswitch has a vested interest in its customers taking the theme to heart. Metaswitch VP of Marketing Steve Gleave, whose fingerprints are always all over the forum event, summed up the theme early on by urging Metaswitch's carrier customers to get moving. The time for talk about technology and all of its wonderful inventive possibilities has passed, urged Gleave.

  • Light Reading - 5 Oct 2012 - Phil Harvey

    Now that Metaswitch Networks has concluded its annual customer confab (and now that we've given you a taste of The Future of Metaswitch), we should end the week with some pretty pictures.

  • Fierce Telecom - 5 Oct 2012 - Sean Buckley

    Joe Harding, senior vice president of marketing at Integra Telecom, said in a release announcing the service that "[t]his offering allows businesses to focus on their growth and day-to-day priorities, leaving network support and management in the hands of one trusted provider."  Delivered through its partnership with softswitch vendor Metaswitch Networks, Hosted Voice Service is applicable to both single-site and the multi-site medium and large businesses that Integra has begun to target more aggressively over the past two years.

  • Convergencia Latina - 5 Oct 2012

    The need for innovation in the telecommunications industry is a challenge that is present in forums throughout the entire value chain. During Metaswitch Forum 2012 held this week in Orlando, United States, Steve Gleave, vice president of marketing for the company, made a subtle but important distinction between innovating and inventing. Innovate, defined the executive, "is turning ideas into money."

  • Light Reading - 4 Oct 2012 - Phil Harvey

    Now that he's back, the former software engineer is describing Metaswitch as a "software company." He's not just trying to sound hip. His four-part strategy provides a glimpse into a company that is helping its customers modernize their networks, while giving them a reasonable path to provide revenue-generating services that businesses and consumers want, over IP networks.

  • Fierce Enterprise - 4 Oct 2012 - Fred Donovan

    Regional CLECs that do not offer hosted VoIP are finding it increasingly difficult to line up business customers because larger firms with multiple locations are looking for hosted VoIP services.  Portland, Ore.-based CLEC Integra Telecom has decided it wants to shed its circuit-based roots and grow onward and upward. The company has teamed with Metaswitch to launch a hosted VoIP offering for business customers.

  • SIP Trunking - 4 Oct 2012 - Raju Shanbhag

    “Integra is a fine example of a service provider that truly values the customer and is gaining the rewards from its commitment to expansion of a comprehensive communications portfolio," said John Lazar, CEO at Metaswitch. "We stand ready to carry out our part in an exciting team that will deliver innovative, readily available services to business customers.”

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 3 Oct 2012 - Jon Arnold

    Another good discussion from Steve Gleave came around invention vs. innovation. It's easy to equate the two, but here's the difference. Invention is about using money to create ideas - which is fine - but innovation is about turning ideas into money - much better. With that in mind, Metaswitch has done a great job this year getting attendees stoked about the importance of innovation to give them a better future in a business that is not easy to make money in these days.

  • New Paradigm Resources Group - 3 Oct 2012 - Craig Clausen

    Integra’s deployment of its new softswitch platform – provided by Metaswitch Networks – opens a number of opportunities for it to pursue. While the company is a regionally-focused carrier based in the Northwest US, it is pushing to extend its reach beyond these confines. Regional carriers have found it challenging to win multi-location enterprise accounts without nationwide reach. Integra’s newly installed Hosted VoIP platform allows it to plug this hole on the voice side and begins to set the stage for the company to move further up-market.

  • Channel Partners Online - 3 Oct 2012

    Portland, Ore.-based Integra Telecom has introduced a Hosted Voice Service which the company says provides a fully managed and feature-rich integrated voice, data and equipment solution for business customers of all sizes.  Hosted Voice Service was built by Integra's partnership with vendor Metaswitch Networks. Features include integrated voice/data circuit up to 100 Mb/s; per-line feature package bundle and optional a la carte features; fully managed customer premise equipment (CPE); and service management through what the company says is a simple and secure Web portal.

