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      • Messaging services help develop subscriber relationships

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      • Vendor and OS-specific message stores constrain users

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      • Converged message store enables innovative applications

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      • Messaging infrastructures must be built cloud native

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      • A virtualized IMS core provides a critical foundation


Platform-specific instant message services and stores are now prevalent and widely used, whether consciously or not, by a large number of subscribers around the world. These distinct, proprietary applications and device or OS-specific solutions, however, dramatically limit consumer freedom and create unnecessary walled gardens for network operators.

Messaging, real-time text communications and message history should not be shackled like this. They should be ubiquitous, network-independent, cross-platform and multi-device, while allowing users to easily import and export their complete communications history. Integrated messaging services should be built on broad industry specifications but not held back by monolithic and ever-changing standards.

Solution description

Solution description

Metaswitch’s Messaging Services solutions deliver infrastructure and services that can enhance anyone’s communications experience. Network operators can create new revenue opportunities and develop a new relationship with their subscribers by extending a superior user experience for the critical messaging services they depend on. 

Clearwater, our cloud native IMS core, is the logical foundation for scalable and dynamic messaging infrastructures and applications. MetaSphere is the industry-leading voice and video messaging platform. Finally, our cloud native Converged Network Message Store (CNMS) is a platform for interworking and application innovation.

The Metaswitch CNMS ensures delivery of asynchronous messages — regardless of where they originate or your preferred method of delivery — while exposing a threaded, searchable communications history. Even voicemail can be relevant again when transcribed and combined in this way with other communications channels. Moreover, to compete with the constantly changing OTT playing field, the CNMS supports a fluid environment with robust functionality while exposing the abstracted applications programming interfaces (APIs) required to rapidly develop new service connections and deploy new features.

Our messaging solutions allow network operators to deliver truly competitive communications services by leveraging the cost efficiencies, flexibility and dynamic nature of open applications delivery platforms and generic servers deployed in highly orchestrated cloud infrastructures. We build our cloud native virtualized network functions (VNFs) and components (VNFCs) from scratch using web and microservices methods to take advantage of lightweight OS virtualization techniques such as containers. Network operators can deploy the solution in public, private or hybrid clouds, and can orchestrate and instantiate the components on-demand using open management layers. 

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