The great majority of POTS subscribers want some means of taking messages when they’re not able to answer the phone. Network-based voicemail has been around for a long time, and generates useful additional revenues – but take-up rates don’t always reach their full potential. Often that’s because the service offering does not give subscribers much by way of advantages over traditional answering machines.

Enter next-generation network-based voicemail, which offers subscribers a wealth of unified messaging features to make their lives easier. With the ability to handle both voice and fax messages, options to forward messages to email, and a huge range of notification methods for new messages, subscribers need never miss an important message again. And with Live Message Screening, subscribers can even use network-based voicemail to screen their calls the same way they do with their own answering machines.

Migration to a next-generation IP-based voicemail system is the best way to maximize take-up rates for network-based voicemail services, generating substantial additional revenues while increasing subscriber loyalty by making available new messaging features that quickly become indispensable. The Metaswitch solution for Wireline Voicemail Evolution may be deployed with all types of legacy Class 5 switches.

Metaswitch has vast experience with next-generation voicemail, and has deployed hundreds of systems with wireline service providers at all levels of scale from a few thousand to multiple millions of mailboxes.

Features And Benefits

  • Future-proof SIP application server architecture based on commercial off-the-shelf hardware offers investment protection with exceptional scalability and cost-effectiveness
  • Fast mailbox access from multiple phone numbers, maximizing convenience of message retrieval
  • Subscribers can forward messages to one or more email accounts, enabling them to receive their messages via a PC immediately after deposit wherever they may be located
  • Subscribers can invoke Find Me Follow Me behavior when a call is deflected to voicemail, enabling them to maximize their reachability when called on their land line number
  • The widest possible range of options for notification of new messages, including email, SMS, pager, message waiting lamp on phones, and outdial to a designated phone with schedule control, empowering subscribers to receive notifications how they want, when they want
  • Option to create unified mailboxes that receive messages for two or more different phone numbers (including cell phones), greatly simplifying life for subscribers who otherwise have to access multiple different voicemail systems
  • Visual user interfaces to voicemail on the Web, the PC, the mobile phone and the SIP business phone further enhance the user experience by offering subscribers multiple additional ways to interact with their voicemail service
  • Transmission of message waiting status to phones via SMDI, TCAP and SIP ensures network compatibility with both legacy Class 5 switches and VoIP application servers
  • Option to integrate with third-party speech-to-text transcription services, enabling service providers to offer this highly-valued add-on feature to voicemail

Solution Elements

The Metaswitch solution for Wireline Voicemail Evolution is based on the following elements:

  • MetaSphere, configured with Voicemail, Session Control and Gateway Control
  • One or more Universal Media Gateways, which provide TDM trunk connectivity to legacy Class 5 switches
  • MetaView, configured with Service Assurance Server
  • Professional services and automated tools to help ease the migration of subscriber account data and mailbox content from legacy voicemail systems to MetaSphere

The basic Wireline Voicemail Evolution solution may be enhanced with the addition of the following options:

  • CommPortal, which provides voicemail subscribers with a visual user interface for access to voicemail via a Web page, a Web Widget or a mobile phone application
  • CommPortal Mobile Voicemail applications, which may be installed by subscribers on selected smartphone models to provide a visual user interface to voicemail
  • Live Message Screening, which enables subscribers to listen to callers depositing messages with the option to “pick up” and connect to the caller
  • Fax Messaging, supporting inbound fax messages on a subscriber’s main line number or alternative fax line number, with forwarding of fax message content to email or to a fax machine



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MetaSphere Voicemail Diagram
Voicemail using Metaswitch's MetaSphere Unified Messaging System