Fusion Core for Private 5G and LTE Datasheet


Meeting 5G objectives demands a fierce commitment to rapidly deploying a complete cloud native core. Establishing a plan which facilitates a smooth migration to this next generation infrastructure is critical for achieving optimal performance and realizing 5G’s primary business goals of delivering innovative low-cost services. Only Metaswitch can provide the powerful, efficient, programmable and highly automated control and user plane functions required to make 5G a reality.

As recognized pioneers in cloudification, Metaswitch has a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver cloud network functions (CNFs) with superior performance, scalability and resiliency. This requires expertise in the areas of microservices development platforms and design patterns, highly distributed state maintenance, advanced data plane acceleration plus modern orchestration models. This is particularly critical when developing 5G core components, which will be some of the first network elements to be exclusively deployed in public, private or hybrid multiservice edge compute (MEC) clouds.