Professional services

Today it’s easier than ever to get things just the way you want them.  Double bacon, extra cheese and no gherkin?  No problem.  Skinny decaf soy latte with a cinnamon shot?  Whatever you want.  The power to get your own way is liberating.  

Metaswitch professional services bring that flavor to the world of customer support, with a dedicated team of experts who will do whatever they can to help you achieve your goals and get your own way.

Tailored to your requirements

We know that deploying new technology and making it work for you in your marketplace can be daunting.  When you face your biggest challenges, you need confidence that your partners are giving special attention to your unique needs.

That’s why our talented professional services team has a mission to go above and beyond to give you exactly what you need, whether it’s help planning a full migration to a next-generation network or a custom built application that you can’t get anywhere else.

Tell us about the shape of your requirements and we will provide a solution that’s tailored to fit.

What services do we offer?

Our professional services team can supply a customized package of services built from the following options.

  • Project management
  • Network planning, migration and design
  • End-to-end partner equipment verification
  • Customized announcements
  • Targeted engineering support
  • Customized application development
  • Branding MetaSphere subscriber web UIs
  • Translation updates
  • Second-hand hardware verification
  • Return and replace for out-of-warranty equipment
  • Network Operations Center management

For our OEM customers, Metaswitch is committed to helping you get products incorporating our software to market in the most effective manner possible. As such, we provide a complete range of professional services across the entire customer project lifecycle, encompassing

  • system architecture consulting and planning
  • systems integration engineering services
  • customer-specific feature enhancement
  • customer-specific development projects
  • integration testing and/or QA testing
  • product installation and verification.

For more information see the Professional Services datasheet, or give us a call and tell us about your own special requests.  Your Metaswitch account manager and our Professional Services team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and help define your personalized solution.


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