A cloud native 5G user plane

With a portfolio of virtualized network functions that pre-date even the first ETSI NFV ISG white paper, Metaswitch is a recognized trailblazer when it comes to delivering  communications services hosted in private, public or hybrid clouds. Seven years on, emerging 5G specifications are now mandating end-to-end cloud native infrastructure and Metaswitch is leveraging this unique position to, once again, take a principal role in developing technology that not only meets the requirements of its cloud-based control plane components, but the performance demands of a cloud native User Plane Function (UPF).

In this short 2-minute video, CTO Martin Taylor introduces our Composable Network Application Processor (CNAP), a revolutionary packet processing platform which delivers data throughput commensurate with custom switching silicon for data plane applications deployed in containers on standard x86 CPU server architectures.

HubSpot Video

 You can learn more about CNAP by checking out this knowledge center article and this blog post.