Your network hardware puts pressure on your business

We know that running a large and complex network isn't for the faint hearted. But the old way of building networks - with dedicated and proprietary hardware - makes things harder than they need to be.


Too expensive

When you want to make any change to your network, installing new hardware or moving existing stuff around makes it an expensive proposition.


Too slow

When you want to roll out a new service, you need to wait until you have purchased, installed and configured new hardware.


Too limited

When you want to upgrade your network, your existing proprietary hardware locks you into your vendor's upgrade path.

You need network software that's free from hardware constraints

We have spent the last 30 years creating network software that runs on any standard server hardware. Today, our solutions can be deployed on commercial off-the-shelf platforms, or virtualized entirely in a private or public cloud. Build your network on Metaswitch, and a lot of your old problems could virtually disappear!


Consumer communications

Launch a fully-virtualized mobile, fixed-line or OTT service faster than you might expect.


Business communications

Move your enterprise customers to cloud-based unified communications, collaboration and contact centers, all built on virtualized network components.


Network interconnect

Connect your services securely and reliably with our virtualized session border controller and Class 4 switch.


Network protocol stacks

Create solutions in Carrier Ethernet, Mobile Backhaul, Data Center, Optical Networking and VoIP environments.


Choosing the right solution for you

Our engineers will work with you to assess your network and figure out the best way to introduce virtualized components and software intelligence into your network.


Getting up and running

Our team will help install and commission your new network software and make sure it's all working properly for you.


Making sure you know how to use everything

Our dedicated training team can provide complete training and certification to teach you how to deploy and use our products.


Meeting your special requirements

If you need something that's a bit out of the ordinary, our professional services team can work with you to produce something custom-fit to your requirements.

You don't have to take our word for it

We have built a strong reputation over the last two decades by working with some of the world’s most demanding customers. It's no surprise that our Net Promoter® score is an exceptional 48!

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