Intel, Metaswitch, Red Hat, Dell Joint vIMS Solutions Brief


Lower Deployment and Operational Costs with Virtualized IMS Using NFV 

Dell, Intel, Metaswitch, and Red Hat demonstrate a virtualized IP Multimedia Subsystem for scalable VoLTE, VoWiFi, unified communications, and other rich media services.

Aggressive competition from over-the-top (OTT) service providers, like Facebook*, Google, and Microsoft*, has put pricing pressures on telco service providers (SPs) to deliver ubiquitous telephony and messaging services at a fraction of the price they have historically charged. OTT players are delivering this experience through unified communications (UC) services, whereas telco SPs have lacked a clear direction for UC. Also putting pressure on SPs is the need to provide cost-effective roaming service options, enable Wi-Fi offload, and reallocate legacy 3G voice spectrum to deploy more spectral-efficient HSPA or LTE.

This white paper describes how SPs can address these challenges with a network functions virtualization (NFV)-based virtualized IP Multimedia Subsystem (vIMS) that increases agility and lowers deployment and operational costs compared to traditional IMS solutions without NFV platforms.



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