Frost & Sullivan: Shifting Market Dynamics in UC&C Require the Right Service Provider Partner


Choosing the right solution to deliver reliable and compelling unified communications (UC) services to customers has always been a complex challenge for communications service providers. While a few providers try to claim differentiation by investing time and resources into home-grown services platforms, most large providers are seeing the value in terms of service innovation and agility by leveraging solutions developed by leading technology vendors. Partnering with a technology vendor, however, can create its own set of challenges. Choosing the wrong third-party platform and partner can result in conflicting product roadmaps, as well as reduced profit margins and fewer customization options. In some cases, a provider might even find itself in direct competition with its partner. In addition, the changing vendor landscape, increased competition from both new and established providers, and rising customer expectations are further changing the relationship between service providers and technology vendors. Now more than ever, it is imperative that providers re-evaluate their existing relationships and seek out vendors and solutions that align most closely with their own business and services strategy.

This executive brief explores these new market dynamics and the impact they will have on communications service providers. In addition, the paper highlights some considerations for service providers when evaluating vendor partners.