TADSummit Demo Shows Telecom's Open Source Possibilities

Four companies sponsoring the Telecom Application Developer Summit (TADSummit) in Istanbul presented what is believed to be the world’s first demonstration of a live, cloud-based telephone voting application on a real service provider network.

The proof-of-concept demo used Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system; Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater and a cluster of TeleStax’s RestComm Telephony Application Servers, all of which were connected using Truphone’s global mobile network. The demo was engineered in less than two weeks and built entirely on open source software, with the intent of showing how network operators can reduce infrastructure costs and get services to market more quickly.

You can watch the full demo in the embedded video below, or you can see it on YouTube.

"The combination of open source components in our demonstration offers operators extremely powerful and flexible tools to build solutions that would have cost a magnitude more and taken longer to implement. Our combined demo was completed in days,” said James Body, Truphone’s head of Research & Development.

"We were pleased to be part of the telecom service demo at TADSummit, along with innovative companies like TeleStax, Canonical and Truphone," says Paul Drew, general manager, Metaswitch. "Project Clearwater is designed from the ground up for massively scalable deployment in the cloud and we think it has helped establish open source software as a key part of the modern service provider architecture."

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