  • TMCnet - 3 Oct 2012 - Anshu Shrivastava

    Provider of VoIP Phone and IP communication solutions, Yealink has announced a partner certification for interoperability of the T2X series SIP Phone with the Metaswitch platform, a recognition that signals admission into Metaswitch Networks’ Mosaic Partner Program.  The SIP-T2X Series offers customers high-definition voice quality. Equipped with TI TITAN chipset, it features TI voice engine, HD handset, HD speaker and HD codec (G.722).

  • HD Voice - 2 Oct 2012 - Doug Mohney

    Company executives detailed Metaswitch’s product enhancements for HD voice support and mobile voice quality. There’s strong support for SILK and transcoding among the news, plus enhancements.  Paul Brittain, VP, VoIP & Multimedia products, said the company was adding support for SILK and AMR-WB in the HD realm, as well as AMR, EVRC, and IBLC narrowband codecs. There will be a common codec set supported across all Metaswitch products.

  • Carrier Evolution - 2 Oct 2012 - Gary Kim

    John Lazar, Metaswitch Networks CEO, faces a challenge most suppliers to the global telecom business also face, namely how his own business, and that of his service provider customers, will change over the next decade or so. Some of those changes, such as a blurring of “over the top” and “carrier services,” will cause some potential discomfort. 

  • CED Magazine - 1 Oct 2012 - Brian Santo

    Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch Networks are working together to provide a system that service providers can use to enable VoIP services in the enterprise market. The solution integrates Edgewater’s Voice-over-IP (VoIP) monitoring and installation solution, EdgeView, with Metaswitch’s SIP-based MetaView system. The two products combine to deliver simplified, scalable provisioning and enhanced visibility into the performance of today’s VoIP networks.

  • SIP Trunking - 1 Oct 2012 - Steve Anderson

    Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch got together and announced today a new solution geared toward the enterprise VoIP provider market. The new solution takes Metaswitch's MetaView solution and couples it with Edgewater's VoIP installation and monitoring solution, creating a whole new solution that allows providers an easy way to support enterprise operations where different devices from different manufacturers are used on the same network.

  • Contact Center World - 1 Oct 2012 - Veronica Silva Cusi

    The Neat Company (Neat), a provider in digital filing systems for the home and small business, today announced its adoption of Telax’s hosted contact center solution. The call center is implemented and hosted by Telax, requiring no hardware purchases or management by Neat. With a Hosted PBX service provided by Line Systems Inc., a Metaswitch customer, Neat is able to easily leverage the Telax advanced contact center, allowing the company to concentrate efforts and capital on other ventures.

  • noodls - 1 Oct 2012

    "Visual Voicemail is one of a suite of subscriber-facing applications that ETI has developed with technology companies such as Metaswitch," said Frank Gine, President of ETI Software Solutions. "These types of enhanced on-screen applications are a growing part of ETI's product universe and proof that our company has moved beyond provisioning."

  • Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog - 6 Sep 2012 - Jon Arnold

    Next up is Metaswitch Forum, which is a bit less than a month from now, running from October 1-4. This has long been one of my favorite vendor events, and it gets better every year. The 2012 theme is "who's in ?", and you can read that a couple of ways. I'm in, but only the first two days, as I have to split time that week with the ITExpo - more on that in another post.

  • TMC - 5 Sep 2012 - Paula Bernier

    Traditional PBXs are on the way out, says Metaswitch Networks. But while they may soon be gone, the company says it wants to make sure they’re not forgotten.  So Metaswitch has launched the website,  which discusses the demise of the classic PBX and invites folks to submit photos and memories of these warhorses.

  • Carrier Evolution - 29 Aug 2012 - Gary Kim

    “Immersive multimedia telephony” (“Accession”) enables a user to move a conversation or session freely between preferred devices, and to take advantage of local network connectivity or handset capabilities, while instantly sharing content that is related to the users' actions, surroundings or needs, Metaswitch says. A new study by Google suggests people behave that way when consuming content or conducting search operations as well, so Accession might well be something important.

