Perimeta Session Border Controller

The perimeter of your communications architecture is only as strong as its weakest link.  Beyond the boundary of your managed infrastructure lie many threats to the continuity of your service offerings and to the integrity of your network.

Fortify your edge and protect your core with the Perimeta portfolio of session border controllers:

  • Architected for distributed signaling & media
  • Integrated, co-located and distributed options
  • Flexible hardware/software deployment models
  • Designed to sustain high SIP message rates
  • Power to support increased multimedia traffic
  • Interworking with diverse networks 

The SBC challenge: the rise of SIP and the Software Telco

As NGN technology makes its relentless drive towards all-IP LTE, IMS and RCS, current internetworking devices must also change. More SIP endpoints - featuring voice and video plus presence and instant messaging - demand not only more memory footprint, increased CPU cycles and greater throughput capacity but an entirely new way to address both signaling and media control.  With the continued adoption of the session initiation protocol (SIP) as an enabler for rich communications services, there will no longer be a predictable correlation between signaling and media transport. This greatly complicates the dimensioning of classic SBC appliances.

Simultaneously, the communications industry is transitioning from being defined by specialized hardware to focusing on open and programmable software running on standard hardware or virtualized in private or public cloud computing environments.  Liberated from old hardware-based deployment models, carriers can realize savings in Capex and Opex while benefiting from a more flexible network on which they can launch innovative new applications and services more quickly.

Perimeta: a new breed of session border controller

Perimeta, from Metaswitch Networks, is the first in a new generation of SBCs designed specifically to address these problems in small to large wireless or wireline networks at both the access layer and on carrier interconnects.

The Perimeta architecture has two distinct components: a Signaling Session Controller (SSC) and a Media Session Controller (MSC), allowing for independent scaling of signaling and media control. Built for distributed operation, the SSC and MSC may be either co-located or geographically dispersed around the network. Combining both SSC and MSC functionality on discrete processor instances, the Perimeta Integrated Session Controller (ISC) provides a consolidated solution for smaller deployments.

Perimeta is also architected as a pure software solution, able to run on standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware or even virtualized in the cloud.  It is a critical component in the march towards network functions virtualization (NFV) and in helping to transition operators into being true software telcos.  Perimeta‚Äôs advanced software provides cutting-edge performance and platform flexibility, while allowing for reuse of existing hardware and for great cost savings.

Our distributed, software-based solution enables totally independent, cost effective scaling of signaling and media in a variety of deployment models to suit your needs.

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Perimeta meets the challenges of today's networks with capabilities that deliver sophisticated network security, advanced management of packet throughput under all load conditions, extensive protocol interworking and normalization and complete packet analysis for in-depth problem isolation and repair.

If you need an SBC that is secure, powerful and flexible enough to meet your requirements today and into the future, contact us and we'll introduce you to the Perimeta SBC.