Building Private 5G Networks

for industry 4.0 applications


>>  Automation, AI and IoT are transforming industries
>>  Innovative enterprise wireless strategies are required
>>  Private 5G or LTE delivers a robust and scalable solution


>>  Multi-access edge compute enables low latency services
>>  Requires 100% containerized CNFs with K8s orchestration
>>  Easily deployed, maintained and monetized by MSPs


An Opportunity

Industry 4.0 is transforming every vertical with smart and connected autonomous systems powered by massive distributed computing capable of applying deep machine learning algorithms to huge amounts of data. From immense distribution centers to the bustling ports processing a growing number of shipping containers stocking those warehouses; these modern enterprise operations are progressively depending on artificial intelligence (AI) automation using granular analytics from a plethora of sensors to meet the cost models and production levels expected by today’s consumers. Industry 4.0 also promises to directly improve the quality of life for those individual consumers, from providing live media streams at sporting events to enabling ad hoc public safety networks.


The Solution

With potentially hundreds of thousands of critical sensors and control points packed into large areas filled with unforgiving structural elements - debilitating to generic wireless technologies - LTE and modern 5G RF/RAN implementations are increasingly finding a home in these environments. Employing high-powered lightly licensed or licensed assisted Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) or totally unlicensed spectrum, these trusted commercial technologies can deliver a highly reliably and scalable alternative to event the latest Wi-Fi versions. Private 5G or LTE provides the security, performance, low latency, high quality of service and management federations preferred by businesses and their System Integrator (SI) or Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners.


Our Uniqueness

Latency is the new currency today’s cutting-edge networks, so implementing a multi-access edge compute (MEC) cloud infrastructure can pay dividends. Featuring flexible RAN connectivity options, seamless interworking with public or private cloud platforms such as Microsoft's Azure Stack Edge and employing just a handful of CPU Cores, Metaswitch’s Fusion Core is the most comprehensive and easiest solution for deploying Private mobile networks. With compute capabilities at the customer premise, latencies of less than 5ms can be achieved. Carrier edge and core compute clouds, enabled by Azure or any other enterprise cloud infrastructure, can extend Private LTE or 5G implementations with managed real-time services and analytics applications.



Fusion Core in Multi-access Edge Compute Clouds

Steering that traffic towards network slices with localized applications and services or remote compute resources requires intelligent packet processing capabilities within the MEC. Metaswitch Fusion Core User Plane Function (UPF) includes the most powerful 100% cloud native packet processing engine available. Supporting up to 40Gbps IMIX data flows on just four CPU Cores, our UPF is the only 5G core component optimized for smaller footprint customer premise and highly distributed computing environments.  System Integrator (SI) or Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners.

Private 5G and LTE Applications



Metaswitch Demo with Microsoft



Deploying Private 5G in Azure



Product Resources

Architected specifically for hybrid cloud implementations, Metaswitch Fusion Core delivers the most advanced control and user plane functions for deploying private LTE and 5G networks using CBRS, LTE-U or NR-U.

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Technology Overviews

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