  • The Local - 13 Aug 2012

    Blind cyclist Chris Mairs is to use pedal power to travel from Land's End to John O'Groats and hopes to raise £100,000 for Fight For Sight to fund an Oxford University researcher's scholarship to America.  Chris, 55, will join friend Guy Simpson, 45, on a tandem bike for the 1,000-mile journey to support the charity's work funding research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease.

  • SIP Trunking - 10 Aug 2012 - Susan Campbell

    IP telephony has never been more popular. Metaswitch makes an array of solutions for carriers of all sizes. Steve Gleave, vice president of Marketing for Metaswitch, recently told TMC, “I think we have a reputation for doing three things really well. Switch migration, taking old switches into the world of IP and next generation networks. Innovative consumer and business communications services typically built on those switches. And, most recently, border session controllers.”

  • TMCnet - 6 Aug 2012 - Paula Bernier

    This week, Metaswitch Networks is taking the wraps off its hosted business social campaign and has given TMCnet exclusive access to this infographic, which emphasizes the key role that mobility is playing in businesses’ move to IP communications.

    “People are moving to IP telephony because of its ability to extend mobility services,” says Simon Dredge, director of technical marketing at Metaswitch, who notes that today’s workforce is very mobile and there’s a new expectation that employees be reachable at all times.

  • TMC - 17 Jul 2012 - Rich Tehrani

    Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, interviews Steve Gleave, VP of Marketing, at TMC's Executive Editorial Open House in San Jose, California.

  • CANTO Magazine - 1 Jul 2012 - Jesse Lee
    SIP Trunking: Meeting the Opportunities and Challenges

    While it is impossible to predict the future, two things are certain:; 1) the majority of business customers are still using legacy TDM trunking to connect to the public network, 2) the vast majority of business customers understand the value proposition and plan to move to SIP trunking in the next 5 years.

  • CommunicAsia2012 Daily News - 20 Jun 2012
    Metaswitch takes TDM/IP migration to Farmside

    Farmside – a subsidiary of Bay City Communications that targets SMEs in rural New Zealand with hosted business services – needed a one-stop shop solution, said Simon Dredge, director of technical marketing at Metaswitch.

    “We’ve provided the whole soup-to-nuts package, including a full suite of apps and services like softphones, unified messaging and unified communications,” Dredge said.

  • Telecom Lead - 19 Jun 2012

    Farmside, a subsidiary of Bay City Communications has chosen Metaswitch Networks to address the increasing demand for speedier and more sophisticated communications. With Metaswitch solution deployed into its network, the teleco said that the solution cost-effectively provides their customers with enhanced communication applications on both IP and TDM connections.

  • CED - 6 Jun 2012 - Hamid Qayyum

    Hamid Qayyum, VP MSO Sales at Metaswitch, discusses how SIP trunking is now the fastest-growing area of the VoIP marketplace, and how  all indications point to sustained growth for the foreseeable future, making it a very attractive business for both telco and cable providers.

  • TMCnet - 24 May 2012 - Erik Linask

    Erik Linask talks with Chris Carabello, Director of Marketing, about keeping up at the Cable Show.

  • TMCnet - 23 May 2012 - Doug Mohney

    Metaswitch’s Thrutu and Accession IMT clients are the best examples of where individual peer-to-peer (friend-to-friend) communications clients – not to be confused with the one-to-many social media venues of Twitter and Facebook – are going. The issue is being able to build a large enough user base to displace a larger client such as Skype.

  • FierceCable - 21 May 2012 - Samantha Bookman

    Freestyle soccer world record holder Daniel Cutting strikes a pose at the Metaswitch booth.

  • TMCnet - 21 May 2012 - Doug Mohney

    OTT is a rally cry for Metaswitch, and its message to both smaller and larger carriers is encouraging them to more aggressively move in with their own we-own-it-we-bill-it OTT services offerings.

  • Broadband Technology Report - 18 May 2012 - BTR Staff

    At the Cable Show in Boston, Metaswitch Networks will showcase its Accession Immersive Multimedia Telephony (IMT), which is designed to enable MSOs to deliver fluid call control between smartphones, fixed lines and tablets.

