5G Will Be a Turning Point for NFV

There is a palpable sense of frustration with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) these days. After nearly seven years of work on developing NFV across the industry, we’ve seen some significant changes in how communication service providers (CSPs) build networks, deliver services and challenge their existing suppliers. But many are dissatisfied with results that haven’t yet reached the height of NFV’s promised cost savings.

5G will change all of that and will mark a turning point for NFV. Launching the next generation of mobile technology is the perfect time for operators to rethink how they build cloud environments and the applications that run in them.

According to CTO Martin Taylor, 5G standards encourage networks to be built in a more “cloud friendly way,” and operators are being more demanding of their vendors to deliver that.

Taylor recently discussed how important 5G will be for advancing NFV at TelecomTV’s DSP Leaders Forum.