Public Cloud Software Stacks are Game Changers for Telcos

The availability of public cloud stack software could be a boon for CSPs looking for a hybrid cloud model for deploying networking virtual network function (VNF) workloads. In the last six months or so, the market has seen the introduction of Amazon Outposts, Google Anthos and Microsoft Azure.

Public cloud operators have recognized that enterprises don’t necessarily want to run everything in the public cloud. And this trend opens possibilities for CSPs as well. There will be some VNFs that CSPs will want to run on their own infrastructure in their own data centres, and some that they are happy to run in the public cloud.

In the video clip below, CTO Martin Taylor suggests that telcos can take advantage of this public cloud stack movement. “Stop struggling with OpenStack and embrace these public cloud stacks, and maybe life will be easier from the point of view of virtualizing network functions,” he said.