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Contact center solutions datasheet

Datasheets Contact center Business application servers Business communications

Contact centers increasingly see the benefits of moving their infrastructure into a cloud-based environment. Since contact center equipment is costly to purchase and maintain, the cloud model enables customers to purchase services in a more efficient manner, buying only what they consume. With the added benefits of rapid deployment, best-in-class features, and regular updates, it's no surprise that the cloud is becoming the preferred model for contact center infrastructure.

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Enterprise Mobility Driving UC

UC (Unified Communications) Business communications infographics

A survey of 1250 business decision makers in North America shows that the workplace is becoming increasingly mobile.

Get the infographic to find out more!

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The Four Steps to Better Contact Centers

White papers Contact center Business communications

Customer experience is increasingly becoming a key differentiator due to increased competition and accelerated globalization. The technology you choose for your unified communications and contact centers will play a greater role in the success of your customer service as new channels of communication continue to develop.

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How hosted UC and cloud contact centers are driving service provider growth

White papers Contact center UC (Unified Communications) Business communications Collaboration

In our hyper-competitive world where dial tone and broadband have become commodities, service providers need new ways of differentiating themselves. It’s no longer enough to sell basic services like voice and messaging. Offering capabilities such as Unified Communications (UC) and cloud contact centers lets service providers gain new business customers and add value for existing customers, while increasing revenues and decreasing churn. Opening up a whole new world to service providers, cloud-based UC and contact centers provide opportunities to increase mindshare and wallet share, while better competing against new and old competitors.

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Metaswitch & Telax: Bringing You an All-In-One Cloud Contact Center Solution

Contact center Cloud Contact Center Business communications infographics

Metaswitch and Telax joined forces to create an advanced cloud contact center management system with more functionality and less expense than traditional solutions.

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The Future of Collaboration

White papers UC (Unified Communications) Business communications Collaboration

By using a cloud model for unified communications and collaboration, organizations can significantly lower costs, reduce complexity, and improve productivity and the user experience. For many forward-looking IT and business leaders, it’s not just the future of communications that is in the cloud – it’s the present.

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Access One builds better business communications with Metaswitch

Case studies Business communications Access One

After initially reselling Hosted PBX services, Access One selected Metaswitch Networks to supply a broad range of business communications services. Metaswitch has proven to be a strong partner as it has provided technical and marketing support to quickly help Access One achieve superior profitability and a platform from which it delivers the quality of experience its clients have come to expect.

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Business VoIP broadband test tool

Analytics Service Assurance Server Network management Business communications

One of the challenges of delivering Business VoIP, especially for when deploying in an OTT (Over-The-Top) environment, is assessing whether a business’s local network and WAN connection is adequate to support a proposed service with a high quality-of-experience.

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Case study: ENA Deploys Metaswitch to add network smarts for America's schools and libraries

SBC (Session Border Controller) Case studies Business communications

ENA (Education Networks of America®) is the nation’s leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to K-12 school systems and libraries, serving more than 5,000 sites across its nationwide network.

After rigorous testing and evaluation, ENA selected Metaswitch as the common platform for its Business Communications and Network Interconnect solution. The implementation of Metaswitch has resulted in a highly scalable and secure platform delivering a range of innovative communications solutions. This, coupled with Metaswitch’s management solution, allows ENA to fulfill its promise of delivering exceptional support.

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Jon Arnold's SMB VoIP 2015 white paper

White papers Business communications

This white paper validates the opportunity for IP communications and guides service providers in approaching the small and midsized business (SMB) market. For service providers currently in-market or those looking to enter the market, the research shows there is sufficient interest to merit a strong push. Primary reasons revolve around: (a) a large market still using legacy systems; (b) a need to improve productivity and better integrate remote workforces; and (c) greater understanding of how cloud-based solutions can improve flexibility and reduce costs. Reinforcing that are customers that have already made the move to IP. These companies show overwhelming happiness with IP across several criteria, including cost, product performance, and functionality. Based on these and other factors, this analysis provides the basis for developing a winning value proposition to target the SMB market.

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MarketVisions Go-To-Market program with Eatel case study

Case studies Hosted PBX MarketVisions Go-to-market Business communications

As a long time Metaswitch customer, EATEL had the technical capabilities and product platform; however, Hosted PBX can be a complex solution to implement, with many customer touch points, internal handoffs, and potential system impacts. EATEL wanted an expert resource to help launch a Hosted PBX product quickly and efficiently.

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Wholesale vs CPE Call Center: total cost of ownership

White papers Contact center Business communications

Hosted contact center services delivered significantly lower TCO than comparable premise-based systems for all configurations analyzed for both a 5 year and 10 year timeframe.

Additionally, the TCO analysis demonstrates that:

  • Cost savings with the hosted model increases with the size of the contact center organization, for all configurations analyzed
  • Cost savings with the hosted model increases as more contact center applications are delivered as a hosted service.
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Kahala Re-Invents Franchising case study

Case studies CommPortal MetaSphere Business communications

With over 5,000 quick service restaurant locations, featuring internationally recognized brands such as Cold Stone Creamery, Blimpie Subs and America’s Taco Shop, Kahala is one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the world. Dedicated to helping franchisees achieve all their entrepreneurial goals, Kahala turned to re-invent telecom, a leading provider of enhanced hosted telephony services that is built on Metaswitch, to help deliver a unique small business communications package.

