Layer 2 VPN Manager


The Metaswitch L2VPN Manager enables the provisioning of E-LAN and E-LINE type services using MPLS-based L2VPNs. L2VPN Manager acts as a central database of L2VPN information on a device and owns all L2VPN Bridge. The L2VPN Manager interfaces with VPLS and VPWS forwarders in layer 2 switches along with Metaswitch BGP, TPM and LDP offerings to distribute L2 VPN routes, configure pseudowire bindings and send/receive MAC address withdraw requests. The L2VPN Manager interworks with local management interfaces.


Used in combination with the Metaswitch products shown in the diagram, DC‑L2VPN Manager supports the following Layer 2 VPN function.

  • VPWS Support
    • VPWS with static PW labels.
    • VPWS with LDP-signaled PWs (RFC 4762).
    • VPWS with LDP-signaled PWs and BGP auto-discovery (RFC 6074).
    • VPWS with BGP-signaled PWs and BGP auto-discovery (RFC 6624).
    • Graceful Restart for VPWS.
  • VPLS Support
    • VPLS with static PW labels.
    • VPLS with LDP-signaled PWs (RFC 4762).
    • VPLS with LDP-signaled PWs and BGP auto-discovery (RFC 6074).
    • VPLS with BGP-signaled PWs and BGP auto-discovery (RFC 4761).
    • Equivalence with the VPLS MIB (draft-ietf-l2vpn-vpls-mib).
    • Graceful Restart for VPLS.
  • Layer 2 Integration
    • Multi-homing a customer network into a provider network using R/MSTP, ERPS, MC-LAG, or Reverse L2GP, including propagating topology changes into the provider network.
    • Running IGMP snooping on the attachment circuits and pseudowires of a VPLS to limit multicast flooding.

DC-L2VPN Manager itself provides the following functions:

  • Maintains a central database of L2VPN information, creates and owns all Bridge Domains of type L2VPN.
  • For VPNS using BGP auto-discovery
    • receives and retains routes from DC‑BGP
    • provides routes to DC-BGP corresponding to the local VPN configuration
    • creates PWs for BGP–signaled pseudowires and LDP-signaled pseudowires.
  • Binds pseudowires to bridge domains and binds attachment circuits to bridge domains.
  • Supports Graceful Restart of L2 VPNs.