Collaboration Drives NFV Development

Open Platform NFV (OPNFV) and the ETSI NFV Industry Specification Group are both very much collaborative activities, and there is a lot of sharing that goes on. The collaboration has been around requirements and I think we will see some collaboration around the practical implementation of NFV.

But we mustn’t forget that a lot of these operators are actually competing with one another and will be looking to develop their own differentiators. If an operator feels it’s done a really good job implementing an open NFV platform and that is giving it a competitive edge in the market, it’s not likely to share that with other people.

Certainly, the collaboration is happening at the level of the basic foundations and OPNFV is designed as a reference platform. So it’s a great starting point on which people will build differentiation.

[Editor's note: For more on Taylor’s views about the collaborative development of NFV, please watch his interview on TelecomTV.]