With the ubiquity of highly connected, multimedia capable computers and the continued proliferation of cost-effective smartphones and tablets, our PCs and mobile devices are increasingly becoming informal - and often portable - extensions of business communications infrastructure. Now you can solidify this relationship with Accession Communicator for desktop PCs and mobile devices.

Seize the power in the business telephony revolution

With the continued popularity of laptops, the rapid rise of the media tablet and the prolific adoption of smartphones, network operators must now satisfy an increasingly demanding, tech-savvy and always-on enterprise workforce. They insist on ubiquitous connectivity and universal reachability - whether they are at their desk, at home or on the go. These valued customers are now leveraging laptops, personal computers (PC) and mobile devices to access walled-garden, over-the-top, rich communications services to meet their business and personal telephony needs, threatening the core revenue streams of incumbent carriers. Now there’s an alternative.

Rise to the new enterprise communications challenges

Accession Communicator for desktop and mobile, from Metaswitch, enables service providers to meet these challenges head on. Accession Communicator not only delivers a richer communications experience but allows subscribers to gracefully move calls between Accession Communicator, other unified communications clients, mobile phones on 3G, 4G or WiFi, and fixed line phones - all while the call is in progress.

This fluid call control enables users to uplift their telephony session to include high definition voice and video on an interface or device of their choice - regardless of where and how the call was made or received.

Twinning with residential and office numbers

Telephony is no longer associated with a particular access medium or physical device: Voice is now an application. Accession Communicator can deliver a superior primary line service for telephony-enabling PCs and mobile devices. Moreover, Accession Communicator-enabled mobile endpoints can assume dual personalities - the business line and the native, personal, cellular number. More than Sim-Ring or Find Me Follow Me, these endpoints present the actual calling features, dial plans and outgoing caller ID of the twinned office phone. Accession Communicator is ideal for increasingly popular enterprise employee BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives.

Featuring wideband HD voice quality, Accession Communicator allows users to interact with their basic calling services and extends advanced multimedia offerings like real-time high quality video calls and video mail. As a fully-featured unified messaging client, Accession Communicator also enables visual voicemail with speech-to-text transcription, centralized contacts, a ubiquitous call history for all endpoints associated with the Accession Communicator phone number and pre-ringdown call control options, such as Do Not Disturb.

Unmatched quality and reliability

MetaQR dramatically improves video quality. Minimizing total packet loss while mitigating transmission delay, MetaQR automatically reduces the effective signal to noise ratio on broadband wireless and fixed-line access networks without adversely increasing traffic loads. Patented application-aware adaptive FEC adds extra redundancy to the media stream providing the best quality video and most efficient use of bandwidth at all times.  Meanwhile, the SILK audio codec provides the best voice quality available.

As our mobile devices become increasingly important parts of of our lives, it's essential that they last as long as possible on a single battery charge.  Ensuring low power consumption was vital to the design of Accession Communicator for mobile.  Accession Communicator sends SIP registrations using TCP with restart attentuation techniques to keep power consumption as low as possible.  Now you can keep Accession Communicator running all day on your mobile device, without sacrificing your ability to stay glued to your email inbox and listen to your favorite music.

Extend your brand 

Exposed to your customers on a daily basis, Accession Communicator is an extension of your corporate image. Available on Windows and Mac OS X computers, and on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices, the user interface is completely customizable and can be branded to meet your explicit specifications.


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