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Topic: IP Routing

Implementing the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) in your NOS to track BGP network state
The worldwide public internet has long depended on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for exchanging routing a reachability information between ...
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Implement MPLS on white box switches with the Metaswitch NOS Toolkit
With the continued growth of the global MPLS IP VPN Services Market and the ongoing consolidation of of the access layer onto Multiservice MPLS edge ...
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Intent-Based Composable Networking
There is absolutely no question that B2B technology marketing remains a most revered profession. Certainly, since I first donned my marcom blazer and ...
Read More Takes Over VPP and Unites with DPDK to Accelerate NFV Data Planes to Outright Nutty Speeds
On the realization that I was not about to quit these blog posts any time soon, my inbound marketing manager felt obliged to impart some worldly ...
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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! BGP, MPLS, Segment Routing and PCE!
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