Training and Development

Your Journey Doesn't Stop with Your Start Date

Our commitment to training is second to none

From day one, you will be assigned real tasks working on the design and development of complex software. A training program will be tailored for you and continue throughout your career with us. While you can develop your career in a technical role, you are also free to explore other paths within our flexible, open organisation.

It is important to us that you do not feel pigeon-holed. So if you enjoy variety, you can spend time in any of our roles. If you excel in all areas, then you will have the opportunity to run your own division - acting effectively as an entrepreneur within the company.

We don't just say it, we do it

Graduates are assigned mentor will set aside 20% of their time for your training in your first year. Supported by that commitment, you will have the freedom and flexibility to drive your career in the direction – and at the speed – that you choose.

You won’t follow a fixed rigid programme. You’ll have your own individual training plan, tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

In addition to the benefit of on-the-job training from our numerous internal technical experts (many of whom are world leaders in their specific area), we also have

  • in-house seminars covering every aspect of the company's operation

  • detailed technical seminars covering specific projects and business areas

  • training tasks designed to improve presentation and communication skills

  • external courses and conferences on management development and technical subjects.

Build the career you want

Our career structure and culture are designed to encourage employees to progress quickly into senior positions, if that is what they want. However, if you would rather stay in one role for a longer period, that can also be accommodated. Our flexible approach to your development allows you to choose the pace and direction of your career.

Don't forget our hackathons...

In addition, we give everyone the opportunity to participate in regular Metaswitch organised Hackathons with your colleagues from across our engineering spectrum. These great events give everybody a chance to swap ideas and generate momentum in their own projects, as well as ensuring that your creative and problem-solving skills have a chance to shine – and win prizes!