Azure Operator Insights

  • Unprecedented visibility into your network operation
  • Actionable insights to reduce costs and improve QoS
  • Includes the Metaswitch Service Assurance Server

What is it?

Microsoft’s Azure Operator Insights combines unique data acquisition and normalization with powerful AI-driven analytical tools to deliver unprecedented visibility into the operation of highly disaggregated and heterogenous network infrastructures. Featuring the Metaswitch SAS, it can dramatically reduce MTTR metrics while providing actionable insights into the overall operation of complex end-to-end networks.

How do we help?

Modern heterogenous network can generate petabytes of event, log and telemetry data every day from countless service delivery platforms, network functions and end devices. Aggregating and analyzing this data can lead to incredible insights into the operation of your infrastructure, enabling fault prediction and rapid - even closed-loop automated - resolution, plus the ability to tune end-to-end connectivity for cost and QoS.

When to contact us.

Whether you operate a large or small network, voice or data, physical, virtualized or cloud native network functions – or a combination of all, Azure Operator Insights can help. Our offering can help you manage and make sense of the incredible amounts of data generated by modern infrastructures, creating powerful visualizations that enable rapid fault resolution and ultimately reduce the operational costs of your network.


Azure Operator Insights

Discover how Azure Operator Insights leverages comprehensive machine learning to deliver artificial intelligence that can dynamically aid in understanding the health and automating the operation of your network.

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