Excited to be part of OpenECOMP

Metaswitch is very pleased to be among the founding members of OpenECOMP.   As one of the first four announced vendors in AT&T’s Domain 2.0 program to modernize and virtualize their network, Metaswitch has already had several years of exposure to ECOMP and has contributed significantly to the ECOMP design and development effort with a particular focus on the APIs exposed by VNFs for orchestration purposes.   Metaswitch will continue to focus in this area in contributing to OpenECOMP, bringing a VNF vendor’s perspective on this critical touchpoint between VNFs and orchestration as it continues to evolve to support new approaches to virtualization, particularly containerization.

Metaswitch recognizes ECOMP as the most ambitious, complete and broad-ranging attempt yet seen to automate operations across all aspects of NFV infrastructure and applications, and looks forward to working with the OpenECOMP community to provide concrete, open-source solutions for some of the most challenging operational issues faced by the industry as the uptake of NFV accelerates past new physical appliance deployments.

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