Is IMS Right for Your Network?

With the right technology in place, operators can upgrade their networks now and decide what to do about IMS later

LONDON -- January 8, 2014 – Metaswitch Networks reminded network operators today that if they deploy a flexible enough network architecture, it is possible to upgrade their networks now, even if they decide to deploy an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture down the road.

The flexibility inherent in Metaswitch’s architecture gives network operators the ability to upgrade now and embrace IMS later, with no need for hardware changes or rewiring of TDM connections. Metaswitch’s Multiservice Telephony Application Server (MTAS), for instance, can be deployed today as a next-generation network (NGN) application server and seamlessly converted to an IMS deployment at a later date, with TAS, Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) and Access Gateway Control Function (AGCF) breakouts all provided, alongside Metaswitch’s Universal Media Gateway (UMG) for legacy interfaces.

This is possible because Metaswitch’s IMS PSTN Emulation Subsystem App Server (PES-AS), its AGCF and its MGCF all fully adhere to IMS specifications, so network operators can be sure that Metaswitch components can slot into any existing IMS deployment with minimal effort.

The company’s flexible approach to modernizing telecom networks allows its network operator customers to mix and match their vendor selections to ensure they have a network that will best suit their customers’ current and future needs. Additionally, operators can rest easy because all licenses for Metaswitch NGN deployments carry directly and continuously to any IMS deployment.

“We understand that some operators still haven’t decided what to do about IMS, but we do urge them to move beyond legacy TDM equipment so they can put themselves in the best possible position to succeed,” says Paul Brittain, VP of VoIP and multimedia products at Metaswitch Networks.

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