Open Source vs. Standardization

There’s a debate going on about how much we should let standards bodies specify NFV versus how much we should just rely on de facto standards. I think there’s a recognition that things move much faster if you allow de facto standards to emerge.

It’s not like there are lots of competing de facto standards anyway. We’re all agreed that we’re talking about a small number of pieces of fundamental software here like, for example, KVM, OpenStack or Linux, and clearly they’re not the only ones. There’s not a lot of obvious competition to these.

There are debates around the edges, however, regarding whether you should become overly dependent on x86 architecture versus whether you should abstract to where the differences are between x86 and other architectures, like ARM,  in order to ensure some portability. That’s certainly an interesting debate, but I think it's one that’s best played out in the market, rather than through heavy-handed deliberations, which are inevitably infected by politics in the standards bodies.

(Source: TelecomTV)

Editor's note: Martin Taylor's most recent white paper is free to download below and discusses the importance of NFV.

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