Protect Customers from Fraudulent Robocalls

Metaswitch CEO Martin Lund recently published a piece on Forbes with some hard truths about robocalls. Even though there is much industry enthusiasm about combatting robocalls, there’s no panacea that will completely eradicate these nuisance calls. But the good news is that progress is being made on shutting down the worst kind of robocalls that put consumers at risk – i.e., illegal robocalls run by fraudsters who use autodialed, pre-recorded messages to prey on unsuspecting victims to steal money or personal data, or both.


The FCC introduced rules that would allow voice service providers to block these unwanted calls by default, much like email providers block spam and give consumers the choice of opting out rather than requiring them to opt in to call blocking services. The ruling won’t completely stop robocalls, but it is an important step because it sets consumer expectations that service providers can and will provide robocall blocking tools.

The FCC has also taken steps to qualify the capabilities of new standards called STIR and SHAKEN, which are implemented at the interconnection points of service provider networks and prevent caller ID spoofing by providing authentication of the caller ID from where the call originates.

Caller ID spoofing is an insidious form of phone fraud because it devalues the phone number as a trusted identifier and increases the likelihood that consumers will stop using telephony services delivered by network operators. Scams that use caller ID spoofing trick consumers into thinking the calls are coming from legitimate businesses or government agencies, like the U.S. Social Security Administration for example.

By implementing STIR/SHAKEN to provide reliable caller ID authentication, service providers are likely to attract new customers and strengthen loyalty among existing customers if they are actively working to protect them from fraudsters.

For the full story, please read the Forbes article.

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