IoT: The Internet of Talk





We are rapidly shifting to a society dominated by hyperconnectivity, distributed sensor grids and nomadic telemetry. From light bulbs to lavatories; connected coffee makers to connected cars; the Internet of Things is becoming ever more pervasive. And now, with the advent of artificial intelligence and automated response interfaces, the internet of things is threatening the very way we interact.

But there’s a new movement emerging. We are still people; and we want our voice to be heard.

The way we converse has forever changed, but the service offerings of network operators have not evolved in decades.

We demand an awesome, ubiquitous, audio experience with granular call control and greater contextual information. We insist that our telephony be seamlessly integrated into a larger communications ecosystem with a common archive that is easily accessible across all networks, services and platforms.

Together, we can realize those aspirations. Join the Internet of Talk. Join the revolution.


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