  • - 8 May 2012 - David Ashby, Metaswitch

    Asian network operators have a choice. They can either stand back and let OTTs take the lead, becoming a pipeline for OTT services, or they can respond by building their own multi-device communication platforms -- adding VoIP calling to handsets and extending voice, video, messaging and file sharing services for PCs and tablets.

  • Convergencia Latina - 8 May 2012 - Daniel Curotto

    In conversations with Convergencialatina, Steve Gleave, Marketing VP of the company, has explained that "that line of products was encouraging fixed and mobile operators to strengthen their positions within a context where OTTs and manufacturers of devices obtained more benefits."

  • TMCnet Next Gen Mobility - 1 May 2012 - Stefanie Mosca

    Accession, which includes network elements and a device client, allows end users to move in-progress calls from one network, device or communications mode to another.  What's more, Accession can allow all this new functionality without requiring the end user to get a new device or phone number, and without requiring the service provider to build a whole new network.

  • Curacao Connected - 27 Apr 2012 - David/Flow

    Columbus Cloud Voice is offered through partner Metaswitch and is a low cost voice solution for traditional digital landline services. Clients can make VoIP calls, set call rules (ignore specific numbers, forward calls to different phones, send certain calls to voice mail, etc etc), receive voice mails via sms and set up their own automated answer systems.

  • Forbes - 19 Apr 2012 - Elise Ackerman

    Simon Dredge, director of technical marketing at Metaswitch Networks, said in an interview that the carriers can’t afford to wait. Founded in 1981 as a telecommunications solutions provider, Metaswitch has spent the last decade helping carriers migrate to all-IP architectures. The next step, Dredge said, is for the carriers to use that architecture to offer an immersive multimedia experience.

  • Light Reading - 12 Apr 2012 - Carol Wilson

    Are these companies willing to risk further investment in their future, without the aid of federal subsidies, under clouds of regulatory uncertainty and no assurance of seeing a return on that investment? In other words, can rural telcos live in the real world of business? Their major vendors are pushing them in that direction. It's riskier to stand still and not invest, than to push forward and take a chance on the future.

  • Light Reading - 11 Apr 2012 - Carol Wilson

    Rural telcos are in position to make money from the smartphone revolution even if they don't operate wireless networks, Steve Gleave, VP Marketing for Metaswitch Networks, told the audience here.

    The key is to leverage the network switches and software to allow users to share more data and content back and forth between wireline and mobile connections.

  • IP Possibilities 2012 - 11 Apr 2012 - Ken Pyle

    Ken Pyle talks with Steve Gleave, VP of Marketing, about his keynote at IP Possibilities 2012.

  • Integra Telecom - 27 Mar 2012

    “We are very enthused about the opportunity to spotlight our solutions with Integra,” said Mike Ward, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Metaswitch Networks. “Integra recognizes the importance of meeting the growing demands of business customers, and we are pleased to demonstrate the benefits of our close partnership.”

  • TeleGeography - 22 Mar 2012

    Innovative Telephone, the largest telco by subscribers in the Virgin Islands (US), has announced that it has selected Metaswitch Networks to migrate its legacy voice telephony operations on the islands of St Croix, St John and St Thomas to an all-IP solution.

  • Light Reading TV - 13 Mar 2012

    Operators are challenged to be first to market with compelling applications while building high-capacity networks that support billions of end devices. Metaswitch talks about how they’re helping operators keep up with Immersive Multi-Media Telephony.

  • RCR Wireless - 9 Mar 2012

    How will mobile operators preserve customers and revenue from threat of over the top service providers (OTT)?  Metaswitch's Simon Williams, SVP Product Management and Marketing, review following mobile network carrier options for competing with OTT providers.

  • RCR Wireless - 8 Mar 2012

    At Mobile World Congress 2012, Metaswitch representative Simon Dredge demos Accession Mobil Content Sharing (MCS), out-of-call and in-call content sharing, to RCR Wireless News.