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Perimeta SBC: Analyze datasheet

SBC (Session Border Controller) Analytics Perimeta Datasheets SIP trunking Network interconnect VoLTE Consumer communications Business communications Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi)

Perimeta’s network analytics is a key differentiator when compared to other platforms. Its analytics are fundamentally different, because they tell you why things happen. As Perimeta’s analytics are built into the SBC, you have automatic access to all signaling, even within virtualized datacenters where there are no obvious wires for probes to tap into. The time to simplify network diagnostics and troubleshooting is now. You need network diagnostics and troubleshooting capable of operating in a NFV environment today, before the industry as a whole finishes its move towards pure software implementations of network functions.

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Perimeta SBC: Secure datasheet

SBC (Session Border Controller) Perimeta Datasheets SIP trunking Network interconnect VoLTE security Consumer communications Business communications Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi)

SIP-based communications, and by default Port 5060, are increasingly becoming a target of mainstream attacks. With the advent of more advanced and sophisticated hacking techniques, coupled with the increase in VoIP traffic, ensuring the security of VoIP networks is emerging as a looming concern for Service Providers worldwide. This concern is intensified if the communications network is deployed in a virtual environment, as the security complexity is only further increased.

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Perimeta SBC: Virtualize datasheet

SBC (Session Border Controller) Perimeta NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) virtualization Datasheets Network interconnect VoLTE Consumer communications Business communications Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Voice, video and messaging

Perimeta is the future-proof SBC of choice as it enables Service Providers to migrate from the current hardware intensive architecture to the new telco software architecture. At its heart, Perimeta running on virtualized platforms is the same Perimeta software that runs inside our ATCA appliances and on COTS servers. Metaswitch’s Perimeta is the industry’s most advanced SBC platform. It enables a step by step transition to virtualization, using COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) server platforms (Dell, Cisco, HP, etc.) to start with, then migrates to virtualized Perimeta without MANO (Management and Orchestration), and finally upgrades to full blown cloud architecture with MANO.

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SIP trunking datasheet

Datasheets SIP trunking Business application servers Business communications

Metaswitch’s SIP trunking solution enables service providers to deliver a high value solution to the business communications marketplace. In addition to enabling efficient delivery of the core SIP trunking functions, Metaswitch enables service providers to easily overlay additional services to make your offer more compelling and profitable.

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Metaswitch Hosted PBX reference architecture datasheet

Datasheets Hosted PBX Reference architecture Business application servers Business communications

The reference architecture is a recommendation for deploying Hosted PBX quickly and successfully. Along with our integration with Adtran and Polycom, it incorporates lessons and best practices to form a highly competitive, tried and tested product offering.

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MetaSphere Business Call Manager datasheet

Datasheets MetaSphere Application server Business Call Manager call management Business application servers Business communications

MetaSphere Business Call Manager (BCM) combines all of our existing call management function, from Do-Not-Disturb to screening and forwarding, and provides straightforward unified configuration of those services across the browser, mobile and desktop clients as well as the traditional TUI. Handling incoming business calls has never been easier.

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MetaSphere MTAS (Multiservice Telephony Application Server) datasheet

Datasheets Accession Communicator MetaSphere Application server Network interconnect ACD Consumer application servers Interconnect application servers Business application servers Consumer communications Business communications Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Voice, video and messaging

From local calling services to advanced unified communications, the MetaSphere MTAS is designed to support a broad array of voice and video applications. As a critical component in next-generation network architectures (such as IMS) the Multiservice Telephony Application Server enables a complete suite of powerful residential and enterprise communication tools that may be deployed - on demand - as your business grows.

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MetaView SIP Provisioning Server datasheet

Analytics Datasheets Hosted PBX SIP trunking Provisioning Network management MetaView Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Consumer communications Business communications Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Voice, video and messaging

IP office phones and other SIP-based communication devices offer unparalleled flexibility and value. However, broad adoption creates significant provisioning and support challenges for service providers, resellers, enterprise administrators and end users.

MetaView SIP Provisioning Server addresses these challenges with a new multi-tiered approach that

  • streamlines provisioning, enabling simpler, more cost-effective and scalable operations via your MetaView Network Management System client and optional barcode scanner (for device MAC address scanning)
  • simplifies phone management for your enterprise customer administrators via CommPortal Web
  • integrates user-friendly phone configurations for end users, also via CommPortal Web.
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CommPortal Phone Applications datasheet

Datasheets Hosted PBX SIP trunking CommPortal UC (Unified Communications) Business application servers Business communications

Allowing subscribers to access advanced functions quickly and easily, without having to open a web browser or even turn on their PC, CommPortal™ Phone Applications provide a compelling and integrated telephony experience.

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CommPortal Assistant datasheet

Datasheets Hosted PBX SIP trunking Accession Communicator CommPortal UC (Unified Communications) desktop applications Business application servers Business communications

Service providers are investing heavily in the underlying technology that makes converged communications happen. But your subscribers are less interested in the technology than they are in services that simplify and enhance their experience. CommPortal Assistant offers just that kind of enhancement.

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CommPortal Web datasheet

Datasheets Hosted PBX SIP trunking CommPortal UC (Unified Communications) Business application servers Business communications

Users' expectations have changed. From banking to shopping, they encounter highly interactive services on the web. To accommodate today's consumer, you need to provide a sophisticated web interface to personal and business telephony services. You need CommPortal Web.

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Accession Communicator datasheet

Datasheets Hosted PBX SIP trunking Accession Communicator UC (Unified Communications) ACD desktop applications mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure Consumer communications Business communications Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Voice, video and messaging Collaboration

With the advent of the "always-on" workforce and the proliferation of cost-effective smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are increasingly becoming informal, portable extensions of the business communications infrastructure. Now you can solidify this relationship with Accession Communicator.

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