Hosted Business Services

Metaswitch hosted business services solutions enable network operators to quickly and easily deploy complete cloud-based telephony applications to their enterprise customer base.

Built on the award winning MetaSphere Multiservice Telephony Application Server (MTAS) with options that include CommPortal user interfaces and our industry-leading Accession communicator clients, our hosted business solutions can help you to extend feature rich, revenue-generating solutions to businesses of any size.

Hosted Business Services meet the needs of today's enterprises

  • Aging TDM infrastructure is very costly to maintain
    • For both the network operator and the enterprise customer
  • Adds, moves and changes are expensive and hard
    • Hard-wired phones and 24/30 DS0 step-increment trunks
  • CIOs can now leave PBX management to the experts
    • But IT managers still have complete control of services
  • Hosted services enable real unified communications
    • Cross-platform IM and presence so users can text or chat
  • Hosted PBX provides an increased emphasis on mobility
    • Employees are mobile. Now business lines can be as well

SIP Trunking offers lower costs for service providers and business customers

Premises-based IP-PBXs provide a natural migration path for business customers as they replace legacy PBX solutions. SIP trunking for IP-PBXs save money for service providers and business customers alike. SIP trunks eliminate the need for costly TDM equipment, scale in a granular and cost effective way, and can share broadband connections with other enterprise data for even greater cost savings.

Hosted PBX helps you get back in business

Service providers are facing ever-increasing competition in their Hosted PBX business markets from both IP PBX vendors as well as other hosted solutions. To compete effectively, it is critical that they differentiate their offering from the dozens of “Me Too” offerings competing in their markets. The MetaSphere Hosted PBX solution allows service providers a unique level of product differentiation.


  • SIP Trunking

    The MetaSphere SIP Trunking solution is a suite of products that provides service providers with ready-to-deploy hosted applications for business customers with premises-based IP-PBXs or IADs compliant with SIP Forum SIPconnect standards. )))

  • Hosted PBX

    The MetaSphere Hosted PBX solution is a suite of products that provides service providers with ready-to-deploy applications for business customers as a replacement for premises-based PBXs. Built on our award winning MetaSphere Multiservice Telephony Application Server (MTAS), and deployed with CommPortal user interfaces and MetaView management systems, it allows service providers to offer a feature rich and revenue-generating telephony solution for businesses of any size with the resiliency of a carrier-class platform. )))

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Metaswitch's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solutions meet customer needs for both small, medium and large call centers.Small call centersFor customers who need a cost effective solution for basic call center functionality, Metaswitch provides Multi Line Hunt Groups (MLHG) as a standard feature of our Business Group license.For small call centers that need additional supervisory and agent features, Metaswitch offers the Integrated ACD, with two levels of functionality to meet your expanded ACD needs. )))

  • Voicemail

    The great majority of POTS subscribers want some means of taking messages when they’re not able to answer the phone. Network-based voicemail has been around for a long time, and generates useful additional revenues – but take-up rates don’t always reach their full potential. Often that’s because the service offering does not give subscribers much by way of advantages over traditional answering machines. )))

  • Videomail

    It’s what you don’t say that matters most. Humans predominantly express themselves 'nonverbally' so, whether in business or personal relationships, there is no substitute for face time. Actual words - delivered by email, IM or SMS - convey only 7% of our intended communication. Pick up the phone and your tone can add another 38%. Body language, however, adds an astounding 55%. You simply can’t make an impact or even make your point without being seen as well as heard.  )))