Label Switched Paths Ping (LSP-Ping)


Metaswitch’s LSP Ping solution is a library of functions that build and parse LSP Ping messages and manage the LSP Ping transactions. It is integrated with DC-MPLS to provide an end-to-end solution.

DC-OAM LSP Ping provides the following function.

  • Enables the library user to initiate LSP Ping transactions
  • Retries LSP Ping requests if a response is not received
  • Integrates with DC-MPLS to process LSP Ping requests
  • Creates and encodes LSP Ping packets and passes them to the library user for transmission
  • Accepts and decodes LSP Ping packets from the library user and correlates responses to an existing LSP Ping transaction or passes requests to DC-MPLS for processing
  • Maintains statistics about LSP Ping transactions and overall operation
  • Manages a traceroute request and reports the discovered path to the library user.

Distribution = Scalability

As for DC-OAM BFD, multiple DC-OAM LSP Ping instances can be instantiated and the library can be distributed to line cards if required.