Class 4 Tandem Switch

Class 4 switches, in the role of sector or access tandems continue to provide the foundation of inter-LATA and inter-exchange telephony. With their critical core switching and call routing roles, the Class 4 Tandem enables cost-effective scaling of voice services while providing a reliable point-of-presence between interexchange carriers. They are the brains behind global telephone wireline and wireless networks.

Lower Interconnect costs

While Class 5 network transformation from TDM to VoIP is ongoing in the local exchange, network operators are now priming for the next step in the evolution of their voice infrastructures. With a goal of reducing overall costs, increasing operational efficiencies and simplifying service management in highly competitive markets, carriers are increasingly looking to the telephony core - replacing legacy Tandem switches with advanced, software-centric, Class 4 solutions.   

Effortless Migration 

A recognized leader in Class 5 switch migration, the Metaswitch product portfolio excels in Class 4 Tandem switch migration, providing a complete solution for updating legacy core voice networks to VoIP. While experienced in delivering advanced software solutions, primed for network functions virtualization, our background  and product offerings are firmly rooted in TDM, affording a smooth migration from legacy interconnect trunks to those based simply on existing packet voice technologies, IMS or emerging network-network-interface (NNI) standards, such as  IP exchange (IPX).

Proven products and support

With the Metaswitch Multiservice Telephony Application Server (MTAS) and Universal Media Gateway (UMG), service providers can preserve their current voice subscriber revenues while opening up the possibility of providing more competitive and customized services in the future. Service providers can also rely on the Metaswitch support team, with more than a decade of experience in migrating Class 4 networks, to replace their costly and complex networks with next generation infrastructure.

The Metaswitch Class 4 solution features:  

  • Any-to-any interworking between PSTN / TDM-based switches and SIP-based networks, including SIP-to-SIP-I, and between SIP/SIP-I/SIP-T variants, allow for ultimate flexibility in transcoding and interoperation.
  • No need for costly 3rd party routing engine with MTAS’s rich translations and routing table logic providing massive flexibility to configure traffic routing against both static and dynamic conditions. 
  • External SIP redirect or ENUM queries allows carriers to connect with external systems for larger-scale routing decisions or to integrate with existing OSS and BSS.
  • Industry-leading Universal Media Gateway connects ISUP, ISDN, MF and SS7 all into a uniformly managed network element, replacing multiple legacy TDM gateways.
  • A safe investment in NGN products because moving to IMS in the future is covered with a seamless evolution to IMS BGCF and MGCF.
  • Smarter deeper diagnostics with Metaswitch’s Service Assurance Server (SAS) provides always-on data collection and smart analysis of traces, end-to-end across the entire carrier network. 
  • Highly reduced operational overheads through a reduced deployment footprint and better tools, means less power, less environmental control and less manpower to deliver services.

Delivering full-featured Class 4 tandem capabilities and unrivalled service and support, Metaswitch can help reduce costs while you grow your services offerings and business. Contact us today to learn more.