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We have built a strong reputation for exceptional customer support over the last two decades by working with some of the world’s most demanding customers, including carriers such as AT&T, British Telecom and CenturyLink, and networking equipment manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, and IBM.

  • Four out of five customers say we provide better support than ANY other vendor
  • 24x7 availability and global reach to support critical carrier networks
  • Support team comprises real software engineers and industry veterans
  • Blended training and certification solutions teach you how to deploy and use our products
  • MarketVisions resources help you quickly and effectively build, launch and sell your services
  • Support Community brings “ask Metaswitch”, knowledgebase and ticket system under one roof
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Need technical support now?

If you have an urgent problem with a production system, call 24/7 support.

If you have a general question or need advice, Ask The Community.

If you have an issue with your Metaswitch products, check or raise a ticket.

If you need to speak to a Metaswitch representative, contact support.

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Installation, Training and Support


Metaswitch understands that a successful deployment depends on more than just delivering a great product. That is why we assign many of our most talented engineers to provide close, personal technical support, backed up by a comprehensive hardware and software warranty, to ensure our customers' success.

Download the datasheet: Installation, training and support.

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We want our support to be the very best you experience. 

  • No bureaucracy, just a direct line to get help fast.  
  • No anonymous call centers, just real people who are happy to work with you.  
  • No unqualified staff, just trained engineers with the power to find solutions to your problems. 

No wonder that four out of five customers say we provide better support than ANY other vendor they work with.

Get help from the people who made the product

Our support engineers include many of the people who develop our products as well as veterans of the telecommunications industry.  In fact, we regularly move people between the development and support teams so that

  • our support engineers know our products inside-out
  • our developers understand our customers and how our products work in the real world.

This helps us to constantly improve the quality of our products and the support that follows them, which means our customers are less likely to encounter a problem in the first place.  After all, prevention is better than a cure.

24x7 availability and global reach to support critical carrier networks

Metaswitch Support means having an expert in our products and your business, when and where you need them.

Our support engineers support live network deployments from local offices all over the world, including Europe, North America, South America and the Asia / Pacific region, and often work on-site with our carrier customers.

We offer several levels of support, including 24x7, so you can be confident that we will be there when you need us, even if everyone else is in bed.

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We know that deploying new technology and making it work for you in your marketplace can be daunting.  When you face your biggest challenges, you need confidence that your partners are giving special attention to your unique needs.

That’s why our talented professional services team has a mission to go above and beyond to give you exactly what you need, whether it’s help planning a full migration to a next-generation network or a custom built application that you can’t get anywhere else.

Tell us about the shape of your requirements and we will provide a solution that’s tailored to fit.

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When you start to deploy a complex new technology for the first time, getting started can be frustrating.  Or when you want to learn new tricks with a product you are familiar with, it can be hard to know where to look.  Metaswitch offers a range of training courses to bring new users up to speed with the basics and let advanced users reach new heights.  Whatever your needs, our experienced instructors can give you the skills you’re looking for and build new confidence in what you can do with Metaswitch.

Training courses

We offer blended training courses that teach you how to provision, manage and maintain Metaswitch products and solutions. Timely, relevant, and flexible courses are offered onsite or in one of our training facilities. We also offer self-paced online courses, “How to Guides”, and skills certification programs in Class 4, Class 5, HPBX, and Perimeta.

The MarketVisions program includes training courses in how to market compelling next-generation services to business and residential customers.

For more information on Metaswitch training courses, and to book your place, visit the Metaswitch Communities website.

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If you want to rapidly expand your business into new markets or provide additional services to your customers, it is not enough just to build a network - you need to market and sell your services.  Metaswitch MarketVisions is a marketing support program with a package of resources and services to support your growth, including target market and competitive analysis, pricing and packaging support, brandable brochures, videos, and more.

Go-To-Market Best Practices, Resources and Tools

MarketVisions is based on best practices acquired through experience with our diverse customer base, custom market research, and our team of experts. MarketVisions gives you the insight you need to build winning offers along with the tools to promote and sell them.  Resources include:

  • Go-To-Market Program: An end-to-end product development and marketing program helps you to quickly and effectively roll out new IP communications products to your customers.
  • Marketing and Sales Training Courses: Learn about Metaswitch features from an end-user’s perspective, and the right marketing and sales approaches for the business and residential markets.
  • Marketing Toolkits:

 Development intelligence, pricing tools, market segmentation, case studies and more.
  • Brandable Collateral and Multi-Media Materials:

 Whitepapers, “How To” videos, marketing demos, custom commercials and more.
  • MarketVisions Community: 

Access a range of free content and engage with other customers and our team of experts with questions and advice.

For more information, visit the MarketVisions Community or contact your Metaswitch account team.

Hosted business solutions: reference architecture

Hosted PBX is a broad and deep product offering. One of the key strengths of Metaswitch’s hosted PBX solution is the flexibility we offer to be able to tailor and customize the product offering to meet your exact product requirements. However, that flexibility can leave questions open as to what combination of features to offer together, what other CPE to use, and how to bundle it all together into an offering that can be successfully taken to market.

The Hosted PBX Reference Architecture (HPBX-RA) is the result of what we’ve learned over many years and across many service providers globally. It is our golden config -  our recommended way to take Hosted PBX to market quickly and successfully. It takes all our lessons learned and best practices, and incorporates them with our product roadmap, go-to-market perspectives and the trends in the industry. This all combines into a recommendation of how we would deploy a hosted PBX offering, if we were designing a product offering today to be truly competitive over the next five years.

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The Metaswitch Communities website is your gateway to the online world of Metaswitch.  More than just a web forum, it’s a tool that gives you more control over your Metaswitch deployment.  It’s a space where you can share ideas and build relationships with Metaswitch and other Metaswitch customers and partners.

If you want to get involved in Metaswitch’s training or MarketVisions programs, or if you want to take advantage of our partner relationships with other equipment vendors, the Communities website is the place for you.

Join the Metaswitch Community now.

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