At Metaswitch we are setting ambitious targets for environmental sustainability. We want to make our engineering operations net-zero for carbon emissions by 2030, and establish ourselves as the industry leader for building energy-efficient telecoms products. This opens up some really exciting opportunities for our engineers to innovate new ways to reduce the power-usage, and hence the carbon footprint, of our hardware and software.

We have a range of initiatives underway to reduce the impact of our operations, including powering our internal datacentres with only electricity from 100% renewable sources, and moving to use third party cloud compute resources that are powered only by renewables. We’re also driving down our business travel emissions by making use of videoconferencing and other remote collaboration technologies, and using sustainable modes of transport instead of air travel where possible.

We’re currently building a new head office in Enfield that is class-leading for sustainability, with lots of energy-saving measures designed in. Our offices have charging points for electric vehicles and bikes and we run schemes to incentivise our staff to choose low-carbon options for their commute. Meanwhile our employee-led sustainability steering group is working hard on various ways to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics, promote sustainable products in our staff canteen, improve our recycling rates and much more!

Adam Bradley, Engineering Project Manager

Adam Bradley Blog Post