Microsoft has announced an agreement to acquire Metaswitch Networks

Update July 15, 2020: Microsoft has completed the acquisition of Metaswitch Networks.

I am proud and excited to announce that Microsoft has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Metaswitch Networks. You can read more about this agreement on the Official Microsoft blog.  Both companies will now move down the path of officially closing this transaction. 

Throughout its history, Metaswitch has been recognized as a trusted, independent developer of critical networking software, delivering products and solutions worldwide to more than 1,000 communications service providers and network equipment providers.  We built a continuously innovative, growing, well-respected and profitable business.  We have fueled the telecommunications industry through multiple technology eras and evolutions, most recently pioneering the development of ultra-high-performance cloud native communications software.  This software is underpinning modern cloud-based communication networks, in the core and at the edge, and has driven today’s announcement with Microsoft.

I have been honored by the customers who have put their trust in us, aware that we are only as successful as those we serve and committed to delivering products and solutions that meet their needs and add real business value. We have innovated, disrupted, and delivered together.  And now, I am more excited than ever to continue our journey with the added momentum, technology, services, and people that Microsoft can bring.  We will continue to meet customers where they are, working together as communication service providers evolve their own operations.  And we’ll be ideally placed to aid those operators keen to transition to cloud native deployments, to 5G networks and to the era of compelling applications that are served from the core and edge of new network architectures.  I look forward to working with all our existing customers and new prospects alike, as we embark on the next leg of our mutual growth and evolution.

Last but not least, a message to our employees:  I am privileged to have worked with such a committed, versatile and talented team.  You have risen to every challenge presented to you, engineered at an incredibly high level across so many disciplines, never settled for a lower bar, given whatever is asked of yourselves and your role, served our customers relentlessly, advanced our mission enthusiastically and treated each other with dignity, compassion and respect. I am immensely proud of what we have built together and am confident that there is still so much more yet to come.

Martin Lund
CEO, Metaswitch Networks