Metaswitch Networks Receives Two Innovation Awards

Metaswitch took home two Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards earlier this month, both for projects related to Metaswitch's Consumer Communications solutions.
According to Global Telecoms Business (GTB), the awards recognize the most innovative projects in the telecommunications industry.  Metaswitch, along with its network operator customers and technology partners, is honored to receive two awards this year for its pioneering efforts in virtualized network function development. 

The first award went to Metaswitch, Vip Mobile, OpenCloud and Brocade for their work on the world’s first fully virtualized VoLTE deployment. Vip Mobile, Telekom Austria’s Serbian mobile operator subsidiary, today carries live VoLTE traffic in a virtualized environment thanks to a virtualized EPC from Brocade (which acquired Connectem in March), the Clearwater virtualized IMS core from Metaswitch and a virtualized VoLTE application server from OpenCloud. 

Picture: Karen Willie/Global Telecoms Business

The second award distinguished Tiscali’s indoona voice over IP (VoIP) service and social networking application, which is powered by Metaswitch’s Clearwater vIMS core, Perimeta Session Border Controller and MetaView Service Assurance Server. The indoona service is designed for smartphones and provides chat, photo, video and text features, along with free, high-quality voice and video calls to other indoona users. 

Picture: Karen Willie/Global Telecoms Business

For more info on Metaswitch’s deployment at Tiscali, please download our case study.

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