  • NTCA & OPASTCO - 8 Mar 2012

    Metaswitch is once again the Platinum Sponsor at IP Possibilities, the leading IP conference sponsored by NTCA and OPASTCO.  Looking ahead to this year's conference, Jane Wigen, Member Relations Manager at NTCA, interviews Steve Gleave, Vice President of Marketing, at NTCA's Annual Meeting in San Diego.  Steve discusses new innovations in the IP voice arena.

  • USA Digital Communications - 7 Mar 2012
    USA Digital Communications Enhances Network with Perimeta Session Border Controllers

    “We selected the Metaswitch Perimeta SBC product because it’s purpose-built to deliver scalability, flexibility and is a natural fit within our existing infrastructure,” said Jim Texter, Chief Technology Officer of USAD.  “The Perimeta SBC shares many of the same management tools as our Metaswitch Class 4 infrastructure.  This provides us with end-to-end, uninterrupted visibility into our network.  The ability to proactively monitor our network traffic allows us to maintain high call completion rates and exceed our customer’s satisfaction levels.”

  • Total TeleVision - 7 Mar 2012 - Brian Dolby

    Steve Gleave of Metaswitch spoke to Brian Dolby about their football theme at this years Mobile World Congress, as well as some more about what they are up to.

  • RCR Wireless - 5 Mar 2012

    Metaswitch Networks shows RCR Wireless News Accession at the 2012 Mobile World Congress. Accession offers carriers opportunity to monetize investment in LTE while maintaining customer relationship.

  • TMCnet - 1 Mar 2012 - Doug Mohney

    Metaswitch has used a lot of references to kings and monarchs in its buildup to its new multimedia telephony portfolio. Perhaps Mobile World Forum 2011 will be remembered as the coronation for the company's new Accession product line….. Accession is one of the more promising concepts to appear in the IP communications world in a while. It and Metaswitch bear watching over the months to come.

  • Internet Telephony - 1 Mar 2012 - Paula Bernier

    The facility’s communications solution is also state of the art. Because the ball teams are here for just a small part of the year, Salt River Fields, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rockies were looking for the utmost in flexibility and cost efficiency both in terms of pricing and in the ability to move and configure phones. They found that in a hosted VoIP solution provided by Saddleback Communications and powered by Metaswitch.

  • TMCnet - 28 Feb 2012 - Paula Bernier

    Initially, Metaswitch will offer Accession as a managed service, but the network infrastructure will live within carrier networks. However, down the road the company could offer it to service providers as a cloud-based solution, says Steve Gleave, Metaswitch vice president of Marketing.

    Of course, many Metaswitch customers already have at least some of the above-mentioned gear installed in their networks already, so providing customers with the capabilities delivered under the Accession umbrella would be just one more way for them to leverage that infrastructure.

  • Communications Technology - 28 Feb 2012

    Metaswitch will show how its mobile content sharing solutions can enable the accelerated deployment of an expanded array of communications services that can differentiate cable system operators’ service bundles in a competitive environment.

  • V2M - 28 Feb 2012 - Lindsay Welnick

    "Early momentum in the battle for customer mindshare has been with the handset vendors and app providers," said Kevin DeNuccio, CEO at Metaswitch. "With Accession, the balance of power swings firmly in favor of the network operator, allowing them to deliver trusted, secure, rich and unique applications around the one true global identity: a telephone number."

  • Jon Arnold’s Analyst Blog 2.0 - 27 Feb 2012 - Jon Arnold

    This is Super Bowl week in the wireless world with Mobile World Congress, and everyone there is trying to get and keep your attention. I'm not at MWC, and I don't usually post about launches tied to the event, but I got an advance briefing of Accession, Metaswitch's latest value proposition for mobile operators. It's a heady word, and a lot of interesting ideas to kick around, but the overall spin for Accession is pretty good from what I can tell.

  • Mobile Europe - 27 Feb 2012

    “Early momentum in the battle for customer mindshare has been with the handset vendors and app providers,” said Kevin DeNuccio, CEO at Metaswitch. "With Accession, the balance of power swings firmly in favor of the network operator, allowing them to deliver trusted, secure, rich and unique applications around the one true global identity: a telephone number. Accession is very much about timely introduction of these advanced applications – something that we can further accelerate with a managed product offering.”

