Network transformation

Significantly reduce capital and operational expenses while enabling new revenue opportunities


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      • Compact, self-contained system for switch replacement

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      • Complete feature and service parity with Class 5 switches

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      • Two NEBS Level 3-certified COTS ATCA form factors

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      • Virtualized software components support NFV deployments

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      • Trusted transformation partner with a cloud native vision


With declining subscriber counts from mobile proliferation, increased communications options and rural flight, worldwide fixed-line communications network operators are experiencing dramatic declines in their core revenue streams. Simultaneously, their infrastructure is deteriorating and legacy suppliers are progressively increasing prices for support and maintenance. It’s time for a real transformation.

Fixed-line network operators are under a relentless assault from classic competitive carriers, new OTT service providers and the consumer-driven migration to mobile devices. With most challengers using state-of-the-art IP-based software technology, their reaction times are fast and their price points are low. Furthermore, while line counts fall and revenues shrink, the costs of maintaining legacy TDM networks is rising as vendor support, spare parts and technical expertise become scarce. Meanwhile, the risk of a catastrophic failure is mounting.

A fixed-line network is an asset that can be grown. Local exchange carriers can remain relevant while expanding their footprints and revenue by embracing broadband access and leveraging new technologies to deliver compelling business services and innovative residential telephony cost-effectively.

Solution description

Solution description

Hundreds of network operators, large and small, have used Metaswitch’s Network Transformation solution to update their technology, enable new services, and grow their revenue. Metaswitch has built a world-class reputation for replacing local exchange switches, having successfully replaced a wide variety of legacy Class 5 switches with our modern IP-based platforms.

At the heart of this network transformation is Metaswitch’s Integrated Softswitch: a self-contained switching system for small, medium or large Class 5 TDM switch replacement. Available on two sizes of NEBS Level 3-certified ATCA form factors, the Integrated Softswitch combines the Call Feature Server applications from the MetaSphere suite with the Universal Media Gateway to provide complete feature and service parity with Class 5 switches in a single compact chassis that’s cost-effective and easy to deploy.

For greenfield applications or pure packet-switched end-to-end VoIP deployments, Metaswitch employs a pure software solution. In addition, our focus on creating cloud native software solutions means that applicable software components are also available as fully virtualized network functions (VNFs), so network operators can add softswitch capabilities into their NFV plans.

It’s not only about technology. To be successful, network operators must have a clear view of their business and their customers, along with an entrepreneurial spirit to spot and exploit opportunities. Naturally, the choice of network transformation partner is also critical. Metaswitch is a partner network operators trust: we understand their business and we are committed to working together to generate success. We have the leading technology platform; we have industry-leading tools for deployment, management and troubleshooting; we offer support arrangements built around a deep understanding of communications networks; and we are delivering on our vision for the cloud-centric future of infrastructure and services.


Kevin Paige

CTO, Manx Telecom

Metaswitch’s innovative, web-scale software solutions have allowed us to dramatically reduce our capital expenditures and operating costs by moving subscribers away from proprietary equipment to Metaswitch’s high-performance software running on industry standard hardware, in our ‘telco cloud.’

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