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Open, modular networking stacks and solutions backed by experts

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      • Layer 2
        • MSTP, ERPS, VLANs, LLDP, Y.1731, LACP, SyncE, E-LMI

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      • Layer 3
        • OSPF, ISIS, BGP, RIP

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      • MPLS
        • Segment Routing, LDP, RSVP-TE, LFA, MPLS-TP, OAM

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      • VPN
        • Layer 3 VPN, Layer 2 VPN, EVPN


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      • Open
        • Linux, SAI, OpenSwitch, FDIO, NetConf, RESTConf, Broadcom, Confd.

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      • Modular
        • Choose which modules run, distribute over many cores/threads/OS processes

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      • Feature rich
        • The most innovative and feature-rich solutions in the industry

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      • Resilience and High Availability
        • State replication, in-service upgrades, location transparency, distribution

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      • Exceptional support and quality
        • Just ask any of our customers

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      • Networking software
        • Layer 3, MPLS, VPNs, Multicast, Layer 2, SNA, ATM and VoIP


Metaswitch’s networking stacks have open APIs enabling true plug-and-play integration with solutions supporting industry-standard interfaces, including Linux, SAI, OpenSwitch, FDIO, NetConf and RESTConf. Pre-integrated solutions are also available for industry-leading commercial solutions such as Broadcom and Cisco’s ConfD from Tail-f.


All solutions consist of modular components, which provide the freedom and efficiency to install/run only the modules needed for particular applications. Modularity also provides the flexibility to distribute components and sub-components across multiple cores, OS processes, and/or threads providing web hyper scaling with telco-grade performance and availability.

Feature rich

For over 35 years Metaswitch’s networking software team has consistently re-invested to provide the most innovative and feature-rich solutions in the industry. Our model enables us to offer the latest functionality, standards, interfaces and architecture flexibility to be deployed in the widest range of solutions – from VNFs to core packet/optical platforms.

Resilience and High Availability

Metaswitch networking software is deployed in the largest Tier 1 operators in the world, as well as mission critical applications such as military and government. This simply does not happen without the support of highly resilient and available solutions such as state replication, in-service upgrades, location transparency and distribution. These features, combined with our expertise in fault-tolerant architectures, provide our customers with the capability to deploy in any environment.

Exceptional support and quality

Support and quality have always been and always will be the leading differentiators for Metaswitch. They are fully ingrained in our culture. We can cite several KPIs to back this up such as an average on-time software delivery of 12.5 days early (!) over the past 24 months, and zero late deliveries. Or our customer surveys, where 80 percent of our customers confirm we are the best vendor they work with. But the best way to verify our abilities here is to simply ask our customers, any of them. References are available.


I greatly appreciate your willingness to consider the customer needs. This is one of the main Metaswitch differentiators and makes it a great company to work with.

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If you need a networking software stack that’s high quality, massively scalable, resilient, feature-rich and superbly supported, you’ve come to the right place with Metaswitch.

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