What is Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC)?


Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC) is a solution which enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to provide a highly contextual and immersive telephony service that improves a user’s productivity and their ability to stay connected. Mobile UC features extend the value of an MNO’s mobile offering, increasing customer satisfaction and therefore retention.   


Easily deployed in VoLTE and IMS networks, Mobile UC offerings employ cloud-native, carrier-grade mobile communications platforms that uniquely blend the native dialer experience of a smartphone with network-based voice services, group communications and collaboration features.

Mobile UC services are ideal for families, sole proprietorships or independent consultants (prosumers) and small to medium-sized businesses. Each subset of consumer has a distinct set of issues which can be address by a highly-customizable Mobile UC offering. Such solutions include complete unified communications and collaboration services that comprise presence, chat and video conferencing. Leveraging the native dialer, a Mobile UC application also typically includes a simple management interface from which a user can configure and control their entire communications environment.

Key Mobile UC features include:

  • Highly-configurable single line with multiple appearances on end devices.
  • Local intra-family or group calling and messaging, including multi-way calls.
  • Dual persona, with two or more numbers integrated with the native dialer.
  • Temporary numbers for eBay or Craigslist or for businesses with seasonal workers.
  • Policy and permissions, including granular incoming call control and call distribution.
  • Intuitive group collaboration, including video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • Comprehensive presence, instant messaging and file sharing from a simple UI.

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