Diversity and Inclusion

Metaswitch stands against racism, discrimination, injustice and violence.  We hold ourselves, our customers and our industry partners to account in the rejection of discrimination in any form.

Our commitment to these values should be clearly evident, every day and in every way. We have always strived to adhere to these values in the past but realize that we can and must do better. If you work at or interact with the Metaswitch organization we encourage you to please let us know if you ever see otherwise.

You can contact us at DiversityandInclusion@metaswitch.com

Our Commitment

Our D&I charter is clear and unequivocal:

  • Metaswitch will stand up to and call out discrimination against our employees, wherever it comes from, and act to support them.
  • We will not accommodate any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or discrimination of any form – even from customers that we sell to.
  • Metaswitch is aware that we all have unconscious biases and will monitor and work to remove them from our recruitment and internal promotion processes.
  • Metaswitch will not produce any communication material that reinforces discrimination or unconscious bias in its terminology or imagery.
  • Metaswitch stands by employees who peacefully support and/or politically organize anti-racist and anti-discriminatory causes.
  • Metaswitch supports the Black Lives Matter movement and organizations that strive to eradicate social injustice through peaceful activities.
  • Metaswitch matches donations for employees who gift to just and valuable causes.


Our leaders are committed to Diversity and Inclusion

We expect every employee, starting with the CEO and including our Board of Directors, to help create and sustain an inclusive environment.

Metaswitch has a culture based on inclusion and collaboration and a working environment that embraces differences and encourages freedom of expression. I believe that diversity isn’t just a key part of business success, it is a foundation and fundamental requirement on which all businesses must be built. I hold myself, the executive team and every employee accountable for promoting diversity as the cultural fabric of our company.


Martin Lund
CEO, Metaswitch
Our goal is for every employee to feel respected, supported and included. We recognise that we always have work to do, that we must react and respond appropriately to world events, that we must eradicate injustice, and continuously expand and improve our D&I initiatives to drive progress in any and all of these critical areas. 

Justine McLennan, Global Head of Human Resources

Justine McLennan
Global Head of Human Resources, Metaswitch

We're committed to improving our Diversity and Inclusion strategy

Networking Groups

Everyone is different, and a part of making Metaswitch an awesome place to work is making sure every employee feels welcome and included. Our current employee networks include:

  • Access Network
  • Minority Gender at Metaswitch Network
  • Multi-Faith Network
  • Minority-at-Metaswitch Races and Ethnicities Network
  • Parents and Carers Network
  • Mental Health Network
  • Pride Network

External Involvement

Metaswitch is proud to participate in:

  • ‘Leveraging the Culture of Engineering Action Group’ run by the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Working wth Women Who Code, empowering women in technology
  • Partnering with local schools to provide work experience
  • Enabling Enterprise scheme 3 times per year to showcase what we do to children in our community, and promote Software Engineering as a career path for girls and boys at primary school level.
  • The Access Project whereby disadvantaged local students are given extra tutoring and help with the key STEM subjects.
  • Work View Day, bringing groups aged 16-18 from Enfield Young Carers and Enfield Island Village Youth Community Trust into the office, telling them about Metaswitch, giving interview advice, and advising on CVs.
  • Volunteering with many local charities

Flexible Working

We know that when employees are trusted to manage their work/life balance, it supports their well-being, increases engagement and enables them to perform their job better. To support this effort, we recently reviewed our approach. As such all employees are empowered to have conversations with their manager about working flexibly.

We also recently reviewed our leave packages to ensure we’re family-friendly.

Diversity Events

  • We host events for Women Who Code, empowering women in technology through social networking and education events.
  • We will be sponsoring Targetjobs IT’s not just for boys!, promoting and supporting women in tech career opportunities.
  • EqualEngineers is a job board for inclusive employers and diverse talent in engineering and technology. We're attending!
  • And you'll see us at Women in STEM 
  • We host events for Codebar, a global non-profit initiative that collaborates with tech companies to host free coding workshops, aiming to help people from unrepresented backgrounds in technology

Allied Skills

Everyone thrives in a company culture that is safe, respectful and inclusive, but it can be hard to know how one person can help support this goal.

We run a workshop to help people become better allies.

Employees get the opportunity to work through real world examples of bias and talk about how allies can act effectively in these situations.

Apprenticeship Programs

In 2020 we are taking on apprentices in Engineering, Information Systems, Human Resources & Procurement so that candidates can combine their studies with on-the-job training.

Reverse Mentoring Program

In 2018, we kicked off a Reverse Mentoring program to increase engagement and involvement with Diversity & Inclusion activities, especially with senior managers. Here at Metaswitch, reverse mentoring offers senior employees the opportunity to learn from more junior employees from a diverse background or protected characteristic by the sharing of experiences.