Metaswitch is a leading provider of the software that powers a whole new generation of communications services, making phone calls more flexible, more immersive, more mobile and more cost-effective.  

Metaswitch's applications portfolio includes our award-winning multiservice telephony application server, which powers everything from basic telephone calls to compelling business and residential telephony applications, while acting as the foundation for our advanced suite of client apps and user interfaces for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Together, our applications give you the feature set that your customers are looking for.

Multiservice Telephony Application Server

From unified messaging to dynamic call control and advanced supplementary services, the MetaSphere MTAS platform is designed to support a broad array of voice and video applications.  As a critical component in next generation network architectures, the Multiservice Telephony Application Server enables a complete suite of powerful business and residential communication tools. Standards-based protocols and open applications programming interfaces (APIs) enable this 3GPP-compliant IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) function to be exploited by independent software vendors, dramatically reducing cost and time-to-market when delivering innovative enhanced telephony services.


With the continued popularity of laptops, the rapid rise of the media tablet and the prolific adoption of smartphones, network operators must now satisfy an increasingly demanding, tech-savvy and always-on enterprise workforce. Accession Communicator enables service providers to meet these challenges head on. Accession Communicator for desktop and mobile not only delivers a richer communications experience but allows subscribers to gracefully move calls between Accession Communicator, other unified communications clients, mobile phones on 3G, 4G or WiFi, and fixed line phones - all while the call is in progress. With Accession Communicator, you can immediately begin building a valuable subscriber base that is loyal to your brand and premium real-time service offerings, leveraging the one true global identifier: the telephone number.


How a consumer interacts with a network operator’s service offering is the ultimate key to its success.  CommPortal is a cross-platform user interface that brings the power of Metaswitch residential and enterprise offerings to a PC screen, web pages and mobile handsets.  CommPortal provides a unified messaging interface with centralized contacts and granular control rulesets that enable individuals or business groups to determine when and where they receive calls.  

  • MetaSphere Multiservice Telephony App Server

    The MetaSphere MTAS leverages the flexibility of SIP to enable a broad array of services, ranging from stand-alone residential or hosted business voice communications and messaging to complete multimedia telephony. The MetaSphere MTAS resides within the applications layer of emerging next generation networks that are transitioning to all-IP ETSI/TISPAN or PacketCable 2.0 IMS cores, extending a full suite of multimedia supplementary services to client endpoints.  )))

  • Accession

    With the ubiquity of highly connected, multimedia capable computers and the continued proliferation of cost-effective smartphones and tablets, our PCs and mobile devices are increasingly becoming informal - and often portable - extensions of business communications infrastructure. Now you can solidify this relationship with Accession Communicator for desktop PCs and mobile devices. )))

  • CommPortal

    Users’ expectations have changed. From banking to shopping, they encounter highly interactive web-connected services. To accommodate today’s consumer, you need to provide a range of sophisticated interfaces to personal and business telephony services. You need CommPortal.CommPortal redefines the way your subscribers interact with their telephony services and communicate with their social and business contacts. )))