Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)


DC-IGMP/MLD is a portable source code implementation of the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) protocol designed explicitly to support the scalability, availability and functional requirements of OEMs building devices for next generation networks. It also supports the Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) protocol, the IPv6 variant of IGMP.

DC-IGMP/MLD shares Metaswitch's multicast IP routing architecture.  It has comprehensive support for the relevant standards.

DC-IGMP/MLD Features

Protocol Function

DC-IGMP/MLD provides support for the router-side parts of the following specifications.

  • IGMP v3, as specified in RFC 3376.
  • IGMP v2, as specified in RFC 2236.
  • IGMP v1, as specified in RFC 1112.
  • MLD v2, as specified in RFC 3810.
  • MLD v1, as specified in RFC 2710.
  • IGMP SSM support, as specified in RFC 4604.
  • IGMP/MLD Proxy, as specified in RFC 4605.
  • The Multicast Group Membership Discovery MIB, as described in draft-ietf-magma-mgmd-mib.
  • DC-IGMP/MLD supports the following features.

Full mandatory protocol support (as specified in the relevant RFCs and Internet-Drafts).

  • Pre-integrated and transactional CLI, NETCONF, WEB UI, SNMP, REST, and scripted management solutions available through pre-integration and partnership with Tail-f ConfD
  • High-level Yang models map directly to operator-familiar semantics
  • Easily integrated with proprietary management solutions via alternative low-level MIB interfaces
    • Support for all BGP v4 MIB tables defined in RFC 1657
    • Extensions based on the latest BGP v4 MIB draft (draft-ietf-idr-bgp4-mibv2)
    • Proprietary extensions to allow MIB-based configuration of BGP routing policies
  • High availability and fault tolerance in management of configuration information (when used with Configuration Safe Store)