Session Border Controller

Session Border Controllers reside either at the interconnect point between two network providers or at the access boundary between a managed carrier infrastructure and residential or enterprise customers.

With critical but diverse functions that include security, traffic management and accessibility, these platforms are playing an increasingly vital role in the delivery of communications services: protecting your network services from nefarious attacks, managing packet throughput under all load conditions, and normalizing otherwise incompatible protocols.

SBCs must operate effectively but transparently - performing their tasks without affecting network performance or resilience. Offered exclusively on the Metaswitch high availability commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ATCA platform, the Perimeta product portfolio has been designed to meet the demands of next generation network architectures and emerging rich multimedia communications services.


Perimeta protects vulnerable devices from distributed denial of service or flooding attacks by implementing intelligent, comprehensive blacklisting and rate-limiting functions on sessions which traverse the platform. Topology-hiding techniques further protect the carrier from exposure to attack. Essential for both access and interconnect deployments, header privacy and session privacy are ensured by rewriting the appropriate elements of the SIP messages.

Traffic Management

Perimeta’s overload prevention techniques and adaptive traffic management capabilities protect both the session controller and the other network elements from the effects of continuously extreme or bursty signaling and media loads. Intelligent traffic management guarantees that signaling and media packets are optimally processed and queued appropriately within the platform. This prevents undue media delay and jitter while keeping signaling post dial delay metrics low and preventing extreme retransmission storms.


Perimeta can perform NAT traversal of both SIP and RTP, maintaining flows between endpoints on either the public or private IP interfaces. While SIP is a ratified standard, many diverse interpretations and variations of the protocol are employed in today’s multi-vendor networks. Perimeta can provide interworking and repair of these disparate implementations, modifying SIP headers and message bodies that proxies cannot and thus ensuring that granular session control functions operate appropriately in all circumstances and under all conditions.

Fortify your edge and protect your core with the Perimeta portfolio of Session Border Controllers.

  • Session Border Control in Access and Interconnect Networks

    Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are playing an increasingly critical role in two key areas of emerging next generation carrier networks. Access SBCs and Interconnect SBCs both manage and secure signaling and media functions in next generation architectures, such as those defined by the 3GPP LTE Advanced standards, but they have distinctly different responsibilities. The Perimeta portfolio of Session Border Controllers, from Metaswitch, is uniquely designed to meet these diverse requirements. )))

  • Session Border Control in IMS and VoLTE / V2oLTE

    Wireline and wireless network operators have united around a system architecture evolution known as the unified packet core (UPC). Driven by CableLabs, ETSI and 3GPP standards bodies, the UPC features the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS): a core set of functions, protocols and reference interfaces that can deliver the broad range of multi-screen offerings critical to the success of emerging 4G / LTE Advanced and other next generation infrastructures. )))

  • Session Border Control for Media Transcoding

    As next generation architectures are adopted across the wireline and wireless operator community, VoIP standards will play a far more prominent role in the delivery of end-to-end voice services.  Wireless and wireline networks have different characteristics and this has led standards bodies to select different codecs to run over those networks.   )))

  • Session Border Control for RCS and RCS-e Services

    The GSMA’s Rich Communications Suite (RCS / RCS-e) of services (Joyn) presents an opportunity for service providers to stage an offensive strike against competing over-the-top (OTT) telephony applications. )))