Microsoft Azure Private Edge Zones™

  • Single platform for delivering enterprise 5G
  • Enables URLLC IoT supporting Industry 4.0
  • Keeps all data local for increased security

What is it?

Built on the Azure Stack Edge platform, Azure Private Edge Zones are small-footprint extensions of Azure that are deployed on a customer premise. This distributed public cloud offering enables low latency access to localized computing and storage. This enables enterprises to deploy industrial IoT applications together with 5G network functions and other networking components as Azure managed services.


How do we help?

Our 5G Fusion Core is ideally suited for deployment on Private Edge Zones supporting enterprise automation and industrial IoT applications. It is incredibly lightweight and built entirely cloud native, requiring less compute resources than alternatives. The user plane function features our exclusive powerful packet processing engine, enabling high traffic throughputs on constrained edge resources.


When to contact us.

Are you a network systems integrator working with enterprises on building 5G infrastructure to support highly-secure industrial automation applications requiring a high density of endpoints?  Together with Microsoft, we provide the edge compute platform and core components you need to deliver a wireless infrastructure leveraging the latest new radio technologies over lightly license or unlicensed spectrum. 

Private 5G Solution Overview

Industry 4.0 is transforming every vertical with smart and connected autonomous systems powered by massive distributed computing. Private 5G networks are the enabling technology.

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