Futuriom Report - Private Wireless and Local Cloud Trends


Interest in private wireless networks is gaining momentum. As 5G standards and device availability continue to progress, large companies, municipalities, and utilities are all becoming interested in the ways that private wireless network(s) can help enable digital transformation use cases related to smart automation, smart infrastructure, and smart cities.

This report will examine the state of the market today related to the mix of 4G/LTE, 5G, WiFi and edge-cloud technologies that may all have a role to play in private wireless network adoption. It will also review early private wireless projects to gauge where progress has been made vis-à-vis where material challenges remain. This report will also provide insights on network adoption considerations that large enterprises must work through in order to determine whether or not private wireless network projects make sense. Finally, it will review key players to watch in the space to help readers better understand the ecosystem of key suppliers that will make an impact on how this market evolves over the near-to-medium term.