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Jon Arnold's SMB VoIP 2015 white paper

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) White papers Business communications

This white paper validates the opportunity for IP communications and guides service providers in approaching the small and midsized business (SMB) market. For service providers currently in-market or those looking to enter the market, the research shows there is sufficient interest to merit a strong push. Primary reasons revolve around: (a) a large market still using legacy systems; (b) a need to improve productivity and better integrate remote workforces; and (c) greater understanding of how cloud-based solutions can improve flexibility and reduce costs. Reinforcing that are customers that have already made the move to IP. These companies show overwhelming happiness with IP across several criteria, including cost, product performance, and functionality. Based on these and other factors, this analysis provides the basis for developing a winning value proposition to target the SMB market.

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The Network Software Provider: A New Vendor Category

White papers Corporate NFV

Network operators that embrace NFV will make fundamental changes to their supply chains. To minimize hardware costs, network operators will want to purchase their generic NFV infrastructure from high-volume vendors of general-purpose hardware, vendors that, in general, have very little knowledge of specialized network functions such as provider edge routers or IP multimedia subsystems (IMS). To procure the software that will provide those specialized network functions, they will need to turn to vendors that combine an in-depth understanding of the network functions with the ability to implement them efficiently in software on generic hardware. This is the type of vendor that we refer to as a Network Software Provider.

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Session Border Controllers - The Crux of Network Security

SBC (Session Border Controller) NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers security

The perimeter of your communications architecture is only as strong as its weakest link. Beyond the boundary of your managed infrastructure lie many threats to the continuity of your service offerings and to the integrity of your network. Perimeta is the first VNF (Virtualized Network Function) carrier-class Session Border Controller (SBC) proven to deliver the security performance demanded of new cloud environments, as well as large-scale real-time communications services, while providing a level of visibility before unseen by networks operators.

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Transform your network, transform your business

Network Transformation White papers Consumer communications

Metaswitch understand that there are no quick and easy one-size-fits-all answers to the challenges carriers face. However, we believe that the fixed-line network is a business asset that can be grown. The business case can be made, by revolutionizing business phone service, attracting and retaining residential subscribers through innovative service offerings, leveraging the broadband access revolution, and seeking out savings from power, property, interconnect, signalling and other operational costs.

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Project Calico overview

Project Calico White papers Cloud network virtualization

Project Calico is an open source software-based networking solution for cloud data centers that delivers a unique combination of scalability, simplicity and control. Unlike overlay-based solutions that force cloud application developers to wrestle with network-centric concepts such as L2 segments, subnets and virtual routers, Calico connects all kinds of cloud workloads, whether virtual machine, container or bare metal, directly to a scalable IP fabric that supports the expression of rich application-centric policies that provide outstanding security.

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Wholesale vs CPE Call Center: total cost of ownership

White papers Contact center Business communications

Hosted contact center services delivered significantly lower TCO than comparable premise-based systems for all configurations analyzed for both a 5 year and 10 year timeframe.

Additionally, the TCO analysis demonstrates that:

  • Cost savings with the hosted model increases with the size of the contact center organization, for all configurations analyzed
  • Cost savings with the hosted model increases as more contact center applications are delivered as a hosted service.
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ACG Research Brief: Becoming an Agile Operator in a Globally Connected World

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers

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Research Brief 2014 – The State of the SMB Market for IP Communications and Cloud Services in North America

White papers Market research Business communications

This paper highlights key findings of our 2014 Market Research Study in North America providing insights into the purchase drivers and buying behaviors of SMBs for IP Communications and Cloud Services along with details of what SMBs look for in their service provider.

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Research Brief 2014 – The State of the SMB Market for IP Communications and Cloud Services in Europe

White papers Market research Business communications

This paper highlights key findings of our 2014 Market Research Study in Europe providing insights into the purchase drivers and buying behaviors of SMBs for IP Communications and Cloud Services along with details of what SMBs look for in their service provider.

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"Business Services: SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX and Beyond" white paper

White papers Hosted PBX SIP trunking Business application servers Business communications

In terms of serving the business market, service providers face a fundamental challenge - as these customers shift away from legacy telephony, carriers lack more current offerings to maintain an attractive value proposition. This presents a core risk to their business, as these customers are now poised to spend less money on communications services, and are increasingly likely to move altogether to take advantage of today’s feature rich solutions.

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PCE: an evolutionary approach to SDN

White papers Network Protocols SDN (Software Defined Networking) PCE (Path Computational Element) Layer 3 MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

An introduction to PCE-based control plane architecture, its operational advantages, including full traffic engineering of inter-domain paths, and how it delivers SDN.

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"Intelligent aggregation" white paper

White papers SDN (Software Defined Networking) Layer 3 Cloud network virtualization

Changes in the traffic patterns in large carrier networks have challenged design rules and accompanying economics and planning rules. By assessing these shifts in traffic patterns, and optimizing the architecture for the new reality, the operational complexity of the network(s) can be reduced, and CAPEX spend that can be reduced by up to 75% over existing approaches.

This use case will look at traffic that transits through a single exchange or PoP of a carrier’s network, but does not traverse the carrier’s backbone. This traffic pattern can be referred to as intra–exchange transit traffic.

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"A guide to NFV and SDN" white paper

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers SDN (Software Defined Networking) Cloud network virtualization

This paper is intended to help network operators understand the key technologies that support this transformation in networking, namely Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-­‐Defined Networking (SDN); to assess how these technologies could be applied in their networks; and to identify the kinds of benefits that could flow from embracing them.

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"A fresh look at session border control" white paper

SBC (Session Border Controller) Perimeta White papers

A new solution for session border control is required that enables signaling and media capacity to be scaled independently of one another, and that delivers far greater scalability in the signaling plane. Such next-generation solutions for session border control are finally starting to become available. Service providers would do well to re-evaluate their SBC deployment plans so as to avoid over-investing in architectures that are ill-matched to their medium and longer term SIP services strategy.

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"Session border control in the Cloud" white paper

SBC (Session Border Controller) Perimeta NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers

In the Session Border Controller space, standards have been in place for several years that support the separation of the signaling plane from the media plane – using H.248 as the control protocol between the signaling border element and the media border element. Most current SBCs are based on an integrated architecture that handles signaling and media in the same box, but there are exceptions, such as the Perimeta SBC product from Metaswitch.

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