  • TMCnet - 27 Feb 2012 - Gary Kim

    In one sense, Accession aims to allow service providers to better position carrier offerings against over the top messaging and communications apps. Better content sharing is one example. Accession allows users to pull in relevant content, such as video or web content while users are in session for example, says Steve Gleave, Metaswitch Networks VP.

  • TMCnet - 22 Feb 2012 - Rich Tehrani

    "Arguments for separating signaling and media functions in a session border controller are well understood.  The commercial benefits of running session border control on COTS platforms are also clear.  Moving the signaling control function into the cloud, and leveraging the economies of generic server platforms and inherent system redundancy is a logical progression.  By detaching SBC licenses from physically deployed platforms, operators can be sure that there are "no SBC licenses left behind" when integrated appliances max out before purchased license limits are reached."

  • Light Reading - 22 Feb 2012 - Ray Le Maistre

    Now, with 60 customers already signed up for the SBC product, Metaswitch CTO Martin Taylor says the vendor has taken "the logical next step" by enabling the Perimeta SBC to run on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers and across private cloud environments where the SBC becomes a "virtual appliance."

  • Nashua Telegraph - 12 Feb 2012 - David Brooks

    “This was a marquee event for FairPoint to show off its fiber network, and experienced staff … FairPoint performed flawlessly."

    “We also saw the future in a Metaswitch that is just 2 feet wide, tall and deep but can handle as many voice customers as several floors of the old switches.”

  • PR Newswire - 30 Jan 2012

    OneAccess Networks, a global supplier of managed converged services CPE solutions for small-medium businesses (SMB) to service providers announced that it has completed Metaswitch certification for the ONE700 product.  The ONE700 is part of the ONE series that enables the delivery of converged services for legacy PRI termination applications while supporting a roadmap of cloud-based services.

  • GSMA - 24 Jan 2012

    Honouring excellence and innovation in mobile communications, the GSMA is delighted to announce the nominees for the 2012 Global Mobile Awards!  With a record six hundred - the highest ever number of entries to this year's awards - from across the world and from across the mobile eco-system.

    Thrutu from Metaswitch Networks has been shortlisted in the "Most Innovative Mobile App" category.

  • Telecompetitor - 16 Jan 2012 - Joan Engebretson

    Important concerns of tier 2 and tier 3 service providers today include business model innovation, getting ready for significant increases in IP endpoints, and consumers’ continuing appetite for mobile smartphone devices, says a survey conducted recently by Metaswitch, maker of softswitch equipment, with a significant customer base in the tier 2 and tier 3 market. Respondents included 117 companies that attended a recent Metaswitch customer event.

  • The Guardian - 11 Jan 2012 - Jessica Shepherd

    John Lazar, chairman of Metaswitch, one of the leading communication software companies in the UK, said that Britain's engineering "fraternity" needed to sell itself better to young people. "If you are a bright kid born in Silicon Valley in the US, you end up at Stanford or Berkeley and you aspire to work for Google or Apple or a start-up tech company," he said. "Here in Britain, the brightest graduates feel the force of the City, but they don't feel the pull of engineering.

  • RCR Wireless - 9 Jan 2012 - Piers Finlayson

    The growth of over-the-top (OTT) services has created a new environment for mobile operators. In the past decade, these service providers enjoyed a relatively easy ride in taking cord-cutting customers from their wireline competitors. But now, OTT apps and services threaten a different war, one of attrition, which leaves mobile operators with customers who want nothing more than a dumb mobile pipe. This article will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of mobile operators in this environment and outline some strategies for winning the war.

  • TMCnet - 5 Jan 2012 - Paula Bernier

    TMCnet recently asked some of the leading lights in the industry for their thoughts about 2011 and what’s in store for the year ahead. In a year that was again dominated by economic unrest and social upheaval, Metaswitch completed its transition from being primarily recognized as a U.S. wireline softswitch vendor to a global provider of fixed and mobile carrier software applications.