SNAP-IX is the world's leading product for SNA and SNA/IP communications to mainframes and is deployed in 100,000s of installations worldwide. In particular, it supports Enterprise Extender connections, which are fast becoming the most popular way to support legacy SNA applications over an IP network.

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SNAP-IX users benefit from

  • being able to deploy a broad range of mainframe connectivity solutions
  • a product that is easy to install, configure, use and troubleshoot
  • the product's comprehensive functional specification
  • our comprehensive and highly experienced support service
  • working with an expert supplier, who provides SNA technology for IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and HP.

SNAP-IX has recently been enhanced to allow it to support legacy downstream SNA devices without a mainframe. The new Primary RUI feature allows users to develop UNIX applications that host legacy PU type 2 systems, such as ATMs.

SNAP-IX's high functional specification means that it can be used as a key component in many different networking solutions.

  • Integrating an SNA network into an IP network using traditional solutions like TN3270 and client-server, or the more strategic Enterprise Extender
  • Incorporating UNIX systems into SNA/APPN networks using an SNA Gateway.
  • Hosting local and web applications that interact with legacy mainframe systems.
  • Accessing traditional mainframe applications using SNAP-IX's bundled applications, including 3270, TN3270, 5250, RJE and NDM-A.
  • The Primary RUI feature allows you to write UNIX applications that emulate a mainframe, when communicating with legacy downstream PU type 2 systems.

Metaswitch first started developing SNA products in 1983, and is now the world leading vendor of SNA and SNA/IP technology. Our products provide full feature pure SNA and all the major techniques for integrating SNA systems into evolving IP networks. We also provide engineering and consultancy services to customers, for example to add customer-specific functions to the products.

IP Integration

SNAP-IX enables several solutions for integrating SNA into IP networks. This means you can keep your existing applications and run them over IP instead of SNA.

  • Enterprise Extender allows use of IP all the way to the mainframe for all types of SNA application.
  • TN3270 Server and Client is a popular solution for green screen and screen-scraping applications.
  • SNAP-IX can be deployed using its client-server architecture over an IP network, keeping the SNA network within the glasshouse.

Application Server

SNAP-IX provides a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which can be used to build powerful distributed applications across an SNA network. The following APIs are provided:

  • APPC and CPI-C interfaces for LU6.2 transaction programs.
  • LUA provides access to LU type 0, 1, 2 and 3 sessions.
  • LU0 provides a simple method for accessing LU type 0 sessions.
  • The Common Service Verbs (CSV) interface provides utility functions such as EBCDIC-ASCII translation.
  • HLLAPI interface provides 'screen-scraping' for both 3270 and TN3270 sessions.
  • The Node Operator Facility (NOF) interface allows applications to perform administrative tasks.
  • The Management Services (MS) interface allows communications with remote MDS-level or NMVT-level network management applications.

In order to make these APIs as easy to use as possible, SNAP-IX also includes

  • comprehensive Programmer's Guides
  • sample code
  • API tracing facilities.

Bundled Applications

SNAP-IX includes the following SNA applications:

  • SNA 3270 and TN3270 client
  • 5250 Client
  • APPC Application Suite
  • NetView/Distribution Manager Agent (NDM-A)
  • RJE Workstation.